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The anti-betrayal slip: great invention or unreliable tool?

slipAn underwear company in Japan has created “anti-betrayal” slip that hide inside a “control” sensor. The product is designed for very caring husbands or hyper-paranoid girlfriends. The particularity of the pant, on sale at $99, is that it has a chip connected directly to a computer that allows you to check the heart rate and body temperature of the person wearing it, allowing you to watch at any moment his movements.

If it were so simple with a probe and a processor, all adultery may be avoided or discovered. In fact, when the slip is worn, the probe detects a different temperature respect of the environment and forwards the impulse to the processor that indicates the precise time. Subsequently, the operating system is in stand-by and is reactivated only after another change of heat. The supplied probe is also able to record the pH of the skin, thus giving evidence that who wore that pants was the partner. The processor is also connected by wires which have the shape of the slip in order to detect changes in position. Then it’s enought connect the slip with the processor to a computer, which will reveal if the garment has been removed and precisely how long. The garment is also ergonomic and you can wash it just like any other underwear.

Once read the description of the slip there are many doubts and misgivings, on the garment that has little to reliable and credible. Having the need to discover a betrayal is a different thing that often leads to psychological and physical disturbances. Those is in real need, relies on professional companies working in security and surveillance field. One of the most frequently used tools, as well as bugs, it’s the spy phone. It’s an absolutely invisible tool that so make the partners free to act. With numerous functions the software is able to provide reliable and undeniable answers.


Corporate security rules



According to a survey conducted by ACFE – Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – every year companies lose over 5% of their profits due to theft and other crimes realized by employees. The potential damage was estimated at global level, in three billion dollars. Frauds by employees affect all companies, small, medium and large.

They have causes, methods and impact very different, but have a common denominator: on the one hand, the lack of knowledge of the risks and internal vulnerabilities and, at the other hand, the inability to prevent and manage employees infidelity. It’s a complex problem and an ever-changing phenomenon. The studies, carried out are still limited, but the scenario that they show is quite clear: companies bear the economic risks, direct or indirect, caused by their employees, at all levels of the hierarchy. But, are often the same companies to provide opportunities for the realization of abuses and violations.

On average, companies employ about 18 months to intercept fraud and more long is  the time of detection, greater is the damage and the impact on the business environment. Currently, the most popular way to become aware of the existence of domestic abuse is the “whisper”. Another employee acts as a “spy” about an unlawful. In 30% of cases, the managers can be peaceful carrying out constant monitoring activities through appropriate tools. In fact, almost always, the cause of these events is to be found in the total absence of anti-fraud policies and, when these are present, they’re inadequate. Only those who rely on professional in security and surveillance field are able to actually prevent fraud of any kind.

Regardless of the numbers, what it’s important emphasized is the resignation that companies seem to have against the risk of fraud; in other words, companies try to hide their inability to limit employee dishonesty behind a kind of tacit tolerance. This threshold moves ever forward, year after year, and beyond this threshold there isn’t almost never an efficiently and effectively plan against fraud. Building and, above all, implement an anti fraud strategy within the company, isn’t difficult and, however, one cannot do without.

Kidnappers gang luring girls through Facebook


A group of people has kidnapped a thirteen year old student. The girl was carried several miles away from home by an adult known via Facebook and affected by sexual disorders. At the unsettling plan was attended by many people, a group organized to lure young girls through social networks.

The episode began in September when the girl has established a friendship through Facebook with a twenty-six years old. He tried to approach the little girl giving her a smartphone and they have also had the opportunity to meet. Then, he thought to the plan, a romantic getaway: just before she enters to the school, he take and carry her away. The absence of the pupil at school is immediately noticed, the didactic direction had already warned the family of frequent absences. Meanwhile, the car of the pair reached a youth hostel. It’s midday, there aren’t places available. According to the initial reports the girl is left alone in the hall and at that point she realizes that she ended up in a dangerous game. She calls home in tears and says: “I’m with a friend known via Facebook, I don’t even know where…”. The investigations intersect, the police goes to the hostel, waits for the arrival of twenty-six, arrest him and rescues the victim.

The happy ending story isn’t the result of a madness morning, but the exploits of a person with pedophile inclinations and a 23 year old woman, accomplice involved in the kidnapping of thirteen. We wait the interrogation of other people. But now the case is clear: the kidnapping was the work of several people and had a sexual motive.

The prosecutor, meanwhile, has acquired the computer and the smartphone of the student. There are traces of other contacts in the course of this, thankfully short, nightmare. And they are just the devices closer to the teenagers who should be kept under control as do many parents. With the small devices for PC control and invisible software for smartphones you can protect the children and teenagers, acting before the situation gets out of hand.