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Are you a stalking victim? Here’s what to do

The crime of stalking occurs when someone (often a former partner) performs a series of acts (which may be threats or harassments, but also seemingly innocuous acts, such as continuous sending of unwanted messages, flowers, or letters) making psychological violence against the victim causing an understandable state of anxiety and fear or forcing him/her to change personal habits (to replace telephone user, change residence, etc.) or even causing a well-founded fear for his/her personal safety. Therefore, it’s an offense against the individual moral freedom.

Threats, beatings, harassments, in any way the offense is committed, the stalking situations key is constituted by the evidences. Only if you have evidences of the real situation you can take action and report out. For this reason, in many stalking cases are used bugs, hidden cameras and other monitoring tools that allow you to nail the culprit. In this field, the use of professional and reliable products is critical.

Not all stalking situations are alike, so it isn’t easy talk about the defense behaviors that must be adopted. However, there are some useful rules.
First, it’s useless to deny the problem. Often, you have difficulty to consider youself a “victim”, you tend to avoid to recognize in danger, only to underestimate the risk and thus facilitating the stalker.

If the harassment is the request to start or re-establish an unwanted relationship, you need to be firm to “say no” in a clear and unambiguous way. Other efforts to convince a persistent persecutor, including improvised psychological interpretations for “need of help”, will be read as a reaction to his behavior and thus represent reinforcements, as attentions. Even the return of an unwelcome gift, an anger phone call or a negative response to a letter are signs that reinforce the stalking.

Careful behaviors are very effective to defend against the violence threat: to go out without follow predictable habits, in peak times and in crowded places, perhaps bringing with them a selfdefence spray, to increase the feeling of security.

If you receive telephone harassments, it’s recommended to don’t change the number. Again, frustrations can increase the stalker motivation. It’s best to record phone calls in order to gain the evidences. It’s useful to keep on hand a cell phone to call in case of emergency. If you think to be in danger or followed, don’t rush home or in a friend’s home, but go promptly by the police.


Kidnappers gang luring girls through Facebook


A group of people has kidnapped a thirteen year old student. The girl was carried several miles away from home by an adult known via Facebook and affected by sexual disorders. At the unsettling plan was attended by many people, a group organized to lure young girls through social networks.

The episode began in September when the girl has established a friendship through Facebook with a twenty-six years old. He tried to approach the little girl giving her a smartphone and they have also had the opportunity to meet. Then, he thought to the plan, a romantic getaway: just before she enters to the school, he take and carry her away. The absence of the pupil at school is immediately noticed, the didactic direction had already warned the family of frequent absences. Meanwhile, the car of the pair reached a youth hostel. It’s midday, there aren’t places available. According to the initial reports the girl is left alone in the hall and at that point she realizes that she ended up in a dangerous game. She calls home in tears and says: “I’m with a friend known via Facebook, I don’t even know where…”. The investigations intersect, the police goes to the hostel, waits for the arrival of twenty-six, arrest him and rescues the victim.

The happy ending story isn’t the result of a madness morning, but the exploits of a person with pedophile inclinations and a 23 year old woman, accomplice involved in the kidnapping of thirteen. We wait the interrogation of other people. But now the case is clear: the kidnapping was the work of several people and had a sexual motive.

The prosecutor, meanwhile, has acquired the computer and the smartphone of the student. There are traces of other contacts in the course of this, thankfully short, nightmare. And they are just the devices closer to the teenagers who should be kept under control as do many parents. With the small devices for PC control and invisible software for smartphones you can protect the children and teenagers, acting before the situation gets out of hand.

358 phone calls and 500 text messages in one month: the lover becomes a stalker



Twelve years as lovers with secret meetings and lies. Then the flame of love has turned off, for her, and she decided to break off the relationship. A serious blow for him, who didn’t resign himself. The disappointment became an obsession: in a month 539 text messages and 358 phone calls.

An ordinary story of stalking with the addition of hundreds of flyers and photos of the two lovers sent to her house, but clearly addressed to the husband. The disappointed lover has also try to exculpate himself for the vile act denouncing unknown for having printed the flyers that depicted moments of intimacy. At the end, the prosecutor, collecting evidence conducted through the use of high-tech tools, concluded that it was all a machinations of the broken heart man.

The two lovers aren’t very young: he, a 65-year old, a building contractor in disgrace, she has 49 years. The woman lied to her husband saying for months that she had found a job. In the morning she left the house and met the lover, who also seems to help her financially.

But in January, she decided to end the relationship. After numerous attempts to change the mind of the woman, he lost control and began to haunt her. She no longer put up with the situation, denouncing him. The PM has asked to an expert to install a monitoring software on the mobile phone of the woman in order to intercept calls, sms and always know her GPS location for protect her. Love, desperation, harassments. The praxis of stalking. Following a search in the home of 69 year-old, were found the same flyers directed to the betrayed husband. He justified himself with the complaint filed against unknown persons. But for the PM it’s clear, the man is a stalker. The judge after listening to the business owner, who admitted the end of the relationship, but not the obsession for the woman, has imposed precautionary measure.

The need to have concrete evidence often lengthens the time required to stop stalking situations. The protracted of the period of harassment could be very dangerous. For this, it’s necessary to acquire privately, before than with the law enforcement, of instruments for the control and surveillance for their personal defense and for the protection of the people around us. Endoacustica Europe is the leading company in the field of security and surveillance. The wide range of products offered by the company contributes every day to get evidence to defend itself against stalking and harassment.

Two people in a few days disfigured with acid by former

stalking02GThe love stories gone wrong can become really dangerous and are often a source of acts of stalking and harassments that lead to real violence.

Examples of this are two tragedies that occurred recently. The first concerns a lawyer of 35 years, attacked near her home, by a man with covered face that threw acid in her face. The woman opening the home door, found inside the aggressor. During the transport to the hospital in critical condition, she would have says the name of the offender. The instigator would be her ex boyfriend, a colleague, promptly stopped for complicity in serious inflicted injuries. The man would send a man to throw acid in the woman’s face, with whom he had a romantic relationship, then finished. Revenge would have been meditated by the boy discontent from the end of the relationship and he would have employed two Albanians, also stopped. The girl is in very serious condition.

We must be said that the actions of stalking don’t occur only to the damage of women. A story very similar, in fact, happened to a 32 year old, hit in the face and chest by muriatic acid. The aggression is happened in a crowded area in front of the train stop. To attack him would be a man, hired by a disappointed woman, repeatedly reported for stalking. Even in this case, she’s a former partner unhappy for the end of the story. At the time of the attack, the man was with a work colleague, slightly wounded to an arm for the sketches of the chemical solution.

Unfortunately such stories presuppose, in many cases, passed actions or threatening behaviors. Report is essential, but without evidences is really difficult to take action. The use of technological tools as micro recorders or bugs is often fundamental to collect evidences that will prevent episodes even more serious as those described above. Video, audio and images make easier the work of law enforcement, but also their own lives.

Reported for having haircut to some women on the bus

taglia capelli-2Prudence is never enough. Public places, bars, streets are often theaters of scenes of aggression and violence by strangers.

In Italy, a few days ago, was arrested a 40 year-old accused of having haircut to many women. As is clear to see, the man isn’t a hairdresser, rather, to be more precise, he is a metalworker. So, how do you explain the story? According to the reconstruction of the investigators, the man had a real obsession, that of cutting hair to young women. A burning desire that has led to him trouble with the law.

The man has make suspicions of the police because he was seen going up and down several times by bus, searched, he was found in possession of three pairs of scissors for hairdresser and two strands of hair female jealously guarded in the inside pocket of his jacket. Brought to the police station, the maniac has admitted to having cut them to young women on public transport.

It’s possible that the fetishist, who lives and works in southern Italy, has gone to Bologna at the fair of cosmetics and beauty, sure to find many “victims” to which hair cut. Among the complaints, there was in fact one from a visitor’s Cosmoprof turned to the police station of the fair, to report that someone had cut a lock of hair. The man has been charged with  private violence and illegal port of scissors.

An episode almost ridiculous, which can also make you smile. Can not be said the same for the many acts of violence consumed in the streets at the hands of strangers. Many women, but also men, thought to their own safety and always bring with them an anti aggression spray. One of the most reliable is X spray, the Endoacustica product anti aggression that allows to block the view of the aggressor momentarily due to its foamy consistency of color blue. Obviously Endoacustica also thought to the possibility in which the attacker flees. In this case, once the foam removed from the face, the blue color will remain on the skin for approximately three days and this will facilitate the identification of the subject. X spray isn’t harmful and is a simple expedient that could prove important.

Ten years of stalking by the former lover

donna-telefonoThey ended up in court a woman of 49 years old, single with a son, a distinguished bank manager, now retired, and his wife, aware of the affair occurred between the two. Episodes of stalking lasted for ten years, from 2002 to 2012 and arising from a purely sexual relationship. At first continuous and persistent economic requests from the woman, then public melodrama to embarrass the banker. The blackmail is to reveal everything to his wife. Since 2009, episodes are even more aberrant: hundreds of text messages, notes left in the mailbox or attached to the door, calls, messages through third parties.

In desperation, the man moved, but didn’t solve the problem. The woman returned to the attack by stealing mails, registering to him contracts of any kind, making clear the matter to his wife. And she has even booked under a false name a room in the same hotel where the couple spent their summer holidays, also claiming the payment of her vacation.

Man has first filed a complaint for blackmail to which was followed a woman’s complaint archived because it was deemed groundless. The prefect, at the request of the victim, has obliged the stalker to stay away from the bank manager. But without success. Last year another complaint with new details. The man speaks to a woman who feels betrayed by the abandonment, that claims what was promised to her and continually asks money. A woman that even family members keeping their distance and that lives by her wits behind a respectable facade.

The persecution ended a few months ago, when she has informed to have health problems. It hasn’t been certainly the law, until now, to stop her, it’s always anchored to the lack of evidences attesting the subsistence of stalking. Similar cases have also had worst endings, others have resorted to bugs and microcameras, collecting good evidence to nail the guilties.

Stalking by condominium and the removal from home

condominio-300x225Litigations and disputes between neighbors are very frequent. TV volume too high, noise at all hours of the day and night, teasing, threats.

Like a script, the conflicts started in a building on the outskirts of Milan. Screaming at home and in the common staircase, noise, devices at high volume. The stars of the scenes are a 40-year old and her former partner. The neighbor across family has repeatedly called for a bit of peace and tranquility, but in reply received injuries and insults. But that’s not all. During a condominium meeting was exposed the affair and the neighbor was taken by the neck and stuck against the wall while she shouted in a loud voice, “You on the fifth floor are deads, if I meet you in the stairs I’ll kill you, I have a gun”. This episode that smacks of American film, was followed by screams loudly, notes hanging on the condominium board designed crosses next to the name of the neighbors, written threatening and even intimidation sms on the phone.

In short, the question was soon converted from a mere annoyance to a real fear for their safety and for their families, ending by the psychologist who has prescribed a medication for anxiety and panic attacks. At this point, the family lawyer has well determined to classify the story in the range of stalking and the judge ordered the subsequent removal order would from home for the quarrelsome nearby. This precautionary measure can be extended at many cases. Often the lack of evidence testifying to stalking and threats poses a barrier to this implementation. In many cases, the bugs have been used by law enforcement, but also by people who want to contribute to nail the culprits. With these small cameras, concealable almost anywhere, you can record video and audio, putting an end to your suffering.

When the student becomes stalker

stalking-webA teacher young, beautiful and lovely will surely fall in love many pupils. In addition to increasing the willingness to study and the attention to the lessons, it’s possible that some young falls seriously in love.

This is what happened to a fascinating teacher of Martano in Italy. A student has lost his heart for her and he has reserved attentions not just totally harmless. In fact, soon the 28-year old has turned into a real stalker to the detriment of the English teacher almost of the same age. By dint of attending private lessons has increased the admiration for the sweet teacher turning into an obsession.

To manifest interest, the young man has given to her different gifts for the holidays, gifts always accepted. From here it has gone to the invitation to go out, but the refusal of the prof because engaged, it wasn’t appreciated. The boy began actions of persuasion somewhat morbid: stalking, wherever she went, were the pupil, he attended even the riding where she used to go. To these episodes have been added threats against to her and her brother.

At this point the teacher filed a complaint and told the incident to the police. Stalking and insults are the charges made by the public prosecutor Stefania Mininni at the conclusion of the preliminary investigation.

Since the beginning of the history to time of the complaint are past 10 months. People tend to wait in the hope that the situation will improve, but often it doesn’t. To defend against these excessive attention that in many cases become really dangerous, many women have in the purse an irritant spray.

X sprays, for example, allows to block temporarily the visual of the aggression thanks to its foamy consistency of color blue. Obviously Endoacustica, the creator company of the spray, also thought to the possibility in which the attacker escape. z
In this case, once the foam is removed from the face, the blue color remains on the skin for approximately three days and this will facilitate the identification of the subject. X spray is an easy precaution that could prove important.