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Suspicion of betrayal? Discover the truth with DNA testing

dna Jealousy has always been an enemy of relationships, but often the doubts are grounded. Suspecting a betrayal impede to live happily as a couple and it immobilizes the victim wears inwardly unable to give an answer. The traitor, you know, will deny also the obvious.

Until a few years ago might have seemed surreal, now Dna testing is one of the most popular methods used, together with the powerful spy software, to find out scientifically if the betrayal is consumed or not. Overwhelming evidence that leaves no uncertainties and that puts the traitor with his back to the wall.

Acting is very simple: the root hair, cigarette butts, toothbrushes,used tissues, clothes, underwears…may be the key to find a betrayal. Once collected the sample it’s necessary just send it to an expert company for the analysis and Dna processing. If it’s revealed the presence of genetic material, it’s possible to compare who it is. Once established that the Dna belongs to another person, the evidence of betrayal is obvious, better that what could do the Csi specialists.

To exclude the possibility that the DNA belongs to yourself, you should send your oral swab as a sample, which will help to confirm or exclude that you’re one of the individuals involved. In addition, after the first test, you could get to the bottom by sending a sample of your partner or of the person with whom you suspect he/she may have been consumed the betrayal. It’s better don’t waste time and find the answer to your questions with a test of infidelity. It’s the safest scientific evidence that exists.


Tools to understand if the partner is cheating on you

spiarecellLove and technology, sometimes, go together, above all when they are women to use computing instruments.

According to a study by the East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, ladies, through PCs and mobile phones, live their relationships, so that they arrive to spy on the partner and also to leave him with a simple email.

The technology has entered fully into our days and then we shouldn’t marvel of these data. The important thing isn’t the medium, but the difficult to look in the eyes. According to the survey, 34% of women surveyed said that they had stopped by e-mail a relationship more than once, compared with 14% of men.

Moreover, 3% of the boys admitted that he hid a tiny camera in the lover room and 5% regularly use mobile tracker for monitoring partners’ movements. In general, women are more predisposed to this type of control that manifests jealousy and anxiety, especially when she has fear of being cheated, while men are more morbid and spies.

Now to discover if the partner is cheating on you don’t need to go to a private investigator, but just use right tools. Everywhere we leave traces of our passage, by swiping a credit card, at the supermarket…but the safety of a possible betrayal, you can have just by taking control tools for PCs and smartphones. Who has never spyed on partner’s phone or computer? What is different today are the means by which this “peek” is put in place.

Obviously on the top list is the phone with the attached spy software that allows you to listen calls, read incoming and outgoing text messages, listen what is happening around the phone and also control its position; in second place (in private messages) is the computer, Facebook, and finally the email, monitored through computer control tools.

So it isn’t unusual to become real James Bond with the risks outbuildings. An adventure that can bring to light betrayals never confessed or strengthen the couple’s relationship.