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Theft in the company: the video cameras unmask the unexpected

To give the alarm that there was a leak in the warehouse was the accountant. “What do you think you’re doing? There is a gap in sales”, he reprimanded the customer. The entrepreneur, a 43-year old with a prosperous trade activities in the food industry, was incredulous. No doubt, at that point, for the reason of the inconsistencies in the accounting books: someone was stealing in the warehouses.

An unfaithful employee? How to find out him? After days of anxieties and worries and sleepless nights, the entrepreneur has searched on the internet. He found an Italian company leader in the security and surveillance field and he called to this.
After a careful evaluation, he has placed four micro cameras at strategic points in the company and waited. So he discovered that the robbers were two unexpected in the company: a shipper and an employee. Licensed, have not been reported for theft but they were asked, through the Civil Court to return the amount of the stolen goods, about 60,000 euros.

But let’s see how they acted. The shipper was a man of thirty-seven, he loaded the truck and carried the goods to the destination. He cheated the company by changing the shipments. On the electronic register he marked, for example, ten bottles departing, in fact he took twenty bottles. The recorded ten bottles were sold regularly to the recipient, the ten in excess sold at undervalue. So the company suffered a double loss: the goods disappeared and decreased turnover as some customers were buying stolen goods more than regular, saving money and filling the pockets of the shipper.

The trick would go on for at least six months during which the employee would have cashed about 25 thousand euro. But his theft activities against the company was not limited to this, because in addition to the stolen merchandise for sale, there were the goods subtracted for his own consumption: the employee was shopping for himself and his family, for free, in the corporate warehouse.
The evidence gathered were placed in the recordings of the cameras in the company. The electronic eye would also picked up the illegal shopping of another unsuspecting employee, a reliable 43-year old who, according to the charges, she had stolen merchandise for years.

The two employees, after they were discovered, they have behaved differently. He, after admitting all, returned the 25 thousand euro established by the decree of the civil court. But she, that according to the court must give the company 35 thousand euro, would have tried (in vain) to make opposition.


The anti-betrayal slip: great invention or unreliable tool?

slipAn underwear company in Japan has created “anti-betrayal” slip that hide inside a “control” sensor. The product is designed for very caring husbands or hyper-paranoid girlfriends. The particularity of the pant, on sale at $99, is that it has a chip connected directly to a computer that allows you to check the heart rate and body temperature of the person wearing it, allowing you to watch at any moment his movements.

If it were so simple with a probe and a processor, all adultery may be avoided or discovered. In fact, when the slip is worn, the probe detects a different temperature respect of the environment and forwards the impulse to the processor that indicates the precise time. Subsequently, the operating system is in stand-by and is reactivated only after another change of heat. The supplied probe is also able to record the pH of the skin, thus giving evidence that who wore that pants was the partner. The processor is also connected by wires which have the shape of the slip in order to detect changes in position. Then it’s enought connect the slip with the processor to a computer, which will reveal if the garment has been removed and precisely how long. The garment is also ergonomic and you can wash it just like any other underwear.

Once read the description of the slip there are many doubts and misgivings, on the garment that has little to reliable and credible. Having the need to discover a betrayal is a different thing that often leads to psychological and physical disturbances. Those is in real need, relies on professional companies working in security and surveillance field. One of the most frequently used tools, as well as bugs, it’s the spy phone. It’s an absolutely invisible tool that so make the partners free to act. With numerous functions the software is able to provide reliable and undeniable answers.

358 phone calls and 500 text messages in one month: the lover becomes a stalker



Twelve years as lovers with secret meetings and lies. Then the flame of love has turned off, for her, and she decided to break off the relationship. A serious blow for him, who didn’t resign himself. The disappointment became an obsession: in a month 539 text messages and 358 phone calls.

An ordinary story of stalking with the addition of hundreds of flyers and photos of the two lovers sent to her house, but clearly addressed to the husband. The disappointed lover has also try to exculpate himself for the vile act denouncing unknown for having printed the flyers that depicted moments of intimacy. At the end, the prosecutor, collecting evidence conducted through the use of high-tech tools, concluded that it was all a machinations of the broken heart man.

The two lovers aren’t very young: he, a 65-year old, a building contractor in disgrace, she has 49 years. The woman lied to her husband saying for months that she had found a job. In the morning she left the house and met the lover, who also seems to help her financially.

But in January, she decided to end the relationship. After numerous attempts to change the mind of the woman, he lost control and began to haunt her. She no longer put up with the situation, denouncing him. The PM has asked to an expert to install a monitoring software on the mobile phone of the woman in order to intercept calls, sms and always know her GPS location for protect her. Love, desperation, harassments. The praxis of stalking. Following a search in the home of 69 year-old, were found the same flyers directed to the betrayed husband. He justified himself with the complaint filed against unknown persons. But for the PM it’s clear, the man is a stalker. The judge after listening to the business owner, who admitted the end of the relationship, but not the obsession for the woman, has imposed precautionary measure.

The need to have concrete evidence often lengthens the time required to stop stalking situations. The protracted of the period of harassment could be very dangerous. For this, it’s necessary to acquire privately, before than with the law enforcement, of instruments for the control and surveillance for their personal defense and for the protection of the people around us. Endoacustica Europe is the leading company in the field of security and surveillance. The wide range of products offered by the company contributes every day to get evidence to defend itself against stalking and harassment.

High risk of betrayal under the beach umbrella

spiaggiatradimentoSummer, sun, holiday, sea, men and women on show, the desire to transgress from the usual routine and grow the desire to betray him/her own partner. Statistical data show that what drives the betrayal during the vacation is the desire of transgression.

It seems that under the beach umbrella are exchanged forbidden glances between neighbors, better if they are with boyfriends or spouse. It appears that one of the main entertainment of vacationers is to test the loyalty of the other people on the beach. To instigate the betrayals would be, for 33% of men, the irresistible vision of unclothed bodies, on the beach as in the city, while 40% of women are attracted if they feel themselves desired, protagonists of a “magic”meeting. And this maybe lightens the sins of the guilty.

This is not real desire to betray but still a way to feel charming, seductive and also to make fun of the opposite sex or rekindle the jealousy in the partner, passion and desire in life of the couple.  Apart from those who intentionally spends the holidays alone, with the intention to betray the partner. Who really betrays tries to put the blame on the lighthearted holiday atmosphere, but most likely those who betray on the beach, can also do it at home, in the office, in a hotel room. And often the relationship began in vacation continues for several months through PCs and mobile phones.

Starting to suspect of betrayal, several people have made use of a spy software which allows to know in real time the traffic on the mobile phone controlled in order to break off the relationship in the bud and not wear out during the deserved holiday. This idea is even more valid since less than 10% of men confess the transgression, denying in every case. The flesh is weak, especially if tanned and undressed and transgressions attract all.

1 out of 6 women cheats on her husband

mogliinfedeliThe number of women who cheat on her husband for the past 20 years has risen of 40%, a growth that makes understand that the dynamic man-woman are changing like the marriage too.

A research shows that women are catching the “gap” from men in terms of extramarital affairs. If at one time was the husband that traditionally betrayed his wife, now the roles are equaling, if not reversing. In fact, are still the men to hold the scepter of the unfaithfuls.

According to the study the reasons for this change are simple: women are more independent, they earn more and have for this reason more opportunities to cheat, risking less from the economic point of view in case of divorce.

Women are in short able to deal with the possible consequences of their unfaithfulness. But why the fairer sex cheating more and more frequently? The reason seems to always be the dissatisfaction which unfortunately is common to many couples.

Accomplice of this increase of betrayals is certainly the internet that offer to men and women the opportunity to meet online many people and then maybe see them outside of the virtual world. Although in this case men remain those who visit multiple sites of meetings and so on, the women follow them, using these portals to research small or great adventures out of the marital bed.

Many husbands, but also many wives, have bought small tools that don’t arouse suspicion and let them know what happens inside a PC. Chats, facebook, and dating sites are no longer a mystery, everything is recorded in very small devices available on the site www.endoacustica.com. Similarly there are spy software of the same company that help to know everything that passes through and around the partner’s cell phone. The use of these products doesn’t imply a lack of trust in the partner, but the desire to maintain a relationship that is in a hard period.

Attempted child abduction at the beach


A very serious news is circulating these days on the beach. A small group of men, apparently of Indian origin, attempted to kidnap a child near a beach. The men have acted in broad daylight, and only thanks to the attention of a gentleman have failed to carry out the kidnapping.

After leaving the car on the roadside, ready to escape, one of them waited that some children came near. Identified the victim, the man drew his attention, and with an excuse, invited the kid to follow him. The child fell into the trap, driven by the typical childish curiosity. At this point, to ruin the plans of the attackers came a man who, fortunately, has noticed the strange “movement” and, coming near to the child, he put to flight the group.

A nightmare that has troubled a peaceful day at the beach. A similar misadventure happened four years ago; a 11 year old boy, the subject of “attention” of two men who tried to pick him up by force in the car, but had to desist in front of his reaction. Two years earlier, another 11 year old denounced an attempted kidnapping by two gypsies among the market stalls.

Fortunately, many dangerous “estrangements” were stopped with the help of tools like bracelets anti lost. These are friendly bracelets that the baby worn comfortably during his days at the beach, on a trip, at the park or in anyplace. Setting a limit distance, the bracelet alarms the base unit, guarded by a parent or supervisor, when the child moves away over the default distance.

The same device also works as an anti-drowning alarm, it signals when the child is in water over a given depth. Many beaches are equipped to provide this important service to the bathers, more careful parents have equipped themselves by purchasing the product directly from the site www.endoacustica.com.

Sexual proposals during the job interview

palpeggiamentilavoroWhen she came back home, she broke down in an uninterrupted crying. Than, she told what had happened just before: during a job interview for secretary, the owner had put their hands on her, touching her and making explicit sexual proposals in exchange of the work. The mother of the girl, 20 years old, took the phone and called the police immediately.

While the girl went to the hospital for verifications, the agents of the police reached the company, a small transport company, in which would take place harassments. Once in place, the police were approached by another girl,  20 years old too: she would have suffered repeated sexual proposals by the entrepreneur (60 years old with a criminal records) during the apprenticeship that she had carried out; the same job that the other girl had reading in a job centre.

Both girls were invited to the police station. The harassment suffered by man were practically of the same nature. The police wanted to clarify the matter and, without wasting any more time, have equipped the girl who worked here of a watch with a built-in micro camera and they were placed near the company. The girl, remained in the company only for a few minutes, recorded some very explicit conversations, providing evidence.

Now the police is examining the evidence collected. The entrepreneur is currently under investigation for the crime of sexual assault. Unfortunately, as it often happens, the investigators need evidence to proceed quickly with the judicial practice. In the private it would be appropriate to go always to “blind dates”, both professional and personal, equipped with self defense devices, so as to put an end to the flood of abuses that happen every day and continually reap new victims.

13-year-old victim beaten outside school for stealing the boyfriend of a peer

bullismo_2Someone claims that it’s better that teenagers are in total freedom of thought and action, others emphasize strong controls. As often happens, the truth lies in the middle. If it’s true that the identity creation requires autonomy, is also true that “some advices” are necessary.

In recent years, most of the relationships between the teenagers happens via internet and social networks, so it’s necessary to control the use of the pc. It would be optimal to monitor the behaviors of their sons “at distance”, so to know what they do and who they interact with, without they know it, leaving them free to express themselves, but away from dangers. Very used tools are key logger or key hunter, small devices by Endoacustica, that allow you to know every detail typed on the computer keyboard.

With the use of this type of tools, many “accidents” would have been avoided. Few weeks ago it appears the news of a young girl violently beaten out of school for having “stolen the boyfriend” of a peer. The incident occurred near to the school and wasn’t unexpected by the victim. Months of threats and harassments via Facebook led to the beating of the adolescent.

Before the aggression, three girls, two thirteen and one fifteen, have snatched the phone to the victim with whom they have sent a text message to her mother to tell her to don’t pick her up from the school. Then, the thirteen year old was dragged into a nearby car park, thrown to the ground, kicked and punched. To save her, the father of another pupil, that has stopped the beating. The girl was brought over to the ER and parents have complained.

Probably take preventive action is the best form of justice that we can be expected.