Japan: the old phones are loved by traitors

19cellularivecchiApps to hide double relationship aren’t having a great success due to their inaccuracy and unreliability. In Japan obsolete mobile phone are still researched and sold because, according to users, are able to better protect the privacy respect of the new smartphones and help who has more than one relationship to keep everything hidden. And so, the “ancient” phones in Japan resist the advance of iPhone and Android systems.

As stated by the Wall Street Journal, it seems that an old phone can be a treasure for the unfaithfuls. In particular in the case of some models Fujitsu F series, now technologically obsolete, but with great possibilities of privacy control also superior to devices of the latest generation. These mobile phones in Japan have been nicknamed “uwaki keitai”, “infidelity’s phones”.

Many blogs in the country have devoted attention to the problem, adding a lot of personal experiences and testimonies. “Women try to see what happens on my phone when I’m not there and with these phones just isn’t possible”.

With the private mode implemented by Fujitsu F series, when you receive a communication from numbers previously inserted in “invisible list”, there is only a slight variation of the icons of the battery or the signal received from the mobile. To activate or deactivate the secret mode, it’s necessary a large number of passwords and combinations.

Among apps, ”old” phones and stratagems of all kinds there is who has thought to the counterparty. Betrayeds have in fact by contrast weapons safe: these are Endoacustica spy softwares which, when installed in a few minutes on the phone, allow you to listen incoming and outgoing calls in real time, read text messages, know the GPS position and also work as bugs because they allow you to listen to what is happening around the unit. So the faithless from every continent haven’t easy life given the widespread use of software Endoacustica.


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