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Stalking in the company, arrested an employee

interno-ufficio1For nine times he emptied a bottle of water on the printer sending it into a tailspin. The woman reported also to have found crosses marked on the photographs of her sons. For a number of “teasing” whose motive is still unclear, a 65 year old man, an official of the Government, was joined by a ban of approach to the victim. The alleged offense is of stalking as well as damage to the detriment of the Government.

After the lawsuit against unidentified persons formulated by the worker, the police installed hidden cameras inside the office: the man was shot twice while he poured water on the computer desk, causing short-circuiting at the electrical system. The woman had not been able to indicate the person responsible for the facts, but for the anxiety aroused from what happened had to resort to medical care.

Stories of ordinary management in public and private companies in the same manner. Mischief, deceit, theft of objects and information. And the consequences can be far more serious than a broken printer. The damages are for the employees if  between them have jealousy and envy, but also to the detriment of the company in case of theft of information, crucial for the future of the itself.

For this reason it’s important to have great surveillance systems to avoid the risk of “teasing” and cunning within companies. Very often it’s where there is no doubt about staff and external personnel that will consume the worst misdeeds.


Are you a stalking victim? Here’s what to do

The crime of stalking occurs when someone (often a former partner) performs a series of acts (which may be threats or harassments, but also seemingly innocuous acts, such as continuous sending of unwanted messages, flowers, or letters) making psychological violence against the victim causing an understandable state of anxiety and fear or forcing him/her to change personal habits (to replace telephone user, change residence, etc.) or even causing a well-founded fear for his/her personal safety. Therefore, it’s an offense against the individual moral freedom.

Threats, beatings, harassments, in any way the offense is committed, the stalking situations key is constituted by the evidences. Only if you have evidences of the real situation you can take action and report out. For this reason, in many stalking cases are used bugs, hidden cameras and other monitoring tools that allow you to nail the culprit. In this field, the use of professional and reliable products is critical.

Not all stalking situations are alike, so it isn’t easy talk about the defense behaviors that must be adopted. However, there are some useful rules.
First, it’s useless to deny the problem. Often, you have difficulty to consider youself a “victim”, you tend to avoid to recognize in danger, only to underestimate the risk and thus facilitating the stalker.

If the harassment is the request to start or re-establish an unwanted relationship, you need to be firm to “say no” in a clear and unambiguous way. Other efforts to convince a persistent persecutor, including improvised psychological interpretations for “need of help”, will be read as a reaction to his behavior and thus represent reinforcements, as attentions. Even the return of an unwelcome gift, an anger phone call or a negative response to a letter are signs that reinforce the stalking.

Careful behaviors are very effective to defend against the violence threat: to go out without follow predictable habits, in peak times and in crowded places, perhaps bringing with them a selfdefence spray, to increase the feeling of security.

If you receive telephone harassments, it’s recommended to don’t change the number. Again, frustrations can increase the stalker motivation. It’s best to record phone calls in order to gain the evidences. It’s useful to keep on hand a cell phone to call in case of emergency. If you think to be in danger or followed, don’t rush home or in a friend’s home, but go promptly by the police.

Russian babysitter beats nine-month-old baby

babysitterorcoShocking images captured by a hidden camera of savage beatings against a little child by a Russian babysitter. This video that shows unequivocally the mistreatment of the nanny is much debated. According to the same 55-year old, to rise her rage were the incessant screams of the child that prevented her from enjoying her favorite show on TV.

The video was made in Krasnoyarsk, a town in central Siberian Russia. The family had grown suspicious after repeatedly returning home to find the child crying. So the parents decided to monitor the attitude of the woman during work hours through a miniature camera installed in the house.

In the footage the nanny can be seen roughly handling the child before slapping it around the head. She then kicks the child in the back before putting a blanket over the top of the child in an attempt to keep it quiet. To shock is above all the inhuman brutality with which she rails against the baby.

When the police captued her, the 55-year-old woman said that the parents spoiled the kid too much and that  he was constantly crying and asking to be held in arms. Therefore, her attitude would be part of a kind of “educational therapy”, a form of protection very little human.

Unfortunately, this kind of events have taken place recently in different parts of Europe and the United States. The need to put the children in the care of someone during the hours of work, often leads to hire as babysitter unknown people who comes to the door showing ad hoc curriculum and extolling decades of experience in the field.

Now, starting from the many shocking news, parents in addition to pay all the attention in the choice of the nanny, using more and more surveillance tools, such as the micro camera used by Russian parents.

The ideal device is, in most cases, the DVR All in One, a micro audio and video recorder that can be installed almost anywhere, even in electrical sockets or toys. In this way you will not raise any suspicion, and you can take action to ensure the children safety.

Children molested in bathroom: janitor arrested

molestie bambiniA 65 years janitor of a primary school was arrested in flagrante delicto by the police for sexual assault against some girls. The militaries, on the orders of the judge, had installed hidden cameras in the bathrooms of the school; through these tools, they have observed the man while he was holding a little girl against her will. The investigations have started after a girl told to the teacher that she was molested in the bathroom. At the time there was also a little friend, who confirmed the story.

Then the Police started a constant monitoring of the behavior of the janitor using cameras inside the school, ensuring unequivocally his faults. In a few days the military has seen four episodes, arresting the man.

The 65-year old, married, went in the female toilets, calling girls, all under ten years old and touched them in intimate parts. In his house, with an unsuspecting and shocked wife, the police has seized a laptop and several DVDs that will be analyzed. From the inquiries about the arrested, emerged that the man had been convicted, in 1971, for a similar serious sexual crime, that he had committed in another place, against a girl of 12 year old, in a church, but he had falsified the documentation and, eight years ago, he was hired as a janitor in the municipal primary school.

From this episode clearly emerges that is fundamental the use of surveillance cameras in schools and public places. There is no justification for similar acts and it’s right that the guilty pay!

Mobbing: attacked a cashier in a supermarket

caissiere44 years, Peruvian, with two children, kidney problems and a part-time contract of 30 hours per week for just over 1000 euro per month. This is the framework of a cashier in a supermarket that mistreated and humiliated, has resisted even if sick, the constant harassments. Then, when she was attacked physically, hasn’t done it again and has decided to react and exposing it to the police.

Sometimes she feels bad, but she don’t allowed to go to the toilet. One day she urinated on her because it hadn’t been given the possibility to her to go to the toilet. Finished work, “humiliated and crying”, she went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a hemorrhagic cystitis: 15 days of disease prognosis.

But a few days ago an episode even more serious: an aggression in the dressing room of the store by a person not yet identified. After 16:30 the cashier goes downstairs to change her clothings and a stranger covers her eyes with a band, lock her hands, puts a cloth in her mouth and bangs her head against the walls of the bathroom. Then, screaming at her “piss” and other hostile words press the flush. “When he put my head in the water”, the victim said, “I saw my children who greeted me for the last time and I recommended me to God”.

She faints and the director helps her, accompanying her to the hospital. The worker complained to the police: “I want to know who was beating me and why”. And above all, referring to her complaints of mobbing says to “want to fight now because no one is subjected to the same humiliation I suffered myself”.

Unfortunately, however, humiliation and harassment are on the agenda. It’s always difficult to collect evidence attesting these episodes. In many cases, employees have proved to be smart recording with microcameras  the episodes of mobbing. These images have often proved the key to resolve their unfortunate situation. In fact, in other cases, in the absence of evidences, the court hasn’t been able to give a favorable opinion to the complaints of the case. Pens, watches, buttons, ties can hide small cameras that allow you to catch humiliation and threats and solve cases that may, in the long run, cause stress, insomnia and mental disorders that shouldn’t be underestimated.

The place of betrayal: the office

“Mary”, fancy name for remain anonymous, is the owner of an holding where her husband works. They are married from 13 years. One day, she notes in her partner strange behaviors: increased nervousness at work and at home, vague answers and physical distance. Those which, in short, can be signs of betrayal. But, while noting her husband in greater detail in his movements and actions, she can’t understand, until one day, watching videos of hidden cameras for surveillance, she sees a “careless” and passionate kiss between the man and an employee.

This true story reveals a trend shown by new research. Infact, the studies conducted by the Institute of sex evolution (Milan) on 3000 Internet users, half male and half female, between 18 and 50 years, are really representative: the most popular as lovers are no longer lifeguards, animators and single under the umbrella, but co-workers, maybe because you’re searching for some sort of affinity also mental one, understanding and sharing of problems.

It becomes more complicated when the situation is in the same place where working wife, husband and lover. Complicated but easier to find, because as much as you do everything to keep it hidden, often escape between the two lovers accomplices looks and phrases that don’t go unnoticed by colleagues, which begin to make allusions and jokes.

There is, moreover, by the traitor, a greater distraction and agitation, the need, concealed behind overtime, to remain in the office longer, when the official companion has already returned home, to organize trips that tend to exclude the same.

All behavior that should become suspicious, but according to the experts, never talk about in public. Discuss in front of his colleagues represent only a humiliation, especially for the betrayed. It’s better, therefore face this type of discourses when you are alone at home, and only after making sure of betrayal, talk with the lover. Threads which, however, don’t solve the problem, because following these events, it would be difficult a coexistence of the three in the workplace. It would therefore be appropriate, ask for a transfer, when possible, or change careers.