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Single women, the focus of mobbing

donnamobbingForced to take the annual leave during the most uncomfortable periods and often harassed psychologically and/or sexually: in many countries, the fact of being “single” often becomes a double edged sword for women who, paradoxically, have invested their energies to secure the maximum independence and to give space to them career.

We often talk about mobbing against women and, in particular, workers who are also mothers; this is certainly the most violent, insidious and painful form to implement this physical and psychological abuse in the workplace.

But there is also another type of bullying, less flashy, perhaps even less known and encoded, son of social evolution, developed in the last 10-15 years and not yet well known: the mobbing against single women.

Workers who don’t have children, and in many cases not even a partner, and then are forced to endure a work overload from colleagues and superiors that is sometimes underestimated if not completely ignored. This is a phenomenon that occurs very often in private workplaces. Single women undergo further sexual mobbing or harassment implemented by someone, aimed to damage the image and career of the person concerned. Many young women have found themselves faced with winks and sexual jokes or attempts of seduction and invitations, at least once in their life.

It ‘s the story of Carla, 43 years old, fired after not having succumbed to the advances of the department head, but she took courage and has gathered with a microphone in a keychain all the sad jokes and then she has started a legal action and has recovered fully her work. But also the story of Mina, 37, forced to exaggerated hours of work and treated in a discriminatory manner; she has gathered evidence with a bug and has brought them to the Court.

These women suffer a form of discrimination that leads them to give up, at the beginning perhaps deliberately, following in order not to lose the professional positions acquired, at a private life, both with a partner and with children. We must stop this phenomenon to be its damages in respect of other women in the same situation. It’s important to always denounce, gathering evidence that incriminate the perpetrators through professional tools that allow clear recordings without arousing suspicion.


Infidelity test: find out if your partner is cheating on you

tradimentotestDo you have doubts about the faithfulness of your partner? Suspect your spouse cheating on you? There are some clues that may herald a love affair illegal or that may help you make an overview of the situation. This test will not only help you figure out whether or not there is betrayal, but will also provide some suggestions to shed light on the relationship.

1. How is his relationship with the lies?

A) Intimate, he often tells

B) They happens, but it isn’t an habit

C) I would say that he doesn’t tell

2. Freely leave his phone around?

A) Never, he always brings with him

B) Sometimes

C) He is not very responsive to the phone

3. Pay attention to his appearance (clothing, perfume, hair, etc.)?

A) Lately he is very attentive

B) A little more of the previous months

C) As usual

4. Your partner has recently and unexpectedly forced to “work longer” or has often “dinner with friends”?

A) Yes, lately often

B) Maybe some more time

C) The frequency hasn’t changed

5. Often turns off the phone when at home?

A) Yes

B) Sometimes yes, sometimes no

C) No, leave it on

6. His attitude towards you is changed?

A) He is unbearable, criticizes me on everything

B) Now that I think about it, it’s a bit colder

C) It seems to me that it behaves as always

7. Your sex life:

A) We have a few moments of intimacy

B) Sometimes we are too tired

C) I don’t think anything has changed

Test solutions

Majority of A Regardless of this test, you already know that your partner cheats on you. You just admitting it and try to suppress it. We advice to you to face the reality through the help of a spy software that, installed on your phone, lets you know where he goes, with who he is and what he is doing. In this way, you can no longer avoid this problem that ails you and above all you will have certainly arguments to deal with your partner.

Majority of B There may be evidence of the infidelity of your partner. However, there is never absolute certainty and a few changes of your partner may be symptoms of a renewed love towards you. If the situation is bothering you, then you should dispel your doubts. A great ally would certainly be a bug that, installed in his car or in places that your partner attends, can provide quickly answers that you’re looking for.

Majority of C It’s unlikely that your partner cheating on you. You should not be too suspicious about him, but ask yourself why you have these doubts? Perhaps at the bottom there is some situation unclear on which should shed some light. Maybe you could use a GPS tracker to monitor his movements or to hear some suspicious conversation with his mother or with friends through an environmental bug that can reassure you and eliminate your suspicions.

With a micro camera films and unmasks her husband who tries to poison her

svegliaspiaShe searches online a micro camera hidden in an alarm clock, purchases it, puts it in the kitchen and films everything. The husband takes a little bottle, unscrews  it and with the dropper he puts the hydrochloric acid in the water bottle of his wife. The spy-alarm clock also equipped with audio reveals the man’s words: “So you die”. But the woman has acted with cunning and just with that bug unmasked him. She became suspicious by a sip of water a few days before that it had burned her mouth and a container of acid found in the medicine cabinet, she has decided to become a detective to protect herself.

Fearless and brave, before accusing the spouse, she wanted to clarify what was going on at home. She asked for advice to some relatives who have suggest to her to purchase a tiny camera and place it near to her water bottle in order to control what was happening. So she found out the sad truth. Her husband wanted to kill her. At that point she hadn’t mercy, she collected the evidences and told to the police everything.

The next day Eliseo Bongiorno, 67, uncensored, retired carpenter, was taken from his home and was taken to jail on charges of attempted murder, aggravated by binding to the victim and by the use of a poisonous substance. He immediately admitted his guilt, adding that he didn’t intend to kill her. “I just wanted to make her feel a bit ‘wrong, so she stopped to organize pilgrimages to Padre Pio and listen to Radio Maria all day”. His defender is looking for an alternative to prison, but certainly the retiree can’t return to his home.

In this history there are all the elements for an Agatha Christie’s story: the plan of the husband, the poison, the suspicion of the wife, the son who still lives at home with them (the other is a priest) and the homemade surveys with the purchase of a spy alarm clock, a device normal to the appearance, but that hides an audio and video recorder.

How often happens the best way to protect themselves is the “do-it-yourself”. Fortunately tools for controlling and monitoring are easily available on the site www.endoacustica.com and ensure maximum efficiency in small size and therefore are easily concealable.

Catching a cheating wife? Never been easier, with a spy phone


Let’s face it: we all get there sooner or later, like it or not. During the course of a lifetime and of a relationship, the time may come when you start doubting your wife’s trustworthiness, and ask yourself the age-old question that no one wants to ask himself: “Is she cheating on me?”.

A reader tells: “In my specific case, this didn’t happen yet, but it may just come down to two reasons: I’m single, and my previous girlfriend may have outsmarted me (and most likely they did, in most fields… but this is another story ).

But unfortunately, it may be happening to my good old friend J, and I got to know it a few months ago when, over a couple of beers, he confessed that, after noticing a few potential signs of infidelity, he bought a new “present” for his girlfriend: a spyphone.

Now, being some kind of a geek, I have a rough idea of what mobile phone tapping is, and I occasionally have heard and read about such kind of cell phone spy gear, but I never got too much involved with phone surveillance and all that goes with it.

So, I started to get interested not only in my friend’s heartaches, but also in some juicy technical details… you never know, it might turn out useful some day!

Basically, what my friend bought for his supposedly cheating girlfriend is just a standard cellphone, with an extra hidden feature: an embedded cell phone spyware, which allows a third party to perform a real spy monitoring on the subject’s activities, by relaying phone conversations to a so called “master phone number”, that is, the number from which this spy software can be controlled.

This remote spying software is discreetly installed into the phone and is completely invisible, and would notify the master phone by SMS when the target is engaged in a conversation. At this point, with a phone call, you can join the conversation and secretly listen to what the cheating spouse is saying.

It can also send you copies of all SMS messages, both incoming and outgoing, and can be programmed remotely, so you would not have to be near your unfaithful girlfriend to set it up… in short, this software allows you to spy on a cell phone by SMS!

So if you always wondered how to read someone’s text messages without being noticed, with such a tool you would just have to sit back and wait for her messages to come straight to your phone… perfect if you want to find out if your wife is cheating, but are too lazy to do it!

And on top of all these interesting functions, this remote spy software can allow your normal cell phone to spy on the target, even while it is turned off! And when your cheating girlfriend thinks that she is safe because the phone is off, that’s exactly when this spy phone would provide the best performance, listening to any conversation around it and acting like a real bug.

I will not share details of how J’s story ended, but what I can say is that my friend feels much more relieved now, as he has a faithful spy tool that allows him to sleep safe and sound at night.

More divorces if they share the household chores

Who said that the sharing of housework bring benefit to the couple? To give answer, a study conducted by NOVA, the Norwegian Institute for Research on adolescence and based on 15,000 subjects aged between 18 and 84 years. According to researchers, the likelihood of divorce of couples in which both partners cooperate in the management of the home and in the education of children, are 50% more than those in which the woman does almost everything. Sad to admit that according to this study, the parity is a underhand thing. Thomas Hansen, one of the researchers on the project entitled “Likestilling hjemme” (“Equality in the house”) explained that contrary to popular belief, the sharing of responsibility for housework doesn’t necessarily contribute to the satisfaction of the couple. In short, according to the study, “the more a man does in the home, the higher the divorce rate”. Of course, these sexist statements required clarifications.

First of all the research was conducted among couples from bourgeois circles and professional, where it is known that divorce rates are higher. Hansen also stated that, in reality, the separations would not be a mere effect of equality, but the result of the dynamics of modern couple. It’s undeniable that in contemporary families is easier to think of divorce because the economic independence of women uncouple them from a sort of “dependency” from the male. In addition, the man, in the case of domestic work may feel subjected to the critical gaze of the woman, usually more experienced in the field and so ready to point out to him – not always with kindness – any “mistakes” and in the event that the man exceeded her expectations she might feel “ousted”. In this sense, domestic harmony may fail. And so, also the trust and then would start to creep doubts of a possible betrayal. Could be used for this purpose spy phones or innovative bugs in the car, at home or in the places most frequented to try to calm the situation by deleting any suspicion.

In any case, the division of roles may be a good remedy. “I wash you, you drafts”, so to speak. In conclusion, this study seems to contradict a recent study conducted in seven countries, which states exactly the opposite, namely a greater well-being, balance and happiness in men who shared with the partner the chores. As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Also the Pope has been betrayed

Maybe you can not properly speak of business infidelity, but also the Pope was victim of betrayal. In these days Paolo Gabriele, former Benedict XVI chamber assistant, came back in court accused of grand larceny for stealing (and then passed out) highly confidential documents together with a check for € 100,000 made out to the Pope, a nugget of gold, and a precious copy of the Aeneid dating back to 1581.

Reconstruct briefly the story: during the first months of 2012 there was a systematic leak of confidential documents relating to internal and external relationships of the Holy See. These reports showed the power struggles in the ecclesiastical and irregularities in the financial management of the State, as the lack of application of the AML rules. Among the documents that most have made a stir, there is the one alluded to an alleged plot to death against Benedict XVI, which was to end with the election of the next Pope identified in Cardinal Angelo Scola. On 25 May 2012, Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican press office, announced the detention of a man found in possession of confidential papers of Pope. The man was Paolo Gabriele, private butler of the Pope, since 2006. Investigators soon raised doubts about the fact that behind the scandal, called Vatileaks, can hide only Paolo Gabriele. In this regard, in the month of August was released an official statement of the Holy See concerning the results of the preliminary investigation and the committal for trial of Paul Gabriel together with another accused Claudio Sciarpelletti, computer technician, official of the Secretariat of State. For now it seems that Sciarpelletti was found “without blemish”, but are entered as protagonists in the story, several cardinals with high profiles and people very close to His Holiness. Gabriel continues to reiterate that he has betrayed the Pope and that he has done alone.

It seems almost surreal that the powerful means of monitoring of the Vatican failed to shed light on the matter. In recent days, the Council of Europe, invited the Holy See “to strengthen their supervisory regime” especially in fiscal matters.                                                                    Remember that, according to the report  of the Adnkronos, authoritative sources of information, John Paul II was not the only one to be spied and controlled. Cardinal Agostino Casaroli, Vatican Secretary of State from 1979 to 1990, seems to have been intercepted by the KGB through a bug in the eighties. In addition, a nun in the service of Cardinal Casaroli, tell the same sources, accidentally discovered a bug at the base of a small statue of Our Lady of Fatima placed in the dining room. Everyday stories that should be diked maybe using instruments of bug sweeping, in order to preserve the Holy See from information leaks easily exploited.