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High risk of betrayal under the beach umbrella

spiaggiatradimentoSummer, sun, holiday, sea, men and women on show, the desire to transgress from the usual routine and grow the desire to betray him/her own partner. Statistical data show that what drives the betrayal during the vacation is the desire of transgression.

It seems that under the beach umbrella are exchanged forbidden glances between neighbors, better if they are with boyfriends or spouse. It appears that one of the main entertainment of vacationers is to test the loyalty of the other people on the beach. To instigate the betrayals would be, for 33% of men, the irresistible vision of unclothed bodies, on the beach as in the city, while 40% of women are attracted if they feel themselves desired, protagonists of a “magic”meeting. And this maybe lightens the sins of the guilty.

This is not real desire to betray but still a way to feel charming, seductive and also to make fun of the opposite sex or rekindle the jealousy in the partner, passion and desire in life of the couple.  Apart from those who intentionally spends the holidays alone, with the intention to betray the partner. Who really betrays tries to put the blame on the lighthearted holiday atmosphere, but most likely those who betray on the beach, can also do it at home, in the office, in a hotel room. And often the relationship began in vacation continues for several months through PCs and mobile phones.

Starting to suspect of betrayal, several people have made use of a spy software which allows to know in real time the traffic on the mobile phone controlled in order to break off the relationship in the bud and not wear out during the deserved holiday. This idea is even more valid since less than 10% of men confess the transgression, denying in every case. The flesh is weak, especially if tanned and undressed and transgressions attract all.


1 out of 6 women cheats on her husband

mogliinfedeliThe number of women who cheat on her husband for the past 20 years has risen of 40%, a growth that makes understand that the dynamic man-woman are changing like the marriage too.

A research shows that women are catching the “gap” from men in terms of extramarital affairs. If at one time was the husband that traditionally betrayed his wife, now the roles are equaling, if not reversing. In fact, are still the men to hold the scepter of the unfaithfuls.

According to the study the reasons for this change are simple: women are more independent, they earn more and have for this reason more opportunities to cheat, risking less from the economic point of view in case of divorce.

Women are in short able to deal with the possible consequences of their unfaithfulness. But why the fairer sex cheating more and more frequently? The reason seems to always be the dissatisfaction which unfortunately is common to many couples.

Accomplice of this increase of betrayals is certainly the internet that offer to men and women the opportunity to meet online many people and then maybe see them outside of the virtual world. Although in this case men remain those who visit multiple sites of meetings and so on, the women follow them, using these portals to research small or great adventures out of the marital bed.

Many husbands, but also many wives, have bought small tools that don’t arouse suspicion and let them know what happens inside a PC. Chats, facebook, and dating sites are no longer a mystery, everything is recorded in very small devices available on the site Similarly there are spy software of the same company that help to know everything that passes through and around the partner’s cell phone. The use of these products doesn’t imply a lack of trust in the partner, but the desire to maintain a relationship that is in a hard period.