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The weak link of the company: unfaithful employees

dipendinfedeliIt’s one of the greatest dangers in companies both big and small. Loyal, disciplined and educated employees, but that in front of a good sum of money or a prestigious position can sell information and confidential data.

According to a recent research, behind the office desk, 3 of 5 they shop online or go to the website of their bank, while half “attended” social networks. A risky behavior, so businesses become vulnerable for what concerns the safety online. The “perpetrators” would be the most loyal employees, liabilities and “cynical bored”, the real weak link in the chain of IT security.

640 of 1000 interviewees are convinced that it’s the company to have “vaccinated” them as bugs and by other web hazards. One in three even thinks that security is equivalent to less innovation. The result? Many surfers without protection, and a company boat at risk.
But it would be enough to implement control systems for computers that invisibly protect companies from undercover criminals . Because they are often the same companies to protect employees from any risk, but not the opposite.


Boys made slaves by a gang of bullies


Many parents have already adopted control systems for mobile phone of their children. Invisible software that allow them to control at 360° what happens in the lives of teenagers inside and outside the home. By these means it’s possible to listen calls, read incoming and outgoing text messages, know live what’s happening around the phone and also control its position.

Tools certainly questionable, but that, in many cases, have saved the lives of troubled youngs. Unfortunately, incidents of bullying are very frequent and are carried out in several stages, so it’s possible to take timely action, only if you are aware of what is happening.

A news of a few days ago has unsuspected protagonists. Boys of wealthy families made slaves by a gang of bullies who for years have terrorized the peers forcing them to steal in their own homes. Penalty: beatings captured with mobile phones. Constant threats and harassments, forced the boys to provide money between 100 and 300 euro, smartphones, gold items, shoes, jackets, and any other branded garment, sometimes also items subtracted from the family safe.

It has taken years and much courage to denounce to the police, who have arrested a gang of bullies, including an adult and five underage. The moral and psychological damages certainly cannot be easily paid off. Are episodes like these that push smart parents to take control systems to safeguard the lives of their children.