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More divorces if they share the household chores

Who said that the sharing of housework bring benefit to the couple? To give answer, a study conducted by NOVA, the Norwegian Institute for Research on adolescence and based on 15,000 subjects aged between 18 and 84 years. According to researchers, the likelihood of divorce of couples in which both partners cooperate in the management of the home and in the education of children, are 50% more than those in which the woman does almost everything. Sad to admit that according to this study, the parity is a underhand thing. Thomas Hansen, one of the researchers on the project entitled “Likestilling hjemme” (“Equality in the house”) explained that contrary to popular belief, the sharing of responsibility for housework doesn’t necessarily contribute to the satisfaction of the couple. In short, according to the study, “the more a man does in the home, the higher the divorce rate”. Of course, these sexist statements required clarifications.

First of all the research was conducted among couples from bourgeois circles and professional, where it is known that divorce rates are higher. Hansen also stated that, in reality, the separations would not be a mere effect of equality, but the result of the dynamics of modern couple. It’s undeniable that in contemporary families is easier to think of divorce because the economic independence of women uncouple them from a sort of “dependency” from the male. In addition, the man, in the case of domestic work may feel subjected to the critical gaze of the woman, usually more experienced in the field and so ready to point out to him – not always with kindness – any “mistakes” and in the event that the man exceeded her expectations she might feel “ousted”. In this sense, domestic harmony may fail. And so, also the trust and then would start to creep doubts of a possible betrayal. Could be used for this purpose spy phones or innovative bugs in the car, at home or in the places most frequented to try to calm the situation by deleting any suspicion.

In any case, the division of roles may be a good remedy. “I wash you, you drafts”, so to speak. In conclusion, this study seems to contradict a recent study conducted in seven countries, which states exactly the opposite, namely a greater well-being, balance and happiness in men who shared with the partner the chores. As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.