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He discovers the betrayal online of his wife. She beats him 


As we have asserted many times, the betrayals more and more takes place online. One example is a recent episode.

A man, suspicious by the behavior of his wife, who got up at night and spent hours at the computer, has placed a tiny camera and has discovered her while she was taking pictures hard that “shared” on Facebook with her virtual lover much younger than her.

Of course, once watched the images and established the misdeed, all hell broke loose. The man has addressed his wife, but she, instead of providing justifications for his behavior, went against the husband, guilty of having spied on, and she slapped him. The screams of the couple have called some family members of the woman who live next door, and who ran in her defense sparking a brawl.

The poor husband went to the emergency room, where he was diagnosed with bruises heal within a few days. Then he went to the headquarters of the postal police and reported the injuries to his wife and gave the police the evidence of online betrayal.

On his side he had the images wisely taken from the micro camera that made irrefutable his words. Very often the evidences are the only way out and to pick them up  there is only one way: to rely on professional products that discreetly provide us with the key to our future.


Revenge of the 40-Year-Old : three out of four has an extramarital affair


Betrayal is a passion, even an habit very common at all ages. In a particular way, an extramarital dating site has conducted a research on the subject. The result is that women over 40 years are uninhibited in front of the betrayal and talk quietly among their intimate relationships. Despite the habits, people still have a lot of shame to talk about their intimate life (not that of others), especially for the fairer sex, but this survey indicates a change of address for women between 40 and 49.

63% of the ladies interviewed admits to feeling more secure and much more uninhibited after passing the threshold of forty. Some say that the age of 40 usually mark the end of many insecurities. Today, the first pregnancy is in older age, it maybe something has changed further.

For the 49%, the biggest fear is that their partners don’t accept the change, the desire of new experiences. Attitude certainly not condemnable. In fact in many cases it’s necessary the most reliable tool to discover a betrayal: the Endoacustica Europe spy software. Often, from some “strange” attitudes  by the partner, it’s possible to discover an extramarital affair kept well hidden. More than half, have extramarital encounters to experience new and funny realities.  The most serious data is the dissatisfaction. 67% of women say they aren’t gratified in their marriage. Three out of four women has a lover. In short, a large percentage. Better equip themselves in advance!

358 phone calls and 500 text messages in one month: the lover becomes a stalker



Twelve years as lovers with secret meetings and lies. Then the flame of love has turned off, for her, and she decided to break off the relationship. A serious blow for him, who didn’t resign himself. The disappointment became an obsession: in a month 539 text messages and 358 phone calls.

An ordinary story of stalking with the addition of hundreds of flyers and photos of the two lovers sent to her house, but clearly addressed to the husband. The disappointed lover has also try to exculpate himself for the vile act denouncing unknown for having printed the flyers that depicted moments of intimacy. At the end, the prosecutor, collecting evidence conducted through the use of high-tech tools, concluded that it was all a machinations of the broken heart man.

The two lovers aren’t very young: he, a 65-year old, a building contractor in disgrace, she has 49 years. The woman lied to her husband saying for months that she had found a job. In the morning she left the house and met the lover, who also seems to help her financially.

But in January, she decided to end the relationship. After numerous attempts to change the mind of the woman, he lost control and began to haunt her. She no longer put up with the situation, denouncing him. The PM has asked to an expert to install a monitoring software on the mobile phone of the woman in order to intercept calls, sms and always know her GPS location for protect her. Love, desperation, harassments. The praxis of stalking. Following a search in the home of 69 year-old, were found the same flyers directed to the betrayed husband. He justified himself with the complaint filed against unknown persons. But for the PM it’s clear, the man is a stalker. The judge after listening to the business owner, who admitted the end of the relationship, but not the obsession for the woman, has imposed precautionary measure.

The need to have concrete evidence often lengthens the time required to stop stalking situations. The protracted of the period of harassment could be very dangerous. For this, it’s necessary to acquire privately, before than with the law enforcement, of instruments for the control and surveillance for their personal defense and for the protection of the people around us. Endoacustica Europe is the leading company in the field of security and surveillance. The wide range of products offered by the company contributes every day to get evidence to defend itself against stalking and harassment.

Facebook for couples with “Us”

noifacebookAfter having been defined home wrecker and have been called into question in numerous cases of separations of our day, forcing the “smartest” partners to use monitoring tools for pc, Facebook tries to make peace with the couples online.

How? Making the couple “social” with the application “Us“, through which the untiring romantic can share everything happens within the couple: photos, thoughts, videos, and so on…

In reality “Us” is an extension of the existing functionalities of Facebook, which allows you to view details of friendship clik on the wheel in the top right corner of the profile, accessing to the settings of the page, and then selecting “view friendship details”. Then you see the chronicle of the interaction between two people from the moment they close social friendship. “Us” leads, via a link, to a page very similar to this, but in a more direct way and also in a more customizable space. In addition to keep a diary with his status and updates, the user “coupled” may then manage a detailed chronicle of love, with the level of privacy configurable from the main settings.

If the love were to end, the couple’s Facebook page could soon turn into a vent page or better yet a page where publicly denigrate the former partner.

In the U.S., a woman of 43 years has published on the “Us” of her lover a photograph of herself and the man in intimate attitudes. Of course, the surprise wasn’t pleasant for the counterpart and for his official partner. In many use invisible control systems for PC that take away this kind of discovery, preventing the risk of betrayal online.

The place of betrayal: the office

“Mary”, fancy name for remain anonymous, is the owner of an holding where her husband works. They are married from 13 years. One day, she notes in her partner strange behaviors: increased nervousness at work and at home, vague answers and physical distance. Those which, in short, can be signs of betrayal. But, while noting her husband in greater detail in his movements and actions, she can’t understand, until one day, watching videos of hidden cameras for surveillance, she sees a “careless” and passionate kiss between the man and an employee.

This true story reveals a trend shown by new research. Infact, the studies conducted by the Institute of sex evolution (Milan) on 3000 Internet users, half male and half female, between 18 and 50 years, are really representative: the most popular as lovers are no longer lifeguards, animators and single under the umbrella, but co-workers, maybe because you’re searching for some sort of affinity also mental one, understanding and sharing of problems.

It becomes more complicated when the situation is in the same place where working wife, husband and lover. Complicated but easier to find, because as much as you do everything to keep it hidden, often escape between the two lovers accomplices looks and phrases that don’t go unnoticed by colleagues, which begin to make allusions and jokes.

There is, moreover, by the traitor, a greater distraction and agitation, the need, concealed behind overtime, to remain in the office longer, when the official companion has already returned home, to organize trips that tend to exclude the same.

All behavior that should become suspicious, but according to the experts, never talk about in public. Discuss in front of his colleagues represent only a humiliation, especially for the betrayed. It’s better, therefore face this type of discourses when you are alone at home, and only after making sure of betrayal, talk with the lover. Threads which, however, don’t solve the problem, because following these events, it would be difficult a coexistence of the three in the workplace. It would therefore be appropriate, ask for a transfer, when possible, or change careers.