Grandmother gives drugs to put to sleep the nephew


Here is the email that a woman sent to our company regarding suspects about the behaviors of the mother-in-law who took care of her son while she and her husband were at work.

“I have a child of two years. Since a few months ago the paternal grandmother was with him while I and my husband are out. On holidays I take care of the child personally and I noticed an attitude that makes me very worried. In an afternoon, after lunch, I tried to put to sleep him, but he continued to get up and not sleep more then a minute.
I kept him with me in the living room; the child, realizing that on a piece of furniture had been placed the packaging of a drug, continually tried to take it, and he links this gesture with the name of the grandmother. My son didn’t show any kind of discomfort that would justify a lack of sleep.

So it’s rise the suspicion that the grandmother would use the drug to help the child to sleep. In fact, with the grandmother, my son slept two- three hours in the afternoon. At first, we attributed this increased need of sleep during the week, to the fact that he attended a nursery in the morning, so he can be more tired.
But this insistence makes me and my husband very worried. In addition, the child often wakes up from sleep crying desperate and very scared”.

We have answered to the lady advising her to put, in an object used by the child, a micro audio and video recorder so she can verify the situation.
The mom bought an Endoacustica Europe’s device and put it in a small teddy bear that the child always brings with him. Soon she endorsed her thesis: the grandma used the medicine to help the baby sleep. Obviously she has addressed the issue and she was able to show pictures to her incredulous husband. If she had not been used a micro surveillance system, the child, over time, could suffer irreparable damages.


Most of the betrayals are performed with ex

infedeltààKnow if the partner is cheating on us is at the base of the uncertainties in 90% of relationships. Calls on the sly, coldness in the relationship, elusive attitudes, bring into alarm and arouse suspicions about the fidelity of the partners. The thirst to know if your partner is cheating us receives positive feedback when it uses tiny video recorders and spy software. These are secretly installed in cars, offices and private homes. But that’s not all. A survey of recent days shows that six out of ten betray with the former. The desire to revive spicy moments seems to be a temptation to for 66% of the Italian traitors. The preferred way to rekindle the passion appear to be Facebook, for 39% it’s the most effective mean.

Research conducted by an extramarital dating site evidences a steady increase in the number of people attracted by the idea of coming back instead of becoming embroiled in new conquests. And it would not be “any ex”. To make the heart beat again is more often the boy or girl of university days (45%), but also the first high school sweetheart in 31% of cases.

Rekindle an old passion is easy, especially when you keep memories of intense and carefree moments. Suddenly he discovers the familiarity of those moments that have nothing to do with children, mortgages, jobs and responsibilities. But from these occasional flirts may be difficult going out. Inevitably, along with memories come to the surface feelings, unresolved issues and concerns, they are often the result of a simple illusion.

Comes into play here the cunning of the partners that should not be overwhelmed by the routine but must courageously face the matter. Of course, it’s always better to talk, evidences in the hand. And collect Facebook conversations or telephone flirting is not so difficult with the new technological Endoacustica Europe devices easily purchasable online and ready at home in a few hours.

The fault of the separation, only if you have evidences

separazione The separation with fault is generally connected to the betrayal of a spouse and when you talk about betrayal, you are generally referred to physical infidelity. However, even the platonic betrayal can be one of the causes of separation. In fact, if the flirt of a spouse with a third person outside of marriage embarrasses her wife or his husband, there may be grounds for the request to charge.

We talk of “platonic betrayal” when the relationship with the third person doesn’t go beyond the physical limit but the relationship of understanding and complicity is so evident at the point that the dignity and honor of the spouse are injured. This means that despite the betrayal isn’t consumed, the presumption that it has happened is contrary to the marriage obligations.
Expose your spouse to a public humiliation means don’t fulfill that obligation and so the partner can be held responsible of the end of marriage.

In this case, as in the case of physical betrayal, the key is constituted by the evidences. The fault of separation can be attributed only if there are evidences.
In most cases, the allies of those who suspect of betrayal are the micro recorders. Small and discreet they are concealable everywhere: in the car, at home, in the workplace and they allow you to get great results in terms of image quality and clarity of sound.

Career women cheat more frequently

donnacarrieraAre we sure that to betray are only the men? It’s a question asked by many from long time. A discussion that, in fact, has never found confirmations, at least until the investigation has not started to affect the companies. Despite a sort of innate tradition speaks of more infidelity on the part of the men, it seems that it isn’t just so for career women always busy and away from home for a long time.

Those who usually carry out sectoral analyzes within companies have no doubt: the women who have more power decide more freely of their lives and if they get tired of the partner, don’t hesitate, with or without regret, to get rid of him, or at least , to “try another one”.
To be interested about this thorny affair that goes on from years, are the researchers of the Tilburg University, in the Netherlands. From their observations, it seems that regardless of gender, people who hold positions of power are more prone to betrayal.

May be for this reason that have grown the sales of spy phone, special phones that allow you to know all the telephone traffic of the “spied” person, the position and also allow you to listen what is happening around the telephone device. A control at 360° used more frequently by men (and women too) who have misgivings about the behavior of the partner. At work as in their free time.

In this sense, then, men cannot feel safe, but certainly not even the women, given that the top positions are almost always assigned to the male sex. In the study, the team involved more than 1,500 professionals, noting that the propensity to be unfaithful is very dependent by the levels of power and self-esteem of individuals, both men and women. So more one get high positions and less he becomes reliable.

How monitor your teen’s online activity

bambini-e-internetThere are many stories of teenagers in which the use of the PC becomes a dangerous weapon. It makes you think that the problem is not just the technology. But the loneliness that turns into fear and moves them away from the real world. They aren’t really useful the buttons for the reporting of abuse, introduced by and Twitter, after the controversy in the newspapers. You send an email to protest and quite often nothing happens. And the petitions are useless, like the one carried out by some parents who have called for the closure of If you close it, tomorrow is born another. And you cannot even pretend to delegate the security policy of adolescents. So parents have only a road. Be careful. And make even more. Protect them.
By installing small control tools, invisible to the user and therefore not limiting for those who use your computer. Through these, you can check what is typed or posted and shared before it’s too late. So explain to them that it isn’t a “like” or a post on Facebook to determine what we are worth. But above all that insult someone hiding behind an anonymous profile is a cowardly behavior.

Once guaranteed a total security, you can work more calmly with the teens. In fact control what teenagers do online isn’t easy. Every day born new social networks and digital applications. But for the parents, to pay attention to the digital education of children is an imperative. Here are some advices to avoid that our children becoming victims of cyberbullying or be transformed into active subjects of this practice.
1 . First, it’s a good practice to introduce a system of total control that allows you to know in every times what is happening online.
2 . Keep the family computer in the living room or in a common environment so that you can use it together. Regarding the mobile phone, however, not transforming it into a transgression but limit the use. Using remote monitoring software which allows to know in real time what happening, with who are in contact , and especially if some danger is lurking.
3. Give a good example, don’t use in every moment your smartphone or the laptop. Don’t demonize social networks and devices. Rather try to set a good example by using them in a conscious manner and respect your privacy and your children.
4. Teach them how to defend themselves from attack online. And put them on guard about the risks of spreading in network the details of his personal life.
5. Talk to him/her about cyberbullying and explain that it isn’t something real. But virtual. In the case, report abuse to teachers, authorities and managers of social networks. You can ask for a psychological support for the child.
6. If your child spends too many hours with the phone or the computer, there may be something wrong. So it becomes extremely necessary to control them without being seen to monitor what is really happening. One of the indicators can be isolating. Don’t want go to school and don’t want to see anyone is one of the first warning signs of the victims of cyberbullying.

Spy on your partner using GPS? In the U.S.A. it’s legal

1407-GPSThe increasingly widespread use of GPS tracking devices has made them very popular also in the field of espionage and personal investigations. In fact, while until a few years ago the use of satellite tracking systems were almost exclusively reserved to government agencies and the military, the reduction of costs related to the accessibility of this technology has made them very popular for private or investigative use.

This dissemination, which can be seen as invasive of our privacy, in many cases it’s perfectly legal. A few days ago, the New Jersey court has in fact rejected the lawsuit filed by a husband to his wife, who in 2012 had spied on him.
The woman had placed a tiny GPS locator in the car dashboard of Mr. Kenneth Villanova, which for more than a month didn’t notice that his movements were followed step by step and recorded by his wife.

Once you discover the locator, Kenneth sued his wife. Unfortunately for him, the court has just ruled that the surveillance operation against him doesn’t violate any law, since the GPS device was used to reconstruct the movements in public places, so it’s not considered illegal.
In fact, there is no evidence that, in the 40 days before that Kenneth discovered the locator, the same has detected a shift of the person under observation in a private place.
The case is intended to make law in the U.S., and has been accepted in an extremely favorable by private investigators, who see given the opportunity to stalk the object of their research, as long as the GPS tracking doesn’t interfere with the privacy.

On the other hand, the defenders of privacy rights say that even if the device was used to follow Kenneth in public places, the citizen has the right to choose to don’t communicate to the other their position at any time, even if he’s in a visible place.
The debate rages between those who argue that there are cases, such as the protection of children, in which the right to privacy may be less, and who is convinced that it’s an absolute value at any time.

Bothered by her boss. She cannot sue him because she’s an intern

In times of shortage of work, are not rare the entrepreneurs who take advantage from the sad situation of many young people by underpaying them or making them work without a contract and without any right. This condition embittered employees and above all makes them more permissive and slaves in front of rude and sometimes illegal behaviors that very often seem real bullying.

In New York, for example, be an intern involves not only the difficulties of working for a very small fee, or often even zero: young workers without an employment contract aren’t protected against abuse in the workplace. A judge in Manhattan – as reported by Bloomberg Businessweek – has determined that Lihuan Wang, 26 years old, a former intern in the office of Phoenix Satellite Television, cannot sue her boss for sexual harassment because she isn’t a regular employee hired by the company.

The girl, originally from China, began an intern at the New York office in 2010, when she was 22 years old, and claims that her boss has repeatedly harassed her by touching her buttocks and trying to kiss her. But the law states: “New York City’s Human Rights Law’s protection of employees does not extend to unpaid interns”.

Such attitudes are unfortunately very common and have no geographical limits. In this sense, we can refer to the self defense, the only tool that you can use in case of workplace bullying, to gather evidences that allow you to report the attackers. In fact, the cases of abuse very often required evidences to determine the perpetration of the attitudes reported. Therefore, the use of hidden micro bugs or micro cameras are of great importance to protect themselves and get justice.

Video surveillance helps companies

In the companies, each year, are discovered about 6 million thieves, without mention the cases who are without guilties. In times of crisis, as in recent years, also increased thefts. From some researches carried out in England, 78% of the losses of stock (or inventory shortages) comes from dishonesty employees.
The most sought-after goods are obviously the ones more expensive, but also those in common use that can be more easily sold.
The safety systems, in the retail field, are increased of 65% over the last 12 months.
It’s fully integrated systems, which in addition to the cameras, are equipped with 24-24h monitoring also through smatphone, tablets and PCs, access control through biometric locks, access control systems with burglar alarms and tag details.

Video surveillance is, therefore, necessary not only against external theft, but also against theft by unfaithful employees. As we have seen other times, there isn’t a “modus operandi” that uniquely distinguishes the thieves, so you can monitor a company internally only with a good integrated control system.
There are those who merely use business tools for personal purposes, but also those who steal, who makes real sabotage or vandalism, who sell data, informations and trade secrets to competitors or aiding and abetting acts of unfair competition.
In this regard, it’s also essential a physical analysis of the “context”, ie, the organization of spaces until set policies and control procedures that govern the life of the company and its employees. This can be done with the help of specialized companies in the field.

To these prevention and deterrence systems, it also adds the usefulness of the surveillance studies about customers and purchases. In fact, the same recognition technologies allow you to track real identikit of customers and categorize them by type. So, video surveillance, isn’t only an effective method to protect themselves from theft and damages, but it’s also an excellent tool for evaluating and screening the market.

The company must have always very clear ideas about how it wants to manage its own security, and the technology must serve its needs of protection. So the company has to rely on professionals in the security and surveillance field, avoiding waste of time and money with mediocre systems that not only are inefficient, but also make real damages to the company. In conclusion, the safety is a choice and at the same time a liability at the base of corporate policies .