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How monitor your teen’s online activity

bambini-e-internetThere are many stories of teenagers in which the use of the PC becomes a dangerous weapon. It makes you think that the problem is not just the technology. But the loneliness that turns into fear and moves them away from the real world. They aren’t really useful the buttons for the reporting of abuse, introduced by and Twitter, after the controversy in the newspapers. You send an email to protest and quite often nothing happens. And the petitions are useless, like the one carried out by some parents who have called for the closure of If you close it, tomorrow is born another. And you cannot even pretend to delegate the security policy of adolescents. So parents have only a road. Be careful. And make even more. Protect them.
By installing small control tools, invisible to the user and therefore not limiting for those who use your computer. Through these, you can check what is typed or posted and shared before it’s too late. So explain to them that it isn’t a “like” or a post on Facebook to determine what we are worth. But above all that insult someone hiding behind an anonymous profile is a cowardly behavior.

Once guaranteed a total security, you can work more calmly with the teens. In fact control what teenagers do online isn’t easy. Every day born new social networks and digital applications. But for the parents, to pay attention to the digital education of children is an imperative. Here are some advices to avoid that our children becoming victims of cyberbullying or be transformed into active subjects of this practice.
1 . First, it’s a good practice to introduce a system of total control that allows you to know in every times what is happening online.
2 . Keep the family computer in the living room or in a common environment so that you can use it together. Regarding the mobile phone, however, not transforming it into a transgression but limit the use. Using remote monitoring software which allows to know in real time what happening, with who are in contact , and especially if some danger is lurking.
3. Give a good example, don’t use in every moment your smartphone or the laptop. Don’t demonize social networks and devices. Rather try to set a good example by using them in a conscious manner and respect your privacy and your children.
4. Teach them how to defend themselves from attack online. And put them on guard about the risks of spreading in network the details of his personal life.
5. Talk to him/her about cyberbullying and explain that it isn’t something real. But virtual. In the case, report abuse to teachers, authorities and managers of social networks. You can ask for a psychological support for the child.
6. If your child spends too many hours with the phone or the computer, there may be something wrong. So it becomes extremely necessary to control them without being seen to monitor what is really happening. One of the indicators can be isolating. Don’t want go to school and don’t want to see anyone is one of the first warning signs of the victims of cyberbullying.


Bothered by her boss. She cannot sue him because she’s an intern

In times of shortage of work, are not rare the entrepreneurs who take advantage from the sad situation of many young people by underpaying them or making them work without a contract and without any right. This condition embittered employees and above all makes them more permissive and slaves in front of rude and sometimes illegal behaviors that very often seem real bullying.

In New York, for example, be an intern involves not only the difficulties of working for a very small fee, or often even zero: young workers without an employment contract aren’t protected against abuse in the workplace. A judge in Manhattan – as reported by Bloomberg Businessweek – has determined that Lihuan Wang, 26 years old, a former intern in the office of Phoenix Satellite Television, cannot sue her boss for sexual harassment because she isn’t a regular employee hired by the company.

The girl, originally from China, began an intern at the New York office in 2010, when she was 22 years old, and claims that her boss has repeatedly harassed her by touching her buttocks and trying to kiss her. But the law states: “New York City’s Human Rights Law’s protection of employees does not extend to unpaid interns”.

Such attitudes are unfortunately very common and have no geographical limits. In this sense, we can refer to the self defense, the only tool that you can use in case of workplace bullying, to gather evidences that allow you to report the attackers. In fact, the cases of abuse very often required evidences to determine the perpetration of the attitudes reported. Therefore, the use of hidden micro bugs or micro cameras are of great importance to protect themselves and get justice.

A warning about teenagers photos sharing. They end up in child pornography sites

pedopornografia-3We have repeatedly stressed the great importance of parental controls on the PC used by their children and the every day news give us ample confirmation.
Everything starts for playing: a mischievous photo of themselves sent to a person of whom you trust, that you know well or for which perhaps you’re in love. From there the picture take a path that teenagers cannot even imagine, and it’s not infrequent to reach dangerous virtual destinations: abuse of minors. The young users don’t have sufficient awareness of the network and its risks. The world data of virtual child pornography are alarming. That’s why making sexting can be very dangerous.

Usually the messages following this process: the girl sends them with a naughty photo. The boy receives them on the phone and forwards them to a friend or this subtracts them to him without his knowledge, or even, once the relationship ends, the ex-boyfriend spreads them purposely on social networks. Already at that point the way to that photo is at risk and the picture protagonist will no longer be able to manage it, to recover it or control it. Sucked from the network, the snapshot becomes viral, it discloses with the speed of a virus, and especially likely to be noticed by experts of child pornography.

The Internet Watch Foundation, a British charity expert in tracking and tracing of pedo-pornographic contents, said that this adolescents mode of sending self-portraits is widespread. The organization has tried to count how many risqué snapshots are taken and spread almost as a game that is collected from hard sites, reporting that the numbers are exorbitant and that the vast majority of hardcore videos and pictures generated by the young are taken from the original location to be published on adult sites. Even innocent shooting now constitute the main source of supply of sites for adults, with psychological, social and emotional damages uncountable for the teenagers. But the teenagers aren’t fully aware.

Needless to say to teenagers that it would be better not to release photos of themselves on the net: already in the first sharing you lose control of the image. In the event, however, it’s a mistake and you want to stop the process of that picture you can contact the police, which control everything that is broadcast on the network, especially protecting minors subject to all kinds of abuse. But it isn’t always enough to remove a photo from the websites and it’s good to know that, once posted on the web, a content may also reside there forever. The only solution may be control in real time from a distance what the kids commit to the computer. By inserting small monitoring tools, invisible to the user and therefore not limiting for those who are using your computer, you can control what is typed or is going to be posted and shared before it’s too late.

Rachel: history of cyberbullying

cyberbullyRachel’s mother had tried to take off her cell phone. She had also closed her Facebook profile and had changed her school. She understood that there was something wrong. But she had no idea that her daughter, a girl of 12 years old, had become the target of a group of cyberbullies. She couldn’t imagine that every day on her pc arrived terrible messages; the kindest was “You must die”.

So when Rachel decided to don’t go out more from the house and don’t open her mouth, her parents didn’t know what to do. Surfing the web and reading the comments of other parents about similar stories, they realized that it could be cyberbullying. They searched for a solution. They found it, answering to the technology with technology. They contacted Endoacustica Europe, leader company in security and surveillance field, and they bought small tools that, connected to the pc, have allowed them to discover everything that was happening, passwords, typed text, chat…What Rachel’s parents were found blackmail, harassment, photos stolen and then made ​​public, insults and hatespeech, anonymous message that no one can trace.

These phenomena to date have concerned mostly United States and UK. But it also happens in every part in the world. A few days ago a group of boys in Bologna (Italy) used the social network to organize a mega fight. Through the same social, Hannah, a teenager from Leicestershire, received hundreds of messages every day in which she was invited to commit suicide. Hannah hanged herself in the bathroom, while the parents were down in the living room. She was a member of because she wanted to be popular. Then she said no to a boy and the trolls, the provocateurs of the network, became crazies. “Why do not you drink bleach so you die?”. They wrote. And for Hannah they weren’t just words.

The buttons for the reporting of abuses introduced by and by Twitter, after the controversy in the newspapers,  aren’t useful . And also are useless petitions, such as the one carried out by the father of Hannah who asked the closure. If you close it, tomorrow is born another. And you can not even pretend to delegate the safety of adolescents with policies of enrollment. So parents have just a road. Be careful. Check what happens when the kids are using the PC or smartphone and other devices. There are tools to enhance the safety of their children and they are also very reliable.

13-year-old victim beaten outside school for stealing the boyfriend of a peer

bullismo_2Someone claims that it’s better that teenagers are in total freedom of thought and action, others emphasize strong controls. As often happens, the truth lies in the middle. If it’s true that the identity creation requires autonomy, is also true that “some advices” are necessary.

In recent years, most of the relationships between the teenagers happens via internet and social networks, so it’s necessary to control the use of the pc. It would be optimal to monitor the behaviors of their sons “at distance”, so to know what they do and who they interact with, without they know it, leaving them free to express themselves, but away from dangers. Very used tools are key logger or key hunter, small devices by Endoacustica, that allow you to know every detail typed on the computer keyboard.

With the use of this type of tools, many “accidents” would have been avoided. Few weeks ago it appears the news of a young girl violently beaten out of school for having “stolen the boyfriend” of a peer. The incident occurred near to the school and wasn’t unexpected by the victim. Months of threats and harassments via Facebook led to the beating of the adolescent.

Before the aggression, three girls, two thirteen and one fifteen, have snatched the phone to the victim with whom they have sent a text message to her mother to tell her to don’t pick her up from the school. Then, the thirteen year old was dragged into a nearby car park, thrown to the ground, kicked and punched. To save her, the father of another pupil, that has stopped the beating. The girl was brought over to the ER and parents have complained.

Probably take preventive action is the best form of justice that we can be expected.

Web threats


The web is one of the primary sources of knowledge especially for young people and teenagers. Unfortunately, the same is also a large container of violent images and hard contents that children often meet while surfing.

On this subject has intervened the Safer Internet Programme of the European Commission, who wanted to give voice directly to the young people with regard to the dangers of the web. From what results, Italians are more frightened by the violence that circulates in the network. In fact, among the dangers of the web, they have put in the first place this kind of contents, while European peers have placed the porn in top of the list.

To answer the question “What things on the internet could annoy your peers?” were approximately 25,000 children between 9-16 years from 25 different European countries.

44% of the Italian respondents think that, on the internet, are present contents that upset their peers. 27% gives top priority to violent content (18% of the EU average), 21% pornographic ones (22 percent of the EU average), and 10% other potentially dangerous contents. To convey this material are especially video sites. While social networks, particularly Facebook, are associated, as we have seen numerous times, to behavior risks (such as bullying) or contact (priming). Fear is the prevailing sentiment among children aged 9 and 10 years, while the boys of 11 and 12 years show more often revulsion and annoyance.

Starting from these results we heard Lucy, a mother who told us about her personal experience with his 12 year old son. “Henry is a guy very sunny and helpful. Use, like all his peers, the pc mainly for study and recreation for about an hour a day, a little more during the weekend. One night I heard some moaning in sleep by my son. I stood up and I realized that I was very upset and cried. I woke him up from the nightmare and he, evidently frightened, calmed down after a few minutes. This episode was repeated for about 6 days, but I couldn’t explain the reason. He told me that he always dreamed of being chased, just as he had seen in a video shown by a older friend. I didn’t want to betray the trust towards him, but I had to understand. I bought from the site a key hunter which allowed me to know every detail of the chat with this guy. I realized that he was using these videos with the intention to scare Henry and there was nothing funny. It seemed to me just a principle of bullying. I contacted the boy’s parents who were very helpful in taking action. In a few days the situation returned to normal and Henry found peaceful dreams”.

Boys made slaves by a gang of bullies


Many parents have already adopted control systems for mobile phone of their children. Invisible software that allow them to control at 360° what happens in the lives of teenagers inside and outside the home. By these means it’s possible to listen calls, read incoming and outgoing text messages, know live what’s happening around the phone and also control its position.

Tools certainly questionable, but that, in many cases, have saved the lives of troubled youngs. Unfortunately, incidents of bullying are very frequent and are carried out in several stages, so it’s possible to take timely action, only if you are aware of what is happening.

A news of a few days ago has unsuspected protagonists. Boys of wealthy families made slaves by a gang of bullies who for years have terrorized the peers forcing them to steal in their own homes. Penalty: beatings captured with mobile phones. Constant threats and harassments, forced the boys to provide money between 100 and 300 euro, smartphones, gold items, shoes, jackets, and any other branded garment, sometimes also items subtracted from the family safe.

It has taken years and much courage to denounce to the police, who have arrested a gang of bullies, including an adult and five underage. The moral and psychological damages certainly cannot be easily paid off. Are episodes like these that push smart parents to take control systems to safeguard the lives of their children.

Children molested in bathroom: janitor arrested

molestie bambiniA 65 years janitor of a primary school was arrested in flagrante delicto by the police for sexual assault against some girls. The militaries, on the orders of the judge, had installed hidden cameras in the bathrooms of the school; through these tools, they have observed the man while he was holding a little girl against her will. The investigations have started after a girl told to the teacher that she was molested in the bathroom. At the time there was also a little friend, who confirmed the story.

Then the Police started a constant monitoring of the behavior of the janitor using cameras inside the school, ensuring unequivocally his faults. In a few days the military has seen four episodes, arresting the man.

The 65-year old, married, went in the female toilets, calling girls, all under ten years old and touched them in intimate parts. In his house, with an unsuspecting and shocked wife, the police has seized a laptop and several DVDs that will be analyzed. From the inquiries about the arrested, emerged that the man had been convicted, in 1971, for a similar serious sexual crime, that he had committed in another place, against a girl of 12 year old, in a church, but he had falsified the documentation and, eight years ago, he was hired as a janitor in the municipal primary school.

From this episode clearly emerges that is fundamental the use of surveillance cameras in schools and public places. There is no justification for similar acts and it’s right that the guilty pay!