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Infidelity test: find out if your partner is cheating on you

tradimentotestDo you have doubts about the faithfulness of your partner? Suspect your spouse cheating on you? There are some clues that may herald a love affair illegal or that may help you make an overview of the situation. This test will not only help you figure out whether or not there is betrayal, but will also provide some suggestions to shed light on the relationship.

1. How is his relationship with the lies?

A) Intimate, he often tells

B) They happens, but it isn’t an habit

C) I would say that he doesn’t tell

2. Freely leave his phone around?

A) Never, he always brings with him

B) Sometimes

C) He is not very responsive to the phone

3. Pay attention to his appearance (clothing, perfume, hair, etc.)?

A) Lately he is very attentive

B) A little more of the previous months

C) As usual

4. Your partner has recently and unexpectedly forced to “work longer” or has often “dinner with friends”?

A) Yes, lately often

B) Maybe some more time

C) The frequency hasn’t changed

5. Often turns off the phone when at home?

A) Yes

B) Sometimes yes, sometimes no

C) No, leave it on

6. His attitude towards you is changed?

A) He is unbearable, criticizes me on everything

B) Now that I think about it, it’s a bit colder

C) It seems to me that it behaves as always

7. Your sex life:

A) We have a few moments of intimacy

B) Sometimes we are too tired

C) I don’t think anything has changed

Test solutions

Majority of A Regardless of this test, you already know that your partner cheats on you. You just admitting it and try to suppress it. We advice to you to face the reality through the help of a spy software that, installed on your phone, lets you know where he goes, with who he is and what he is doing. In this way, you can no longer avoid this problem that ails you and above all you will have certainly arguments to deal with your partner.

Majority of B There may be evidence of the infidelity of your partner. However, there is never absolute certainty and a few changes of your partner may be symptoms of a renewed love towards you. If the situation is bothering you, then you should dispel your doubts. A great ally would certainly be a bug that, installed in his car or in places that your partner attends, can provide quickly answers that you’re looking for.

Majority of C It’s unlikely that your partner cheating on you. You should not be too suspicious about him, but ask yourself why you have these doubts? Perhaps at the bottom there is some situation unclear on which should shed some light. Maybe you could use a GPS tracker to monitor his movements or to hear some suspicious conversation with his mother or with friends through an environmental bug that can reassure you and eliminate your suspicions.


Spy on your partner using GPS? In the U.S.A. it’s legal

1407-GPSThe increasingly widespread use of GPS tracking devices has made them very popular also in the field of espionage and personal investigations. In fact, while until a few years ago the use of satellite tracking systems were almost exclusively reserved to government agencies and the military, the reduction of costs related to the accessibility of this technology has made them very popular for private or investigative use.

This dissemination, which can be seen as invasive of our privacy, in many cases it’s perfectly legal. A few days ago, the New Jersey court has in fact rejected the lawsuit filed by a husband to his wife, who in 2012 had spied on him.
The woman had placed a tiny GPS locator in the car dashboard of Mr. Kenneth Villanova, which for more than a month didn’t notice that his movements were followed step by step and recorded by his wife.

Once you discover the locator, Kenneth sued his wife. Unfortunately for him, the court has just ruled that the surveillance operation against him doesn’t violate any law, since the GPS device was used to reconstruct the movements in public places, so it’s not considered illegal.
In fact, there is no evidence that, in the 40 days before that Kenneth discovered the locator, the same has detected a shift of the person under observation in a private place.
The case is intended to make law in the U.S., and has been accepted in an extremely favorable by private investigators, who see given the opportunity to stalk the object of their research, as long as the GPS tracking doesn’t interfere with the privacy.

On the other hand, the defenders of privacy rights say that even if the device was used to follow Kenneth in public places, the citizen has the right to choose to don’t communicate to the other their position at any time, even if he’s in a visible place.
The debate rages between those who argue that there are cases, such as the protection of children, in which the right to privacy may be less, and who is convinced that it’s an absolute value at any time.

Lies and betrayals

bugiardoLies and betrayals have a very close relation. The lies are cause and consequence of the end of a relationship and may have implications in everyday life. There are people who claim to be honest, that say they have never lied, but, in reality, we all have sometimes told a lie or we can call it “omission”, “half-truth”.

But there are men (but also women) who have done of the falsehood a way of life. Husbands who profess imaginary “football matches”, wives with frequent “cinema with  friends” and children who “go to school” are scenes of everyday life for many families.

Fortunately, the technology come in own help. Many people use small tools that are as both satellite trackers that environmental bugs. Let’s see how works the Endoacustica Micro GPS/GPRS that fully meets these characteristics. Placing the device in a bag, a backpack, in a car or in any place you prefer, you can know, live or deferred, where the locator is and so where is the person observed and also hear what is happening around it through small, but powerful built-in microphones. Know where is really a person and what he is doing will be very easy.

The individuals that rely on this type of systems have some doubts about the behavior of their loved ones, but also with regard to snoopers friends or unreliable colleagues. They noticed coldness, detachment, wily and elusive behaviors and above all they are going to don’t be fooled and face the situation without fear. Recognize a liar isn’t so difficult, you just need of some help.