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Boys made slaves by a gang of bullies


Many parents have already adopted control systems for mobile phone of their children. Invisible software that allow them to control at 360° what happens in the lives of teenagers inside and outside the home. By these means it’s possible to listen calls, read incoming and outgoing text messages, know live what’s happening around the phone and also control its position.

Tools certainly questionable, but that, in many cases, have saved the lives of troubled youngs. Unfortunately, incidents of bullying are very frequent and are carried out in several stages, so it’s possible to take timely action, only if you are aware of what is happening.

A news of a few days ago has unsuspected protagonists. Boys of wealthy families made slaves by a gang of bullies who for years have terrorized the peers forcing them to steal in their own homes. Penalty: beatings captured with mobile phones. Constant threats and harassments, forced the boys to provide money between 100 and 300 euro, smartphones, gold items, shoes, jackets, and any other branded garment, sometimes also items subtracted from the family safe.

It has taken years and much courage to denounce to the police, who have arrested a gang of bullies, including an adult and five underage. The moral and psychological damages certainly cannot be easily paid off. Are episodes like these that push smart parents to take control systems to safeguard the lives of their children.


Tools to understand if the partner is cheating on you

spiarecellLove and technology, sometimes, go together, above all when they are women to use computing instruments.

According to a study by the East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, ladies, through PCs and mobile phones, live their relationships, so that they arrive to spy on the partner and also to leave him with a simple email.

The technology has entered fully into our days and then we shouldn’t marvel of these data. The important thing isn’t the medium, but the difficult to look in the eyes. According to the survey, 34% of women surveyed said that they had stopped by e-mail a relationship more than once, compared with 14% of men.

Moreover, 3% of the boys admitted that he hid a tiny camera in the lover room and 5% regularly use mobile tracker for monitoring partners’ movements. In general, women are more predisposed to this type of control that manifests jealousy and anxiety, especially when she has fear of being cheated, while men are more morbid and spies.

Now to discover if the partner is cheating on you don’t need to go to a private investigator, but just use right tools. Everywhere we leave traces of our passage, by swiping a credit card, at the supermarket…but the safety of a possible betrayal, you can have just by taking control tools for PCs and smartphones. Who has never spyed on partner’s phone or computer? What is different today are the means by which this “peek” is put in place.

Obviously on the top list is the phone with the attached spy software that allows you to listen calls, read incoming and outgoing text messages, listen what is happening around the phone and also control its position; in second place (in private messages) is the computer, Facebook, and finally the email, monitored through computer control tools.

So it isn’t unusual to become real James Bond with the risks outbuildings. An adventure that can bring to light betrayals never confessed or strengthen the couple’s relationship.

Children molested in bathroom: janitor arrested

molestie bambiniA 65 years janitor of a primary school was arrested in flagrante delicto by the police for sexual assault against some girls. The militaries, on the orders of the judge, had installed hidden cameras in the bathrooms of the school; through these tools, they have observed the man while he was holding a little girl against her will. The investigations have started after a girl told to the teacher that she was molested in the bathroom. At the time there was also a little friend, who confirmed the story.

Then the Police started a constant monitoring of the behavior of the janitor using cameras inside the school, ensuring unequivocally his faults. In a few days the military has seen four episodes, arresting the man.

The 65-year old, married, went in the female toilets, calling girls, all under ten years old and touched them in intimate parts. In his house, with an unsuspecting and shocked wife, the police has seized a laptop and several DVDs that will be analyzed. From the inquiries about the arrested, emerged that the man had been convicted, in 1971, for a similar serious sexual crime, that he had committed in another place, against a girl of 12 year old, in a church, but he had falsified the documentation and, eight years ago, he was hired as a janitor in the municipal primary school.

From this episode clearly emerges that is fundamental the use of surveillance cameras in schools and public places. There is no justification for similar acts and it’s right that the guilty pay!

With a micro camera films and unmasks her husband who tries to poison her

svegliaspiaShe searches online a micro camera hidden in an alarm clock, purchases it, puts it in the kitchen and films everything. The husband takes a little bottle, unscrews  it and with the dropper he puts the hydrochloric acid in the water bottle of his wife. The spy-alarm clock also equipped with audio reveals the man’s words: “So you die”. But the woman has acted with cunning and just with that bug unmasked him. She became suspicious by a sip of water a few days before that it had burned her mouth and a container of acid found in the medicine cabinet, she has decided to become a detective to protect herself.

Fearless and brave, before accusing the spouse, she wanted to clarify what was going on at home. She asked for advice to some relatives who have suggest to her to purchase a tiny camera and place it near to her water bottle in order to control what was happening. So she found out the sad truth. Her husband wanted to kill her. At that point she hadn’t mercy, she collected the evidences and told to the police everything.

The next day Eliseo Bongiorno, 67, uncensored, retired carpenter, was taken from his home and was taken to jail on charges of attempted murder, aggravated by binding to the victim and by the use of a poisonous substance. He immediately admitted his guilt, adding that he didn’t intend to kill her. “I just wanted to make her feel a bit ‘wrong, so she stopped to organize pilgrimages to Padre Pio and listen to Radio Maria all day”. His defender is looking for an alternative to prison, but certainly the retiree can’t return to his home.

In this history there are all the elements for an Agatha Christie’s story: the plan of the husband, the poison, the suspicion of the wife, the son who still lives at home with them (the other is a priest) and the homemade surveys with the purchase of a spy alarm clock, a device normal to the appearance, but that hides an audio and video recorder.

How often happens the best way to protect themselves is the “do-it-yourself”. Fortunately tools for controlling and monitoring are easily available on the site and ensure maximum efficiency in small size and therefore are easily concealable.

Catching a cheating wife? Never been easier, with a spy phone


Let’s face it: we all get there sooner or later, like it or not. During the course of a lifetime and of a relationship, the time may come when you start doubting your wife’s trustworthiness, and ask yourself the age-old question that no one wants to ask himself: “Is she cheating on me?”.

A reader tells: “In my specific case, this didn’t happen yet, but it may just come down to two reasons: I’m single, and my previous girlfriend may have outsmarted me (and most likely they did, in most fields… but this is another story ).

But unfortunately, it may be happening to my good old friend J, and I got to know it a few months ago when, over a couple of beers, he confessed that, after noticing a few potential signs of infidelity, he bought a new “present” for his girlfriend: a spyphone.

Now, being some kind of a geek, I have a rough idea of what mobile phone tapping is, and I occasionally have heard and read about such kind of cell phone spy gear, but I never got too much involved with phone surveillance and all that goes with it.

So, I started to get interested not only in my friend’s heartaches, but also in some juicy technical details… you never know, it might turn out useful some day!

Basically, what my friend bought for his supposedly cheating girlfriend is just a standard cellphone, with an extra hidden feature: an embedded cell phone spyware, which allows a third party to perform a real spy monitoring on the subject’s activities, by relaying phone conversations to a so called “master phone number”, that is, the number from which this spy software can be controlled.

This remote spying software is discreetly installed into the phone and is completely invisible, and would notify the master phone by SMS when the target is engaged in a conversation. At this point, with a phone call, you can join the conversation and secretly listen to what the cheating spouse is saying.

It can also send you copies of all SMS messages, both incoming and outgoing, and can be programmed remotely, so you would not have to be near your unfaithful girlfriend to set it up… in short, this software allows you to spy on a cell phone by SMS!

So if you always wondered how to read someone’s text messages without being noticed, with such a tool you would just have to sit back and wait for her messages to come straight to your phone… perfect if you want to find out if your wife is cheating, but are too lazy to do it!

And on top of all these interesting functions, this remote spy software can allow your normal cell phone to spy on the target, even while it is turned off! And when your cheating girlfriend thinks that she is safe because the phone is off, that’s exactly when this spy phone would provide the best performance, listening to any conversation around it and acting like a real bug.

I will not share details of how J’s story ended, but what I can say is that my friend feels much more relieved now, as he has a faithful spy tool that allows him to sleep safe and sound at night.