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The voice, indicator of betrayal

uomo-al-telefono_600x398Infidelity is widespread and steadily increasing. Almost one in two people confesses to having an affair. Not very credible are those people who claim that they haven’t noticed anything, something in the couple doesn’t usually go, regardless of the betrayal itself. There are always some clues, unusual attitudes, evidences. For example, men believe that women with the voice too shrill are less reliable, while the women are convinced that men with a deep tone of voice are less faithful.

On the theme of “voice”, as a source of paralinguistic informations, is expressed the Canadian McMaster University. In particular, the researchers have examined the relationship between the tone of voice and the perceived infidelity. According to experts, just hidden in the tonality are the mechanisms that lead to the choice of their partner. In fact, each person has benchmarks and obviously try to don’t engage in stories not very convincing already “at first listen”.

The study involved listening to some voices by a group of volunteers. The result is that both men and women use the tone of voice as a sign of future betrayal. In particular, believe that they are inclined to betray women with a high tone and men with a deep tonality.

The case is scientifically tested: men with low voice have high levels of testosterone, while women with shrill voice have a high rate of estrogen. As often happens behind a social case lies a scientific truth. The voice is often used to seduce and conquer their prey via telephone. Often are used voice changers both to hide their identity from the interlocutor and to make it perfect on the phone. In short, the charm also passes through the intricate telephone networks.