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He searches a ghost and discovers a betrayal

betrayalsHe wanted to be the new ghostbuster, but in reality he discovered a betrayal in his home. It happened at a Tasmanian man who, believing that an evil spirit was in his house, placed a micro camera in the kitchen, ready to show to the world his exclusive images. But when he viewed the video taken by the micro camera, he found a very different misdeed: his girlfriend was cheating on him. But that’s not all, the person with which she betrayed him was his son, or rather the teenage son that the man had from a previous relationship.

The woman, aged 28, had a relationship with the man from 11 years old and he was the father of a 16 year old guy. In Australia isn’t allowed to have sex  with an underage and for that, thanks to the evidences gathered, the girl ended up in prison. She is defended by telling that  the relationship with the son of her boyfriend began a few weeks before, when she was come into his bedroom to talk him about driving lessons. The woman attempted to minimize, saying that it would be only “innocent cuddle“, but the boy told a different version. The couple would even occasionally met in a hotel room.

The father probably would have preferred to find a ghost in the house that watch those scenes of passion. Furious, the man called the police and during the preliminary hearing she pleaded guilty, but also anxious to “fix things”, but most likely this will not be possible given the seriousness of the situation.

It happens more and more often that, intentionally or not, are discovered hidden episodes inside homes as well as in public and private companies. The use of professional tools such as bugs or microrecorders allows to shed light on unclear situations avoiding that they will endure over time.


Web threats


The web is one of the primary sources of knowledge especially for young people and teenagers. Unfortunately, the same is also a large container of violent images and hard contents that children often meet while surfing.

On this subject has intervened the Safer Internet Programme of the European Commission, who wanted to give voice directly to the young people with regard to the dangers of the web. From what results, Italians are more frightened by the violence that circulates in the network. In fact, among the dangers of the web, they have put in the first place this kind of contents, while European peers have placed the porn in top of the list.

To answer the question “What things on the internet could annoy your peers?” were approximately 25,000 children between 9-16 years from 25 different European countries.

44% of the Italian respondents think that, on the internet, are present contents that upset their peers. 27% gives top priority to violent content (18% of the EU average), 21% pornographic ones (22 percent of the EU average), and 10% other potentially dangerous contents. To convey this material are especially video sites. While social networks, particularly Facebook, are associated, as we have seen numerous times, to behavior risks (such as bullying) or contact (priming). Fear is the prevailing sentiment among children aged 9 and 10 years, while the boys of 11 and 12 years show more often revulsion and annoyance.

Starting from these results we heard Lucy, a mother who told us about her personal experience with his 12 year old son. “Henry is a guy very sunny and helpful. Use, like all his peers, the pc mainly for study and recreation for about an hour a day, a little more during the weekend. One night I heard some moaning in sleep by my son. I stood up and I realized that I was very upset and cried. I woke him up from the nightmare and he, evidently frightened, calmed down after a few minutes. This episode was repeated for about 6 days, but I couldn’t explain the reason. He told me that he always dreamed of being chased, just as he had seen in a video shown by a older friend. I didn’t want to betray the trust towards him, but I had to understand. I bought from the site a key hunter which allowed me to know every detail of the chat with this guy. I realized that he was using these videos with the intention to scare Henry and there was nothing funny. It seemed to me just a principle of bullying. I contacted the boy’s parents who were very helpful in taking action. In a few days the situation returned to normal and Henry found peaceful dreams”.

Lies and betrayals

bugiardoLies and betrayals have a very close relation. The lies are cause and consequence of the end of a relationship and may have implications in everyday life. There are people who claim to be honest, that say they have never lied, but, in reality, we all have sometimes told a lie or we can call it “omission”, “half-truth”.

But there are men (but also women) who have done of the falsehood a way of life. Husbands who profess imaginary “football matches”, wives with frequent “cinema with  friends” and children who “go to school” are scenes of everyday life for many families.

Fortunately, the technology come in own help. Many people use small tools that are as both satellite trackers that environmental bugs. Let’s see how works the Endoacustica Micro GPS/GPRS that fully meets these characteristics. Placing the device in a bag, a backpack, in a car or in any place you prefer, you can know, live or deferred, where the locator is and so where is the person observed and also hear what is happening around it through small, but powerful built-in microphones. Know where is really a person and what he is doing will be very easy.

The individuals that rely on this type of systems have some doubts about the behavior of their loved ones, but also with regard to snoopers friends or unreliable colleagues. They noticed coldness, detachment, wily and elusive behaviors and above all they are going to don’t be fooled and face the situation without fear. Recognize a liar isn’t so difficult, you just need of some help.

Two people in a few days disfigured with acid by former

stalking02GThe love stories gone wrong can become really dangerous and are often a source of acts of stalking and harassments that lead to real violence.

Examples of this are two tragedies that occurred recently. The first concerns a lawyer of 35 years, attacked near her home, by a man with covered face that threw acid in her face. The woman opening the home door, found inside the aggressor. During the transport to the hospital in critical condition, she would have says the name of the offender. The instigator would be her ex boyfriend, a colleague, promptly stopped for complicity in serious inflicted injuries. The man would send a man to throw acid in the woman’s face, with whom he had a romantic relationship, then finished. Revenge would have been meditated by the boy discontent from the end of the relationship and he would have employed two Albanians, also stopped. The girl is in very serious condition.

We must be said that the actions of stalking don’t occur only to the damage of women. A story very similar, in fact, happened to a 32 year old, hit in the face and chest by muriatic acid. The aggression is happened in a crowded area in front of the train stop. To attack him would be a man, hired by a disappointed woman, repeatedly reported for stalking. Even in this case, she’s a former partner unhappy for the end of the story. At the time of the attack, the man was with a work colleague, slightly wounded to an arm for the sketches of the chemical solution.

Unfortunately such stories presuppose, in many cases, passed actions or threatening behaviors. Report is essential, but without evidences is really difficult to take action. The use of technological tools as micro recorders or bugs is often fundamental to collect evidences that will prevent episodes even more serious as those described above. Video, audio and images make easier the work of law enforcement, but also their own lives.