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Single women, the focus of mobbing

donnamobbingForced to take the annual leave during the most uncomfortable periods and often harassed psychologically and/or sexually: in many countries, the fact of being “single” often becomes a double edged sword for women who, paradoxically, have invested their energies to secure the maximum independence and to give space to them career.

We often talk about mobbing against women and, in particular, workers who are also mothers; this is certainly the most violent, insidious and painful form to implement this physical and psychological abuse in the workplace.

But there is also another type of bullying, less flashy, perhaps even less known and encoded, son of social evolution, developed in the last 10-15 years and not yet well known: the mobbing against single women.

Workers who don’t have children, and in many cases not even a partner, and then are forced to endure a work overload from colleagues and superiors that is sometimes underestimated if not completely ignored. This is a phenomenon that occurs very often in private workplaces. Single women undergo further sexual mobbing or harassment implemented by someone, aimed to damage the image and career of the person concerned. Many young women have found themselves faced with winks and sexual jokes or attempts of seduction and invitations, at least once in their life.

It ‘s the story of Carla, 43 years old, fired after not having succumbed to the advances of the department head, but she took courage and has gathered with a microphone in a keychain all the sad jokes and then she has started a legal action and has recovered fully her work. But also the story of Mina, 37, forced to exaggerated hours of work and treated in a discriminatory manner; she has gathered evidence with a bug and has brought them to the Court.

These women suffer a form of discrimination that leads them to give up, at the beginning perhaps deliberately, following in order not to lose the professional positions acquired, at a private life, both with a partner and with children. We must stop this phenomenon to be its damages in respect of other women in the same situation. It’s important to always denounce, gathering evidence that incriminate the perpetrators through professional tools that allow clear recordings without arousing suspicion.


The fault of the separation, only if you have evidences

separazione The separation with fault is generally connected to the betrayal of a spouse and when you talk about betrayal, you are generally referred to physical infidelity. However, even the platonic betrayal can be one of the causes of separation. In fact, if the flirt of a spouse with a third person outside of marriage embarrasses her wife or his husband, there may be grounds for the request to charge.

We talk of “platonic betrayal” when the relationship with the third person doesn’t go beyond the physical limit but the relationship of understanding and complicity is so evident at the point that the dignity and honor of the spouse are injured. This means that despite the betrayal isn’t consumed, the presumption that it has happened is contrary to the marriage obligations.
Expose your spouse to a public humiliation means don’t fulfill that obligation and so the partner can be held responsible of the end of marriage.

In this case, as in the case of physical betrayal, the key is constituted by the evidences. The fault of separation can be attributed only if there are evidences.
In most cases, the allies of those who suspect of betrayal are the micro recorders. Small and discreet they are concealable everywhere: in the car, at home, in the workplace and they allow you to get great results in terms of image quality and clarity of sound.

Mobbing: attacked a cashier in a supermarket

caissiere44 years, Peruvian, with two children, kidney problems and a part-time contract of 30 hours per week for just over 1000 euro per month. This is the framework of a cashier in a supermarket that mistreated and humiliated, has resisted even if sick, the constant harassments. Then, when she was attacked physically, hasn’t done it again and has decided to react and exposing it to the police.

Sometimes she feels bad, but she don’t allowed to go to the toilet. One day she urinated on her because it hadn’t been given the possibility to her to go to the toilet. Finished work, “humiliated and crying”, she went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a hemorrhagic cystitis: 15 days of disease prognosis.

But a few days ago an episode even more serious: an aggression in the dressing room of the store by a person not yet identified. After 16:30 the cashier goes downstairs to change her clothings and a stranger covers her eyes with a band, lock her hands, puts a cloth in her mouth and bangs her head against the walls of the bathroom. Then, screaming at her “piss” and other hostile words press the flush. “When he put my head in the water”, the victim said, “I saw my children who greeted me for the last time and I recommended me to God”.

She faints and the director helps her, accompanying her to the hospital. The worker complained to the police: “I want to know who was beating me and why”. And above all, referring to her complaints of mobbing says to “want to fight now because no one is subjected to the same humiliation I suffered myself”.

Unfortunately, however, humiliation and harassment are on the agenda. It’s always difficult to collect evidence attesting these episodes. In many cases, employees have proved to be smart recording with microcameras  the episodes of mobbing. These images have often proved the key to resolve their unfortunate situation. In fact, in other cases, in the absence of evidences, the court hasn’t been able to give a favorable opinion to the complaints of the case. Pens, watches, buttons, ties can hide small cameras that allow you to catch humiliation and threats and solve cases that may, in the long run, cause stress, insomnia and mental disorders that shouldn’t be underestimated.

The voice, indicator of betrayal

uomo-al-telefono_600x398Infidelity is widespread and steadily increasing. Almost one in two people confesses to having an affair. Not very credible are those people who claim that they haven’t noticed anything, something in the couple doesn’t usually go, regardless of the betrayal itself. There are always some clues, unusual attitudes, evidences. For example, men believe that women with the voice too shrill are less reliable, while the women are convinced that men with a deep tone of voice are less faithful.

On the theme of “voice”, as a source of paralinguistic informations, is expressed the Canadian McMaster University. In particular, the researchers have examined the relationship between the tone of voice and the perceived infidelity. According to experts, just hidden in the tonality are the mechanisms that lead to the choice of their partner. In fact, each person has benchmarks and obviously try to don’t engage in stories not very convincing already “at first listen”.

The study involved listening to some voices by a group of volunteers. The result is that both men and women use the tone of voice as a sign of future betrayal. In particular, believe that they are inclined to betray women with a high tone and men with a deep tonality.

The case is scientifically tested: men with low voice have high levels of testosterone, while women with shrill voice have a high rate of estrogen. As often happens behind a social case lies a scientific truth. The voice is often used to seduce and conquer their prey via telephone. Often are used voice changers both to hide their identity from the interlocutor and to make it perfect on the phone. In short, the charm also passes through the intricate telephone networks.

Ten years of stalking by the former lover

donna-telefonoThey ended up in court a woman of 49 years old, single with a son, a distinguished bank manager, now retired, and his wife, aware of the affair occurred between the two. Episodes of stalking lasted for ten years, from 2002 to 2012 and arising from a purely sexual relationship. At first continuous and persistent economic requests from the woman, then public melodrama to embarrass the banker. The blackmail is to reveal everything to his wife. Since 2009, episodes are even more aberrant: hundreds of text messages, notes left in the mailbox or attached to the door, calls, messages through third parties.

In desperation, the man moved, but didn’t solve the problem. The woman returned to the attack by stealing mails, registering to him contracts of any kind, making clear the matter to his wife. And she has even booked under a false name a room in the same hotel where the couple spent their summer holidays, also claiming the payment of her vacation.

Man has first filed a complaint for blackmail to which was followed a woman’s complaint archived because it was deemed groundless. The prefect, at the request of the victim, has obliged the stalker to stay away from the bank manager. But without success. Last year another complaint with new details. The man speaks to a woman who feels betrayed by the abandonment, that claims what was promised to her and continually asks money. A woman that even family members keeping their distance and that lives by her wits behind a respectable facade.

The persecution ended a few months ago, when she has informed to have health problems. It hasn’t been certainly the law, until now, to stop her, it’s always anchored to the lack of evidences attesting the subsistence of stalking. Similar cases have also had worst endings, others have resorted to bugs and microcameras, collecting good evidence to nail the guilties.