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Infidelity test: find out if your partner is cheating on you

tradimentotestDo you have doubts about the faithfulness of your partner? Suspect your spouse cheating on you? There are some clues that may herald a love affair illegal or that may help you make an overview of the situation. This test will not only help you figure out whether or not there is betrayal, but will also provide some suggestions to shed light on the relationship.

1. How is his relationship with the lies?

A) Intimate, he often tells

B) They happens, but it isn’t an habit

C) I would say that he doesn’t tell

2. Freely leave his phone around?

A) Never, he always brings with him

B) Sometimes

C) He is not very responsive to the phone

3. Pay attention to his appearance (clothing, perfume, hair, etc.)?

A) Lately he is very attentive

B) A little more of the previous months

C) As usual

4. Your partner has recently and unexpectedly forced to “work longer” or has often “dinner with friends”?

A) Yes, lately often

B) Maybe some more time

C) The frequency hasn’t changed

5. Often turns off the phone when at home?

A) Yes

B) Sometimes yes, sometimes no

C) No, leave it on

6. His attitude towards you is changed?

A) He is unbearable, criticizes me on everything

B) Now that I think about it, it’s a bit colder

C) It seems to me that it behaves as always

7. Your sex life:

A) We have a few moments of intimacy

B) Sometimes we are too tired

C) I don’t think anything has changed

Test solutions

Majority of A Regardless of this test, you already know that your partner cheats on you. You just admitting it and try to suppress it. We advice to you to face the reality through the help of a spy software that, installed on your phone, lets you know where he goes, with who he is and what he is doing. In this way, you can no longer avoid this problem that ails you and above all you will have certainly arguments to deal with your partner.

Majority of B There may be evidence of the infidelity of your partner. However, there is never absolute certainty and a few changes of your partner may be symptoms of a renewed love towards you. If the situation is bothering you, then you should dispel your doubts. A great ally would certainly be a bug that, installed in his car or in places that your partner attends, can provide quickly answers that you’re looking for.

Majority of C It’s unlikely that your partner cheating on you. You should not be too suspicious about him, but ask yourself why you have these doubts? Perhaps at the bottom there is some situation unclear on which should shed some light. Maybe you could use a GPS tracker to monitor his movements or to hear some suspicious conversation with his mother or with friends through an environmental bug that can reassure you and eliminate your suspicions.


Suspicion of betrayal? Discover the truth with DNA testing

dna Jealousy has always been an enemy of relationships, but often the doubts are grounded. Suspecting a betrayal impede to live happily as a couple and it immobilizes the victim wears inwardly unable to give an answer. The traitor, you know, will deny also the obvious.

Until a few years ago might have seemed surreal, now Dna testing is one of the most popular methods used, together with the powerful spy software, to find out scientifically if the betrayal is consumed or not. Overwhelming evidence that leaves no uncertainties and that puts the traitor with his back to the wall.

Acting is very simple: the root hair, cigarette butts, toothbrushes,used tissues, clothes, underwears…may be the key to find a betrayal. Once collected the sample it’s necessary just send it to an expert company for the analysis and Dna processing. If it’s revealed the presence of genetic material, it’s possible to compare who it is. Once established that the Dna belongs to another person, the evidence of betrayal is obvious, better that what could do the Csi specialists.

To exclude the possibility that the DNA belongs to yourself, you should send your oral swab as a sample, which will help to confirm or exclude that you’re one of the individuals involved. In addition, after the first test, you could get to the bottom by sending a sample of your partner or of the person with whom you suspect he/she may have been consumed the betrayal. It’s better don’t waste time and find the answer to your questions with a test of infidelity. It’s the safest scientific evidence that exists.

Corporate security rules



According to a survey conducted by ACFE – Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – every year companies lose over 5% of their profits due to theft and other crimes realized by employees. The potential damage was estimated at global level, in three billion dollars. Frauds by employees affect all companies, small, medium and large.

They have causes, methods and impact very different, but have a common denominator: on the one hand, the lack of knowledge of the risks and internal vulnerabilities and, at the other hand, the inability to prevent and manage employees infidelity. It’s a complex problem and an ever-changing phenomenon. The studies, carried out are still limited, but the scenario that they show is quite clear: companies bear the economic risks, direct or indirect, caused by their employees, at all levels of the hierarchy. But, are often the same companies to provide opportunities for the realization of abuses and violations.

On average, companies employ about 18 months to intercept fraud and more long is  the time of detection, greater is the damage and the impact on the business environment. Currently, the most popular way to become aware of the existence of domestic abuse is the “whisper”. Another employee acts as a “spy” about an unlawful. In 30% of cases, the managers can be peaceful carrying out constant monitoring activities through appropriate tools. In fact, almost always, the cause of these events is to be found in the total absence of anti-fraud policies and, when these are present, they’re inadequate. Only those who rely on professional in security and surveillance field are able to actually prevent fraud of any kind.

Regardless of the numbers, what it’s important emphasized is the resignation that companies seem to have against the risk of fraud; in other words, companies try to hide their inability to limit employee dishonesty behind a kind of tacit tolerance. This threshold moves ever forward, year after year, and beyond this threshold there isn’t almost never an efficiently and effectively plan against fraud. Building and, above all, implement an anti fraud strategy within the company, isn’t difficult and, however, one cannot do without.

The voice, indicator of betrayal

uomo-al-telefono_600x398Infidelity is widespread and steadily increasing. Almost one in two people confesses to having an affair. Not very credible are those people who claim that they haven’t noticed anything, something in the couple doesn’t usually go, regardless of the betrayal itself. There are always some clues, unusual attitudes, evidences. For example, men believe that women with the voice too shrill are less reliable, while the women are convinced that men with a deep tone of voice are less faithful.

On the theme of “voice”, as a source of paralinguistic informations, is expressed the Canadian McMaster University. In particular, the researchers have examined the relationship between the tone of voice and the perceived infidelity. According to experts, just hidden in the tonality are the mechanisms that lead to the choice of their partner. In fact, each person has benchmarks and obviously try to don’t engage in stories not very convincing already “at first listen”.

The study involved listening to some voices by a group of volunteers. The result is that both men and women use the tone of voice as a sign of future betrayal. In particular, believe that they are inclined to betray women with a high tone and men with a deep tonality.

The case is scientifically tested: men with low voice have high levels of testosterone, while women with shrill voice have a high rate of estrogen. As often happens behind a social case lies a scientific truth. The voice is often used to seduce and conquer their prey via telephone. Often are used voice changers both to hide their identity from the interlocutor and to make it perfect on the phone. In short, the charm also passes through the intricate telephone networks.

Facebook for couples with “Us”

noifacebookAfter having been defined home wrecker and have been called into question in numerous cases of separations of our day, forcing the “smartest” partners to use monitoring tools for pc, Facebook tries to make peace with the couples online.

How? Making the couple “social” with the application “Us“, through which the untiring romantic can share everything happens within the couple: photos, thoughts, videos, and so on…

In reality “Us” is an extension of the existing functionalities of Facebook, which allows you to view details of friendship clik on the wheel in the top right corner of the profile, accessing to the settings of the page, and then selecting “view friendship details”. Then you see the chronicle of the interaction between two people from the moment they close social friendship. “Us” leads, via a link, to a page very similar to this, but in a more direct way and also in a more customizable space. In addition to keep a diary with his status and updates, the user “coupled” may then manage a detailed chronicle of love, with the level of privacy configurable from the main settings.

If the love were to end, the couple’s Facebook page could soon turn into a vent page or better yet a page where publicly denigrate the former partner.

In the U.S., a woman of 43 years has published on the “Us” of her lover a photograph of herself and the man in intimate attitudes. Of course, the surprise wasn’t pleasant for the counterpart and for his official partner. In many use invisible control systems for PC that take away this kind of discovery, preventing the risk of betrayal online.

Japan: the old phones are loved by traitors

19cellularivecchiApps to hide double relationship aren’t having a great success due to their inaccuracy and unreliability. In Japan obsolete mobile phone are still researched and sold because, according to users, are able to better protect the privacy respect of the new smartphones and help who has more than one relationship to keep everything hidden. And so, the “ancient” phones in Japan resist the advance of iPhone and Android systems.

As stated by the Wall Street Journal, it seems that an old phone can be a treasure for the unfaithfuls. In particular in the case of some models Fujitsu F series, now technologically obsolete, but with great possibilities of privacy control also superior to devices of the latest generation. These mobile phones in Japan have been nicknamed “uwaki keitai”, “infidelity’s phones”.

Many blogs in the country have devoted attention to the problem, adding a lot of personal experiences and testimonies. “Women try to see what happens on my phone when I’m not there and with these phones just isn’t possible”.

With the private mode implemented by Fujitsu F series, when you receive a communication from numbers previously inserted in “invisible list”, there is only a slight variation of the icons of the battery or the signal received from the mobile. To activate or deactivate the secret mode, it’s necessary a large number of passwords and combinations.

Among apps, ”old” phones and stratagems of all kinds there is who has thought to the counterparty. Betrayeds have in fact by contrast weapons safe: these are Endoacustica spy softwares which, when installed in a few minutes on the phone, allow you to listen incoming and outgoing calls in real time, read text messages, know the GPS position and also work as bugs because they allow you to listen to what is happening around the unit. So the faithless from every continent haven’t easy life given the widespread use of software Endoacustica.

The three types of betrayal

tradimentoHard to know what will happen in the mind of a betrayed when he discovers the misdeed: anger, despair, humiliation, are feelings that are intertwined with each other in most cases.

When an unfaithful is discovered, it doesn’t matter if it’s an episode or a series of constants events. Betrayeds don’t distinguish because they are often in a state of irrationality and overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy and inferiority towards those has snared the partner with mysterious weapons. On the other hand starts some kind of lack of confidence of the person who have next. You feel misunderstood, destabilized, without reference points. Often involving the use of spy phones or bugs to try to understand the situation.

Almost nobody listens long the traitor or he does it in a perfunctory manner and only to hear the explanations, that however will not be understood. In fact, it would be important to hear. Really know the reasons of treason, so you can tell if do the bags to him or give him another chance.

The common thought teaches that the betrayal is one. Without getting into a real break which is that of pact of confidence, there are too many variables of background that should be investigated before you dispense judgments or conclusions. To start, it’s necessary to evaluate any emotive lack. The researchers say that women are less willing to forgive a betrayal where the feeling takes over, while the men found them less serious than by one for sex.

When the urge to cheat is the search for affection outside the couple, a rout has already announced because in these cases come into play emotional shares and expectations that should stay out of a couple “illegal”.

At the beginning, both in treason for sex or for lack, to command is the hormone more or less active, but then part ways. And you find yourself to feel adolescent emotions and to share more than two perfect lovers should do.

Betray with the heart means to have thrown in the towel, it means that the partner who escapes has reached its breaking point and can’t see a way out of its malaise. At the basis of these betrayals there is often incommunicability dragged over time.

Betrayal for sex instead doesn’t require an emotional sharing. The love for your spouse isn’t called into question and the idea isn’t to look for the formation of another couple.

Some people talk about a third type of betrayal unclassifiable in two previous categories. These are stories based on the head, in the pleasure of conversation, elective affinities. It’s a relationship without constraints, full of esteem and mutual respect. Even in this case, the figure of the partners isn’t attacked, the other is a diversion, responds to other needs.

Difficult to forgive and move on preserving their self-esteem and dignity. The use of control tools often confers safety and helps to re-establish a relationship also under the point of view of confidence. Only seeing with own eyes that betrayal isn’t repeated you can really believe in your partner.

More divorces if they share the household chores

Who said that the sharing of housework bring benefit to the couple? To give answer, a study conducted by NOVA, the Norwegian Institute for Research on adolescence and based on 15,000 subjects aged between 18 and 84 years. According to researchers, the likelihood of divorce of couples in which both partners cooperate in the management of the home and in the education of children, are 50% more than those in which the woman does almost everything. Sad to admit that according to this study, the parity is a underhand thing. Thomas Hansen, one of the researchers on the project entitled “Likestilling hjemme” (“Equality in the house”) explained that contrary to popular belief, the sharing of responsibility for housework doesn’t necessarily contribute to the satisfaction of the couple. In short, according to the study, “the more a man does in the home, the higher the divorce rate”. Of course, these sexist statements required clarifications.

First of all the research was conducted among couples from bourgeois circles and professional, where it is known that divorce rates are higher. Hansen also stated that, in reality, the separations would not be a mere effect of equality, but the result of the dynamics of modern couple. It’s undeniable that in contemporary families is easier to think of divorce because the economic independence of women uncouple them from a sort of “dependency” from the male. In addition, the man, in the case of domestic work may feel subjected to the critical gaze of the woman, usually more experienced in the field and so ready to point out to him – not always with kindness – any “mistakes” and in the event that the man exceeded her expectations she might feel “ousted”. In this sense, domestic harmony may fail. And so, also the trust and then would start to creep doubts of a possible betrayal. Could be used for this purpose spy phones or innovative bugs in the car, at home or in the places most frequented to try to calm the situation by deleting any suspicion.

In any case, the division of roles may be a good remedy. “I wash you, you drafts”, so to speak. In conclusion, this study seems to contradict a recent study conducted in seven countries, which states exactly the opposite, namely a greater well-being, balance and happiness in men who shared with the partner the chores. As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.