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Grandmother gives drugs to put to sleep the nephew


Here is the email that a woman sent to our company regarding suspects about the behaviors of the mother-in-law who took care of her son while she and her husband were at work.

“I have a child of two years. Since a few months ago the paternal grandmother was with him while I and my husband are out. On holidays I take care of the child personally and I noticed an attitude that makes me very worried. In an afternoon, after lunch, I tried to put to sleep him, but he continued to get up and not sleep more then a minute.
I kept him with me in the living room; the child, realizing that on a piece of furniture had been placed the packaging of a drug, continually tried to take it, and he links this gesture with the name of the grandmother. My son didn’t show any kind of discomfort that would justify a lack of sleep.

So it’s rise the suspicion that the grandmother would use the drug to help the child to sleep. In fact, with the grandmother, my son slept two- three hours in the afternoon. At first, we attributed this increased need of sleep during the week, to the fact that he attended a nursery in the morning, so he can be more tired.
But this insistence makes me and my husband very worried. In addition, the child often wakes up from sleep crying desperate and very scared”.

We have answered to the lady advising her to put, in an object used by the child, a micro audio and video recorder so she can verify the situation.
The mom bought an Endoacustica Europe’s device and put it in a small teddy bear that the child always brings with him. Soon she endorsed her thesis: the grandma used the medicine to help the baby sleep. Obviously she has addressed the issue and she was able to show pictures to her incredulous husband. If she had not been used a micro surveillance system, the child, over time, could suffer irreparable damages.