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Bothered by her boss. She cannot sue him because she’s an intern

In times of shortage of work, are not rare the entrepreneurs who take advantage from the sad situation of many young people by underpaying them or making them work without a contract and without any right. This condition embittered employees and above all makes them more permissive and slaves in front of rude and sometimes illegal behaviors that very often seem real bullying.

In New York, for example, be an intern involves not only the difficulties of working for a very small fee, or often even zero: young workers without an employment contract aren’t protected against abuse in the workplace. A judge in Manhattan – as reported by Bloomberg Businessweek – has determined that Lihuan Wang, 26 years old, a former intern in the office of Phoenix Satellite Television, cannot sue her boss for sexual harassment because she isn’t a regular employee hired by the company.

The girl, originally from China, began an intern at the New York office in 2010, when she was 22 years old, and claims that her boss has repeatedly harassed her by touching her buttocks and trying to kiss her. But the law states: “New York City’s Human Rights Law’s protection of employees does not extend to unpaid interns”.

Such attitudes are unfortunately very common and have no geographical limits. In this sense, we can refer to the self defense, the only tool that you can use in case of workplace bullying, to gather evidences that allow you to report the attackers. In fact, the cases of abuse very often required evidences to determine the perpetration of the attitudes reported. Therefore, the use of hidden micro bugs or micro cameras are of great importance to protect themselves and get justice.


Are you a stalking victim? Here’s what to do

The crime of stalking occurs when someone (often a former partner) performs a series of acts (which may be threats or harassments, but also seemingly innocuous acts, such as continuous sending of unwanted messages, flowers, or letters) making psychological violence against the victim causing an understandable state of anxiety and fear or forcing him/her to change personal habits (to replace telephone user, change residence, etc.) or even causing a well-founded fear for his/her personal safety. Therefore, it’s an offense against the individual moral freedom.

Threats, beatings, harassments, in any way the offense is committed, the stalking situations key is constituted by the evidences. Only if you have evidences of the real situation you can take action and report out. For this reason, in many stalking cases are used bugs, hidden cameras and other monitoring tools that allow you to nail the culprit. In this field, the use of professional and reliable products is critical.

Not all stalking situations are alike, so it isn’t easy talk about the defense behaviors that must be adopted. However, there are some useful rules.
First, it’s useless to deny the problem. Often, you have difficulty to consider youself a “victim”, you tend to avoid to recognize in danger, only to underestimate the risk and thus facilitating the stalker.

If the harassment is the request to start or re-establish an unwanted relationship, you need to be firm to “say no” in a clear and unambiguous way. Other efforts to convince a persistent persecutor, including improvised psychological interpretations for “need of help”, will be read as a reaction to his behavior and thus represent reinforcements, as attentions. Even the return of an unwelcome gift, an anger phone call or a negative response to a letter are signs that reinforce the stalking.

Careful behaviors are very effective to defend against the violence threat: to go out without follow predictable habits, in peak times and in crowded places, perhaps bringing with them a selfdefence spray, to increase the feeling of security.

If you receive telephone harassments, it’s recommended to don’t change the number. Again, frustrations can increase the stalker motivation. It’s best to record phone calls in order to gain the evidences. It’s useful to keep on hand a cell phone to call in case of emergency. If you think to be in danger or followed, don’t rush home or in a friend’s home, but go promptly by the police.

The anti-betrayal slip: great invention or unreliable tool?

slipAn underwear company in Japan has created “anti-betrayal” slip that hide inside a “control” sensor. The product is designed for very caring husbands or hyper-paranoid girlfriends. The particularity of the pant, on sale at $99, is that it has a chip connected directly to a computer that allows you to check the heart rate and body temperature of the person wearing it, allowing you to watch at any moment his movements.

If it were so simple with a probe and a processor, all adultery may be avoided or discovered. In fact, when the slip is worn, the probe detects a different temperature respect of the environment and forwards the impulse to the processor that indicates the precise time. Subsequently, the operating system is in stand-by and is reactivated only after another change of heat. The supplied probe is also able to record the pH of the skin, thus giving evidence that who wore that pants was the partner. The processor is also connected by wires which have the shape of the slip in order to detect changes in position. Then it’s enought connect the slip with the processor to a computer, which will reveal if the garment has been removed and precisely how long. The garment is also ergonomic and you can wash it just like any other underwear.

Once read the description of the slip there are many doubts and misgivings, on the garment that has little to reliable and credible. Having the need to discover a betrayal is a different thing that often leads to psychological and physical disturbances. Those is in real need, relies on professional companies working in security and surveillance field. One of the most frequently used tools, as well as bugs, it’s the spy phone. It’s an absolutely invisible tool that so make the partners free to act. With numerous functions the software is able to provide reliable and undeniable answers.

“In this way I saved my company after corporate infidelity”

Business problems and supportAn Endoacustica Europe‘s customer, leader company in security and surveillance field, sent an email in which he exposed his problem of corporate infidelity and explained how he arrived at a solution.
“I’m the administrator of a big company operating in the production of electronic components, and about 9 months ago I was the victim of a case of infidelity company.

I contacted Endoacustica Europe because many of my customers had suspended the request of supply for some time, without give convincing reasons and responding in evasive manner to any requests of explainations. With the same I had an exclusive supply contract for components, so I began to suspect that there was a hypothetical company, in the same field, which had made contact with the customers of my company. To be honest, I didn’t suspect of my employees.

I then decided to see what was happening through micro cameras recommended by the Endoacustica Europe’s team in order to unmask the presumed crime and document the investigation with tangible evidence. The hidden cameras have fulfilled my expectations.
I placed the tools in different places, working and recreational, and I monitored the incoming and outgoing phone calls. Then, I waited. Through some internal telephone calls, I understood that two employees of my company had started their own business.

I’ve narrowed the inquiry field and I easily picked up numerous evidence about the customers who have strayed from my company. They have been (incorrectly) stolen from the rival company by the two disloyal employees.
With the evidence gathered I was able to start criminal proceedings against my former employees, and I’m going to have a substantial financial compensation. Thank you very much for your help, I’d be on the brink of bankruptcy if I hadn’t acted in time and with the right tools!”.

Stories of this type are more and more frequent especially in this time of economic crisis in which it’s difficult to attract customers. Act in time with professional tools is often the key to recovery a company. Endoacustica Europe offers a wide range of technologic products at competitive prices that allow video surveillance in a discreet manner of environments and people.

He searches a ghost and discovers a betrayal

betrayalsHe wanted to be the new ghostbuster, but in reality he discovered a betrayal in his home. It happened at a Tasmanian man who, believing that an evil spirit was in his house, placed a micro camera in the kitchen, ready to show to the world his exclusive images. But when he viewed the video taken by the micro camera, he found a very different misdeed: his girlfriend was cheating on him. But that’s not all, the person with which she betrayed him was his son, or rather the teenage son that the man had from a previous relationship.

The woman, aged 28, had a relationship with the man from 11 years old and he was the father of a 16 year old guy. In Australia isn’t allowed to have sex  with an underage and for that, thanks to the evidences gathered, the girl ended up in prison. She is defended by telling that  the relationship with the son of her boyfriend began a few weeks before, when she was come into his bedroom to talk him about driving lessons. The woman attempted to minimize, saying that it would be only “innocent cuddle“, but the boy told a different version. The couple would even occasionally met in a hotel room.

The father probably would have preferred to find a ghost in the house that watch those scenes of passion. Furious, the man called the police and during the preliminary hearing she pleaded guilty, but also anxious to “fix things”, but most likely this will not be possible given the seriousness of the situation.

It happens more and more often that, intentionally or not, are discovered hidden episodes inside homes as well as in public and private companies. The use of professional tools such as bugs or microrecorders allows to shed light on unclear situations avoiding that they will endure over time.

Two people in a few days disfigured with acid by former

stalking02GThe love stories gone wrong can become really dangerous and are often a source of acts of stalking and harassments that lead to real violence.

Examples of this are two tragedies that occurred recently. The first concerns a lawyer of 35 years, attacked near her home, by a man with covered face that threw acid in her face. The woman opening the home door, found inside the aggressor. During the transport to the hospital in critical condition, she would have says the name of the offender. The instigator would be her ex boyfriend, a colleague, promptly stopped for complicity in serious inflicted injuries. The man would send a man to throw acid in the woman’s face, with whom he had a romantic relationship, then finished. Revenge would have been meditated by the boy discontent from the end of the relationship and he would have employed two Albanians, also stopped. The girl is in very serious condition.

We must be said that the actions of stalking don’t occur only to the damage of women. A story very similar, in fact, happened to a 32 year old, hit in the face and chest by muriatic acid. The aggression is happened in a crowded area in front of the train stop. To attack him would be a man, hired by a disappointed woman, repeatedly reported for stalking. Even in this case, she’s a former partner unhappy for the end of the story. At the time of the attack, the man was with a work colleague, slightly wounded to an arm for the sketches of the chemical solution.

Unfortunately such stories presuppose, in many cases, passed actions or threatening behaviors. Report is essential, but without evidences is really difficult to take action. The use of technological tools as micro recorders or bugs is often fundamental to collect evidences that will prevent episodes even more serious as those described above. Video, audio and images make easier the work of law enforcement, but also their own lives.

Ten years of stalking by the former lover

donna-telefonoThey ended up in court a woman of 49 years old, single with a son, a distinguished bank manager, now retired, and his wife, aware of the affair occurred between the two. Episodes of stalking lasted for ten years, from 2002 to 2012 and arising from a purely sexual relationship. At first continuous and persistent economic requests from the woman, then public melodrama to embarrass the banker. The blackmail is to reveal everything to his wife. Since 2009, episodes are even more aberrant: hundreds of text messages, notes left in the mailbox or attached to the door, calls, messages through third parties.

In desperation, the man moved, but didn’t solve the problem. The woman returned to the attack by stealing mails, registering to him contracts of any kind, making clear the matter to his wife. And she has even booked under a false name a room in the same hotel where the couple spent their summer holidays, also claiming the payment of her vacation.

Man has first filed a complaint for blackmail to which was followed a woman’s complaint archived because it was deemed groundless. The prefect, at the request of the victim, has obliged the stalker to stay away from the bank manager. But without success. Last year another complaint with new details. The man speaks to a woman who feels betrayed by the abandonment, that claims what was promised to her and continually asks money. A woman that even family members keeping their distance and that lives by her wits behind a respectable facade.

The persecution ended a few months ago, when she has informed to have health problems. It hasn’t been certainly the law, until now, to stop her, it’s always anchored to the lack of evidences attesting the subsistence of stalking. Similar cases have also had worst endings, others have resorted to bugs and microcameras, collecting good evidence to nail the guilties.

The three types of betrayal

tradimentoHard to know what will happen in the mind of a betrayed when he discovers the misdeed: anger, despair, humiliation, are feelings that are intertwined with each other in most cases.

When an unfaithful is discovered, it doesn’t matter if it’s an episode or a series of constants events. Betrayeds don’t distinguish because they are often in a state of irrationality and overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy and inferiority towards those has snared the partner with mysterious weapons. On the other hand starts some kind of lack of confidence of the person who have next. You feel misunderstood, destabilized, without reference points. Often involving the use of spy phones or bugs to try to understand the situation.

Almost nobody listens long the traitor or he does it in a perfunctory manner and only to hear the explanations, that however will not be understood. In fact, it would be important to hear. Really know the reasons of treason, so you can tell if do the bags to him or give him another chance.

The common thought teaches that the betrayal is one. Without getting into a real break which is that of pact of confidence, there are too many variables of background that should be investigated before you dispense judgments or conclusions. To start, it’s necessary to evaluate any emotive lack. The researchers say that women are less willing to forgive a betrayal where the feeling takes over, while the men found them less serious than by one for sex.

When the urge to cheat is the search for affection outside the couple, a rout has already announced because in these cases come into play emotional shares and expectations that should stay out of a couple “illegal”.

At the beginning, both in treason for sex or for lack, to command is the hormone more or less active, but then part ways. And you find yourself to feel adolescent emotions and to share more than two perfect lovers should do.

Betray with the heart means to have thrown in the towel, it means that the partner who escapes has reached its breaking point and can’t see a way out of its malaise. At the basis of these betrayals there is often incommunicability dragged over time.

Betrayal for sex instead doesn’t require an emotional sharing. The love for your spouse isn’t called into question and the idea isn’t to look for the formation of another couple.

Some people talk about a third type of betrayal unclassifiable in two previous categories. These are stories based on the head, in the pleasure of conversation, elective affinities. It’s a relationship without constraints, full of esteem and mutual respect. Even in this case, the figure of the partners isn’t attacked, the other is a diversion, responds to other needs.

Difficult to forgive and move on preserving their self-esteem and dignity. The use of control tools often confers safety and helps to re-establish a relationship also under the point of view of confidence. Only seeing with own eyes that betrayal isn’t repeated you can really believe in your partner.