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Infidelity test: find out if your partner is cheating on you

tradimentotestDo you have doubts about the faithfulness of your partner? Suspect your spouse cheating on you? There are some clues that may herald a love affair illegal or that may help you make an overview of the situation. This test will not only help you figure out whether or not there is betrayal, but will also provide some suggestions to shed light on the relationship.

1. How is his relationship with the lies?

A) Intimate, he often tells

B) They happens, but it isn’t an habit

C) I would say that he doesn’t tell

2. Freely leave his phone around?

A) Never, he always brings with him

B) Sometimes

C) He is not very responsive to the phone

3. Pay attention to his appearance (clothing, perfume, hair, etc.)?

A) Lately he is very attentive

B) A little more of the previous months

C) As usual

4. Your partner has recently and unexpectedly forced to “work longer” or has often “dinner with friends”?

A) Yes, lately often

B) Maybe some more time

C) The frequency hasn’t changed

5. Often turns off the phone when at home?

A) Yes

B) Sometimes yes, sometimes no

C) No, leave it on

6. His attitude towards you is changed?

A) He is unbearable, criticizes me on everything

B) Now that I think about it, it’s a bit colder

C) It seems to me that it behaves as always

7. Your sex life:

A) We have a few moments of intimacy

B) Sometimes we are too tired

C) I don’t think anything has changed

Test solutions

Majority of A Regardless of this test, you already know that your partner cheats on you. You just admitting it and try to suppress it. We advice to you to face the reality through the help of a spy software that, installed on your phone, lets you know where he goes, with who he is and what he is doing. In this way, you can no longer avoid this problem that ails you and above all you will have certainly arguments to deal with your partner.

Majority of B There may be evidence of the infidelity of your partner. However, there is never absolute certainty and a few changes of your partner may be symptoms of a renewed love towards you. If the situation is bothering you, then you should dispel your doubts. A great ally would certainly be a bug that, installed in his car or in places that your partner attends, can provide quickly answers that you’re looking for.

Majority of C It’s unlikely that your partner cheating on you. You should not be too suspicious about him, but ask yourself why you have these doubts? Perhaps at the bottom there is some situation unclear on which should shed some light. Maybe you could use a GPS tracker to monitor his movements or to hear some suspicious conversation with his mother or with friends through an environmental bug that can reassure you and eliminate your suspicions.


The betrayal is online


A research has focused on meeting situations and betrayal. In particular, it was asked to a large group of singles which are the most appropriate places to meet new people: internet is second only to the friends in common and before respect to another great myth, the work place. The confidence in internet is higher among males, which compared to the fairer sex seem more comfortable with the tools provided by the network.

A lot of single women surveyed have set their first date with a man, known on the internet, even in their cars. Despite this, 61.3% of online adventurers are men, 96.2% the men takes the contacts and as much as 20% of the relationships was born in online.

According to one of the major opinion companies of Germany, already in 2012, the internet was in third place among the main places to meet, preceded only by work place and friends in common. So we can say that arise most marital relationships in dating sites on the internet that in bars and hangouts. Of the approximately 4,000 enrolled in dating sites, 26% have found a stable or casual partner.

So internet is also the favorite place for those seeking an adventure, for those who want to get away from the routine bed. And for this, they are spreading the tiny devices that allow you to find out what the partner is doing with the PC. Capturing passwords and discovering infidelity is very simple with key loggers and key hunters proposed by Endoacustica Europe. And if the relationship become telephonic? In this case runs in our help the spy software that allows you to listen in real time the calls, controlling text messages and much more. So even online traitors will have to contend with the Endoacustica Europe’s technology.

“Pink” bullying, the solution of Julia’s parents

If they are victims or perpetrators it’s not important. Parents need to know it. They have the duty as well as the right, to inform themselves. Bullying is more and more at the center of public attention. According to a survey of the Society of Pediatrics, 46% of the kids saw bullying episodes, and more than one in three, 34% of them has suffered it directly or through a friend victim. The news is the emerging female bullying.
“Pink” bullying is less direct, prefers subtle behaviors, even sharper: innuendo, gossip, public ridicule, provocative text messages. The victims are girls with “something less” for bully and her court. It’s a persecutory behavior less evident that usually lasts a long time before being discovered. It’s no coincidence that cyberbullying, spreading on the web, (persecution of the victim through his/her profile on a social network, dissemination of images disparaging or intimate…), doubly interests the girls than their peers, both as victims and as authors. There is also female actions with direct physical aggression, as recently has appeared many times on TV.

The signals that lead to the suspicion that their child is being bullied are already known: isolation, apathy, anger, depression. But these behaviours can really provide the answers? Are not of this opinion, the parents of Julia, 13 year old girl, dismayed before the convocation of the school principal because her daughter would have led repeated abuse against a classmate, Aurora, “guilty” of having asked to take part of the club of friends, led by Julia, who has put in place “evidences of initiation” for Aurora: use her as a slave-girl, force her to eat candy already licked, obligate her to do their homework, force her to lie to teachers and parents…Aurora, destroyed by this situation, confessed everything to the teacher and so began another story that involves families and the school.
In addition to the wonder and the inability to devise punishments, Julia’s parents decided to leave no more escape to the little bully. They installed a spy software on her cell phone with which they can control everything she makes: phone conversations and text messages, environmental listening and monitoring her position real time. They also put under control her online movements through monitoring tools for PC.

These measures are essential alongside to the dialogue and the search for an intimate relationship with the teenagers, often difficult. The interventions are needed both for victims and for the bullies that risk of being given a social label as well as to degenerate over time. But they are even more necessary in the context of prevention and protection of their children.

Most of the betrayals are performed with ex

infedeltààKnow if the partner is cheating on us is at the base of the uncertainties in 90% of relationships. Calls on the sly, coldness in the relationship, elusive attitudes, bring into alarm and arouse suspicions about the fidelity of the partners. The thirst to know if your partner is cheating us receives positive feedback when it uses tiny video recorders and spy software. These are secretly installed in cars, offices and private homes. But that’s not all. A survey of recent days shows that six out of ten betray with the former. The desire to revive spicy moments seems to be a temptation to for 66% of the Italian traitors. The preferred way to rekindle the passion appear to be Facebook, for 39% it’s the most effective mean.

Research conducted by an extramarital dating site evidences a steady increase in the number of people attracted by the idea of coming back instead of becoming embroiled in new conquests. And it would not be “any ex”. To make the heart beat again is more often the boy or girl of university days (45%), but also the first high school sweetheart in 31% of cases.

Rekindle an old passion is easy, especially when you keep memories of intense and carefree moments. Suddenly he discovers the familiarity of those moments that have nothing to do with children, mortgages, jobs and responsibilities. But from these occasional flirts may be difficult going out. Inevitably, along with memories come to the surface feelings, unresolved issues and concerns, they are often the result of a simple illusion.

Comes into play here the cunning of the partners that should not be overwhelmed by the routine but must courageously face the matter. Of course, it’s always better to talk, evidences in the hand. And collect Facebook conversations or telephone flirting is not so difficult with the new technological Endoacustica Europe devices easily purchasable online and ready at home in a few hours.

How monitor your teen’s online activity

bambini-e-internetThere are many stories of teenagers in which the use of the PC becomes a dangerous weapon. It makes you think that the problem is not just the technology. But the loneliness that turns into fear and moves them away from the real world. They aren’t really useful the buttons for the reporting of abuse, introduced by Ask.fm and Twitter, after the controversy in the newspapers. You send an email to protest and quite often nothing happens. And the petitions are useless, like the one carried out by some parents who have called for the closure of Ask.fm. If you close it, tomorrow is born another. And you cannot even pretend to delegate the security policy of adolescents. So parents have only a road. Be careful. And make even more. Protect them.
By installing small control tools, invisible to the user and therefore not limiting for those who use your computer. Through these, you can check what is typed or posted and shared before it’s too late. So explain to them that it isn’t a “like” or a post on Facebook to determine what we are worth. But above all that insult someone hiding behind an anonymous profile is a cowardly behavior.

Once guaranteed a total security, you can work more calmly with the teens. In fact control what teenagers do online isn’t easy. Every day born new social networks and digital applications. But for the parents, to pay attention to the digital education of children is an imperative. Here are some advices to avoid that our children becoming victims of cyberbullying or be transformed into active subjects of this practice.
1 . First, it’s a good practice to introduce a system of total control that allows you to know in every times what is happening online.
2 . Keep the family computer in the living room or in a common environment so that you can use it together. Regarding the mobile phone, however, not transforming it into a transgression but limit the use. Using remote monitoring software which allows to know in real time what happening, with who are in contact , and especially if some danger is lurking.
3. Give a good example, don’t use in every moment your smartphone or the laptop. Don’t demonize social networks and devices. Rather try to set a good example by using them in a conscious manner and respect your privacy and your children.
4. Teach them how to defend themselves from attack online. And put them on guard about the risks of spreading in network the details of his personal life.
5. Talk to him/her about cyberbullying and explain that it isn’t something real. But virtual. In the case, report abuse to teachers, authorities and managers of social networks. You can ask for a psychological support for the child.
6. If your child spends too many hours with the phone or the computer, there may be something wrong. So it becomes extremely necessary to control them without being seen to monitor what is really happening. One of the indicators can be isolating. Don’t want go to school and don’t want to see anyone is one of the first warning signs of the victims of cyberbullying.

The betrayal takes place during lunchtime

From always we try to find the time when there are most likely to betrayal. If the television stereotypes have accustomed us to think of the betrayal as a typically nocturnal activity, recent researches have shown that the best moment is the lunch break. The time favorite would be right in between 12.30 and 14.30 for six out of ten unfaithfuls.

The reason? It’s difficult to be discovered in that time frame; it’s permissible don’t respond to calls and text messages during lunch, then the unfaithful has more plausible excuses.
Also we must added the fact that the betrayer back home after several hours, because he returns first into the office, and this allows him to get back on track, deleting all the tracks with more calm. So he finds the right concentration and detachment.
From here we could also endorse the argument that the career people cheat more. Longer justified time outside, they meet more people, more lunch breaks and thus more opportunities.

It’s last days news that an english employee has seen arrive in the restaurant near the bank where he work, his wife, during the lunch break. The woman, after greeted cordially her husband, she sat with him. The man hasn’t had time to warn the usual lunch break companion (and after lunch) and her arrival has caused the unspeakable.
In fact, the surprise visit wasn’t random. The woman had installed on the husband’s mobile phone an Endoacustica Europe spy software. With this tool, she had heard, in environmental mode, what did her husband, what he said during and after the lunch break. Also she had monitored for several weeks the telephone traffic of her husband: calls and text messages left little to the imagination.
These are the cases in which technology provides overwhelming evidences and put their backs to the wall traitors.

Kidnappers gang luring girls through Facebook


A group of people has kidnapped a thirteen year old student. The girl was carried several miles away from home by an adult known via Facebook and affected by sexual disorders. At the unsettling plan was attended by many people, a group organized to lure young girls through social networks.

The episode began in September when the girl has established a friendship through Facebook with a twenty-six years old. He tried to approach the little girl giving her a smartphone and they have also had the opportunity to meet. Then, he thought to the plan, a romantic getaway: just before she enters to the school, he take and carry her away. The absence of the pupil at school is immediately noticed, the didactic direction had already warned the family of frequent absences. Meanwhile, the car of the pair reached a youth hostel. It’s midday, there aren’t places available. According to the initial reports the girl is left alone in the hall and at that point she realizes that she ended up in a dangerous game. She calls home in tears and says: “I’m with a friend known via Facebook, I don’t even know where…”. The investigations intersect, the police goes to the hostel, waits for the arrival of twenty-six, arrest him and rescues the victim.

The happy ending story isn’t the result of a madness morning, but the exploits of a person with pedophile inclinations and a 23 year old woman, accomplice involved in the kidnapping of thirteen. We wait the interrogation of other people. But now the case is clear: the kidnapping was the work of several people and had a sexual motive.

The prosecutor, meanwhile, has acquired the computer and the smartphone of the student. There are traces of other contacts in the course of this, thankfully short, nightmare. And they are just the devices closer to the teenagers who should be kept under control as do many parents. With the small devices for PC control and invisible software for smartphones you can protect the children and teenagers, acting before the situation gets out of hand.

Revenge of the 40-Year-Old : three out of four has an extramarital affair


Betrayal is a passion, even an habit very common at all ages. In a particular way, an extramarital dating site has conducted a research on the subject. The result is that women over 40 years are uninhibited in front of the betrayal and talk quietly among their intimate relationships. Despite the habits, people still have a lot of shame to talk about their intimate life (not that of others), especially for the fairer sex, but this survey indicates a change of address for women between 40 and 49.

63% of the ladies interviewed admits to feeling more secure and much more uninhibited after passing the threshold of forty. Some say that the age of 40 usually mark the end of many insecurities. Today, the first pregnancy is in older age, it maybe something has changed further.

For the 49%, the biggest fear is that their partners don’t accept the change, the desire of new experiences. Attitude certainly not condemnable. In fact in many cases it’s necessary the most reliable tool to discover a betrayal: the Endoacustica Europe spy software. Often, from some “strange” attitudes  by the partner, it’s possible to discover an extramarital affair kept well hidden. More than half, have extramarital encounters to experience new and funny realities.  The most serious data is the dissatisfaction. 67% of women say they aren’t gratified in their marriage. Three out of four women has a lover. In short, a large percentage. Better equip themselves in advance!