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He discovers the betrayal online of his wife. She beats him 


As we have asserted many times, the betrayals more and more takes place online. One example is a recent episode.

A man, suspicious by the behavior of his wife, who got up at night and spent hours at the computer, has placed a tiny camera and has discovered her while she was taking pictures hard that “shared” on Facebook with her virtual lover much younger than her.

Of course, once watched the images and established the misdeed, all hell broke loose. The man has addressed his wife, but she, instead of providing justifications for his behavior, went against the husband, guilty of having spied on, and she slapped him. The screams of the couple have called some family members of the woman who live next door, and who ran in her defense sparking a brawl.

The poor husband went to the emergency room, where he was diagnosed with bruises heal within a few days. Then he went to the headquarters of the postal police and reported the injuries to his wife and gave the police the evidence of online betrayal.

On his side he had the images wisely taken from the micro camera that made irrefutable his words. Very often the evidences are the only way out and to pick them up  there is only one way: to rely on professional products that discreetly provide us with the key to our future.


Tools to understand if the partner is cheating on you

spiarecellLove and technology, sometimes, go together, above all when they are women to use computing instruments.

According to a study by the East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, ladies, through PCs and mobile phones, live their relationships, so that they arrive to spy on the partner and also to leave him with a simple email.

The technology has entered fully into our days and then we shouldn’t marvel of these data. The important thing isn’t the medium, but the difficult to look in the eyes. According to the survey, 34% of women surveyed said that they had stopped by e-mail a relationship more than once, compared with 14% of men.

Moreover, 3% of the boys admitted that he hid a tiny camera in the lover room and 5% regularly use mobile tracker for monitoring partners’ movements. In general, women are more predisposed to this type of control that manifests jealousy and anxiety, especially when she has fear of being cheated, while men are more morbid and spies.

Now to discover if the partner is cheating on you don’t need to go to a private investigator, but just use right tools. Everywhere we leave traces of our passage, by swiping a credit card, at the supermarket…but the safety of a possible betrayal, you can have just by taking control tools for PCs and smartphones. Who has never spyed on partner’s phone or computer? What is different today are the means by which this “peek” is put in place.

Obviously on the top list is the phone with the attached spy software that allows you to listen calls, read incoming and outgoing text messages, listen what is happening around the phone and also control its position; in second place (in private messages) is the computer, Facebook, and finally the email, monitored through computer control tools.

So it isn’t unusual to become real James Bond with the risks outbuildings. An adventure that can bring to light betrayals never confessed or strengthen the couple’s relationship.

With a micro camera films and unmasks her husband who tries to poison her

svegliaspiaShe searches online a micro camera hidden in an alarm clock, purchases it, puts it in the kitchen and films everything. The husband takes a little bottle, unscrews  it and with the dropper he puts the hydrochloric acid in the water bottle of his wife. The spy-alarm clock also equipped with audio reveals the man’s words: “So you die”. But the woman has acted with cunning and just with that bug unmasked him. She became suspicious by a sip of water a few days before that it had burned her mouth and a container of acid found in the medicine cabinet, she has decided to become a detective to protect herself.

Fearless and brave, before accusing the spouse, she wanted to clarify what was going on at home. She asked for advice to some relatives who have suggest to her to purchase a tiny camera and place it near to her water bottle in order to control what was happening. So she found out the sad truth. Her husband wanted to kill her. At that point she hadn’t mercy, she collected the evidences and told to the police everything.

The next day Eliseo Bongiorno, 67, uncensored, retired carpenter, was taken from his home and was taken to jail on charges of attempted murder, aggravated by binding to the victim and by the use of a poisonous substance. He immediately admitted his guilt, adding that he didn’t intend to kill her. “I just wanted to make her feel a bit ‘wrong, so she stopped to organize pilgrimages to Padre Pio and listen to Radio Maria all day”. His defender is looking for an alternative to prison, but certainly the retiree can’t return to his home.

In this history there are all the elements for an Agatha Christie’s story: the plan of the husband, the poison, the suspicion of the wife, the son who still lives at home with them (the other is a priest) and the homemade surveys with the purchase of a spy alarm clock, a device normal to the appearance, but that hides an audio and video recorder.

How often happens the best way to protect themselves is the “do-it-yourself”. Fortunately tools for controlling and monitoring are easily available on the site www.endoacustica.com and ensure maximum efficiency in small size and therefore are easily concealable.