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The weak link of the company: unfaithful employees

dipendinfedeliIt’s one of the greatest dangers in companies both big and small. Loyal, disciplined and educated employees, but that in front of a good sum of money or a prestigious position can sell information and confidential data.

According to a recent research, behind the office desk, 3 of 5 they shop online or go to the website of their bank, while half “attended” social networks. A risky behavior, so businesses become vulnerable for what concerns the safety online. The “perpetrators” would be the most loyal employees, liabilities and “cynical bored”, the real weak link in the chain of IT security.

640 of 1000 interviewees are convinced that it’s the company to have “vaccinated” them as bugs and by other web hazards. One in three even thinks that security is equivalent to less innovation. The result? Many surfers without protection, and a company boat at risk.
But it would be enough to implement control systems for computers that invisibly protect companies from undercover criminals . Because they are often the same companies to protect employees from any risk, but not the opposite.


The betrayal is online


A research has focused on meeting situations and betrayal. In particular, it was asked to a large group of singles which are the most appropriate places to meet new people: internet is second only to the friends in common and before respect to another great myth, the work place. The confidence in internet is higher among males, which compared to the fairer sex seem more comfortable with the tools provided by the network.

A lot of single women surveyed have set their first date with a man, known on the internet, even in their cars. Despite this, 61.3% of online adventurers are men, 96.2% the men takes the contacts and as much as 20% of the relationships was born in online.

According to one of the major opinion companies of Germany, already in 2012, the internet was in third place among the main places to meet, preceded only by work place and friends in common. So we can say that arise most marital relationships in dating sites on the internet that in bars and hangouts. Of the approximately 4,000 enrolled in dating sites, 26% have found a stable or casual partner.

So internet is also the favorite place for those seeking an adventure, for those who want to get away from the routine bed. And for this, they are spreading the tiny devices that allow you to find out what the partner is doing with the PC. Capturing passwords and discovering infidelity is very simple with key loggers and key hunters proposed by Endoacustica Europe. And if the relationship become telephonic? In this case runs in our help the spy software that allows you to listen in real time the calls, controlling text messages and much more. So even online traitors will have to contend with the Endoacustica Europe’s technology.

Suspicion of betrayal? Discover the truth with DNA testing

dna Jealousy has always been an enemy of relationships, but often the doubts are grounded. Suspecting a betrayal impede to live happily as a couple and it immobilizes the victim wears inwardly unable to give an answer. The traitor, you know, will deny also the obvious.

Until a few years ago might have seemed surreal, now Dna testing is one of the most popular methods used, together with the powerful spy software, to find out scientifically if the betrayal is consumed or not. Overwhelming evidence that leaves no uncertainties and that puts the traitor with his back to the wall.

Acting is very simple: the root hair, cigarette butts, toothbrushes,used tissues, clothes, underwears…may be the key to find a betrayal. Once collected the sample it’s necessary just send it to an expert company for the analysis and Dna processing. If it’s revealed the presence of genetic material, it’s possible to compare who it is. Once established that the Dna belongs to another person, the evidence of betrayal is obvious, better that what could do the Csi specialists.

To exclude the possibility that the DNA belongs to yourself, you should send your oral swab as a sample, which will help to confirm or exclude that you’re one of the individuals involved. In addition, after the first test, you could get to the bottom by sending a sample of your partner or of the person with whom you suspect he/she may have been consumed the betrayal. It’s better don’t waste time and find the answer to your questions with a test of infidelity. It’s the safest scientific evidence that exists.

High risk of betrayal under the beach umbrella

spiaggiatradimentoSummer, sun, holiday, sea, men and women on show, the desire to transgress from the usual routine and grow the desire to betray him/her own partner. Statistical data show that what drives the betrayal during the vacation is the desire of transgression.

It seems that under the beach umbrella are exchanged forbidden glances between neighbors, better if they are with boyfriends or spouse. It appears that one of the main entertainment of vacationers is to test the loyalty of the other people on the beach. To instigate the betrayals would be, for 33% of men, the irresistible vision of unclothed bodies, on the beach as in the city, while 40% of women are attracted if they feel themselves desired, protagonists of a “magic”meeting. And this maybe lightens the sins of the guilty.

This is not real desire to betray but still a way to feel charming, seductive and also to make fun of the opposite sex or rekindle the jealousy in the partner, passion and desire in life of the couple.  Apart from those who intentionally spends the holidays alone, with the intention to betray the partner. Who really betrays tries to put the blame on the lighthearted holiday atmosphere, but most likely those who betray on the beach, can also do it at home, in the office, in a hotel room. And often the relationship began in vacation continues for several months through PCs and mobile phones.

Starting to suspect of betrayal, several people have made use of a spy software which allows to know in real time the traffic on the mobile phone controlled in order to break off the relationship in the bud and not wear out during the deserved holiday. This idea is even more valid since less than 10% of men confess the transgression, denying in every case. The flesh is weak, especially if tanned and undressed and transgressions attract all.

1 out of 6 women cheats on her husband

mogliinfedeliThe number of women who cheat on her husband for the past 20 years has risen of 40%, a growth that makes understand that the dynamic man-woman are changing like the marriage too.

A research shows that women are catching the “gap” from men in terms of extramarital affairs. If at one time was the husband that traditionally betrayed his wife, now the roles are equaling, if not reversing. In fact, are still the men to hold the scepter of the unfaithfuls.

According to the study the reasons for this change are simple: women are more independent, they earn more and have for this reason more opportunities to cheat, risking less from the economic point of view in case of divorce.

Women are in short able to deal with the possible consequences of their unfaithfulness. But why the fairer sex cheating more and more frequently? The reason seems to always be the dissatisfaction which unfortunately is common to many couples.

Accomplice of this increase of betrayals is certainly the internet that offer to men and women the opportunity to meet online many people and then maybe see them outside of the virtual world. Although in this case men remain those who visit multiple sites of meetings and so on, the women follow them, using these portals to research small or great adventures out of the marital bed.

Many husbands, but also many wives, have bought small tools that don’t arouse suspicion and let them know what happens inside a PC. Chats, facebook, and dating sites are no longer a mystery, everything is recorded in very small devices available on the site www.endoacustica.com. Similarly there are spy software of the same company that help to know everything that passes through and around the partner’s cell phone. The use of these products doesn’t imply a lack of trust in the partner, but the desire to maintain a relationship that is in a hard period.

Adulterer escapes from the window

It’s a funny example of a soap opera come to life, a video has surfaced from Brazil that depicts the hilarious struggle of a man attempting to escape a cheating woman’s bedroom after her husband has come home. And it’s out a third story window.

As the drama begins, a husband and wife are seen arguing on the third-floor patio of an urban apartment building. “Who shirt is this?” – demands the husband in Portuguese. The wife angrily flings the shirt into a whooping crowd that has gathered below. Their fight is juicy enough as is, but just off to the side a man appears in the couple’s window.

Shirtless and angry, the man may be an adulterer but he’s awfully quick-thinking. He tosses out the window an escape rope he’s managed to fashion from knotted t-shirts and bravely begins to climb down. On a window sill below, he stops. The cackling crowd mocks both him and the woman’s husband. “Cornudo”, the growing audience yells at the husband, a Portuguese word for a man being cheated on.

The passersby chant “Jump!”, as emergency workers arrive to assist the struggling man. And he does just that. A soft mat is placed below the shirtless man and the crowd cheers as leaps and bounces down to the street. Barefoot and scowling, the shirtless man gives the woman and her husband a good shake of the fist, then shakes it at the crowd for good measure and marches out of view.

A story that can make people smile, but it could have a much more serious epilogue, as often happens. Many people, to avoid bad surprises like these, install a spy software on the partner’s mobile phone that allows you to listen calls, read incoming and outgoing text messages, listen what is happening around the phone and also control its position. So it works discretely, it doesn’t raise suspicions and helps you to understand if there is a shadow of betrayal.

Lies and betrayals

bugiardoLies and betrayals have a very close relation. The lies are cause and consequence of the end of a relationship and may have implications in everyday life. There are people who claim to be honest, that say they have never lied, but, in reality, we all have sometimes told a lie or we can call it “omission”, “half-truth”.

But there are men (but also women) who have done of the falsehood a way of life. Husbands who profess imaginary “football matches”, wives with frequent “cinema with  friends” and children who “go to school” are scenes of everyday life for many families.

Fortunately, the technology come in own help. Many people use small tools that are as both satellite trackers that environmental bugs. Let’s see how works the Endoacustica Micro GPS/GPRS that fully meets these characteristics. Placing the device in a bag, a backpack, in a car or in any place you prefer, you can know, live or deferred, where the locator is and so where is the person observed and also hear what is happening around it through small, but powerful built-in microphones. Know where is really a person and what he is doing will be very easy.

The individuals that rely on this type of systems have some doubts about the behavior of their loved ones, but also with regard to snoopers friends or unreliable colleagues. They noticed coldness, detachment, wily and elusive behaviors and above all they are going to don’t be fooled and face the situation without fear. Recognize a liar isn’t so difficult, you just need of some help.