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Cyber ​​bullying, the most feared by the young

safer-internet-day-2013-432x269Ipsos and Save the Children have launched a research titled “The boys and cyber bullying” presented in Rome on the occasion of Safer Internet Day, a day established by the European Commission for the promotion of safe and responsible use of new media among young people.

The work investigates the use of technology as a tool of aggression for adolescents. Among the favorite modes of attack, we find the social networks (61%) with denigrators or intimate photos and videos (59%), or the creation of hostile groups (57%). Aren’t to be excluded the “theft” of e-mail addresses, profiles, or private messages for then make them public (48%), and to send threatening SMS, MMS, e-mail (52%). This type of bullying is surprisingly implemented mainly by females preteens.

These are actions to scare, to subject the victims and 72% of young people believes that it’s the “most dangerous social phenomenon”, more than drugs, harassments and diseases. The “diversity” between the underlying causes: physical appearance (67%), sexual orientation, clothing (48%), or even disability (31%) or foreigners (43%).

The Safer Internet Day this year has involved 90 countries who have reflected, through an online video, on the theme of the European Commission “Liability and rights in the network”. To accompany the initiative many projects launched in each country and a series of recommendations for an appropriate use of social media.

The phenomenon of cyber bullying scare the younger ones, but even more their parents that often don’t know how to react in front of these threats. Often they can’t even access to the contents of all online activities that perform every day the teenagers. To overcome this problem, many parents have resorted to remote control tools for PC that allow them to know everything that happens on a PC. Others ones use spy software which, when installed on the phone, allow to monitor calls and messages, but also to know the GPS location of the phone and so of the young.

Monitoring tools simple and discrete that, due to their reliability and completeness, no longer shock anyone, rather they are purchased every day by thousands of people who choose to safeguard their children.


“Bang with friends”, the app to have sex with your Facebook friends

22bangfriendsBang with friends” is the name of the new Facebook app that doesn’t raise doubts right from the title, very explicit. Having sex with friends of social network, the purpose of the application developed by three unknown in order to “help anonymous users to make new friends for the night”. Logging to the app are displayed friends of the opposite sex, in fact at the moment are available only heterosexual pairings, only for error might display users who haven’t specified their gender. Once logged in you can send a clear message to the person you are interested.

The chosen will be notified and can choose whether to answer or not to the proposal. The application, while promising anonymity to those who use it, doesn’t convince lovers of privacy. Some notifications, such as the enrollment to the page, risks to appear publicly.

In contrast to other services like that, “Bang With Friends” creates links only between users that we have among friends on Facebook that not only use the service, but also is willing to show a possible blind date.

About 20 thousand were the members over a period of one week despite the many criticisms. The app is accused to amplify the potential of a virtual relationship against a face-to-face communication. Developers defend themselves making public their intent to cater mainly to college students who use social networks to get in touch with new friends and to create new relationships.

They also want to break down the taboos and moralities that revolve around sexual sphere. The makers claim that the application – showing a partially nude woman lying on a bed in the image on the home page – it isn’t designed only for men. About the version only for heterosexuals, they explain that it isn’t an adversity against the LGBT community, but it’s only a draft version, still to be improved, which also provides for restrictions for children and relatives.

There isn’t respite in the jungle of internet with social networks that wink at secret affairs and are increasingly focused on hide deeds and misdeeds. It would seem impossible to “control” what children and partners do online. For this, most users, both men and women, using monitoring systems that allow remote PCs to avoid unpleasant surprises and public humiliation, or rather, social!

Japan: the old phones are loved by traitors

19cellularivecchiApps to hide double relationship aren’t having a great success due to their inaccuracy and unreliability. In Japan obsolete mobile phone are still researched and sold because, according to users, are able to better protect the privacy respect of the new smartphones and help who has more than one relationship to keep everything hidden. And so, the “ancient” phones in Japan resist the advance of iPhone and Android systems.

As stated by the Wall Street Journal, it seems that an old phone can be a treasure for the unfaithfuls. In particular in the case of some models Fujitsu F series, now technologically obsolete, but with great possibilities of privacy control also superior to devices of the latest generation. These mobile phones in Japan have been nicknamed “uwaki keitai”, “infidelity’s phones”.

Many blogs in the country have devoted attention to the problem, adding a lot of personal experiences and testimonies. “Women try to see what happens on my phone when I’m not there and with these phones just isn’t possible”.

With the private mode implemented by Fujitsu F series, when you receive a communication from numbers previously inserted in “invisible list”, there is only a slight variation of the icons of the battery or the signal received from the mobile. To activate or deactivate the secret mode, it’s necessary a large number of passwords and combinations.

Among apps, ”old” phones and stratagems of all kinds there is who has thought to the counterparty. Betrayeds have in fact by contrast weapons safe: these are Endoacustica spy softwares which, when installed in a few minutes on the phone, allow you to listen incoming and outgoing calls in real time, read text messages, know the GPS position and also work as bugs because they allow you to listen to what is happening around the unit. So the faithless from every continent haven’t easy life given the widespread use of software Endoacustica.

Ten years of stalking by the former lover

donna-telefonoThey ended up in court a woman of 49 years old, single with a son, a distinguished bank manager, now retired, and his wife, aware of the affair occurred between the two. Episodes of stalking lasted for ten years, from 2002 to 2012 and arising from a purely sexual relationship. At first continuous and persistent economic requests from the woman, then public melodrama to embarrass the banker. The blackmail is to reveal everything to his wife. Since 2009, episodes are even more aberrant: hundreds of text messages, notes left in the mailbox or attached to the door, calls, messages through third parties.

In desperation, the man moved, but didn’t solve the problem. The woman returned to the attack by stealing mails, registering to him contracts of any kind, making clear the matter to his wife. And she has even booked under a false name a room in the same hotel where the couple spent their summer holidays, also claiming the payment of her vacation.

Man has first filed a complaint for blackmail to which was followed a woman’s complaint archived because it was deemed groundless. The prefect, at the request of the victim, has obliged the stalker to stay away from the bank manager. But without success. Last year another complaint with new details. The man speaks to a woman who feels betrayed by the abandonment, that claims what was promised to her and continually asks money. A woman that even family members keeping their distance and that lives by her wits behind a respectable facade.

The persecution ended a few months ago, when she has informed to have health problems. It hasn’t been certainly the law, until now, to stop her, it’s always anchored to the lack of evidences attesting the subsistence of stalking. Similar cases have also had worst endings, others have resorted to bugs and microcameras, collecting good evidence to nail the guilties.

The three types of betrayal

tradimentoHard to know what will happen in the mind of a betrayed when he discovers the misdeed: anger, despair, humiliation, are feelings that are intertwined with each other in most cases.

When an unfaithful is discovered, it doesn’t matter if it’s an episode or a series of constants events. Betrayeds don’t distinguish because they are often in a state of irrationality and overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy and inferiority towards those has snared the partner with mysterious weapons. On the other hand starts some kind of lack of confidence of the person who have next. You feel misunderstood, destabilized, without reference points. Often involving the use of spy phones or bugs to try to understand the situation.

Almost nobody listens long the traitor or he does it in a perfunctory manner and only to hear the explanations, that however will not be understood. In fact, it would be important to hear. Really know the reasons of treason, so you can tell if do the bags to him or give him another chance.

The common thought teaches that the betrayal is one. Without getting into a real break which is that of pact of confidence, there are too many variables of background that should be investigated before you dispense judgments or conclusions. To start, it’s necessary to evaluate any emotive lack. The researchers say that women are less willing to forgive a betrayal where the feeling takes over, while the men found them less serious than by one for sex.

When the urge to cheat is the search for affection outside the couple, a rout has already announced because in these cases come into play emotional shares and expectations that should stay out of a couple “illegal”.

At the beginning, both in treason for sex or for lack, to command is the hormone more or less active, but then part ways. And you find yourself to feel adolescent emotions and to share more than two perfect lovers should do.

Betray with the heart means to have thrown in the towel, it means that the partner who escapes has reached its breaking point and can’t see a way out of its malaise. At the basis of these betrayals there is often incommunicability dragged over time.

Betrayal for sex instead doesn’t require an emotional sharing. The love for your spouse isn’t called into question and the idea isn’t to look for the formation of another couple.

Some people talk about a third type of betrayal unclassifiable in two previous categories. These are stories based on the head, in the pleasure of conversation, elective affinities. It’s a relationship without constraints, full of esteem and mutual respect. Even in this case, the figure of the partners isn’t attacked, the other is a diversion, responds to other needs.

Difficult to forgive and move on preserving their self-esteem and dignity. The use of control tools often confers safety and helps to re-establish a relationship also under the point of view of confidence. Only seeing with own eyes that betrayal isn’t repeated you can really believe in your partner.

The woman boss creates frustrations

 Who doesn’t remember the perfidious Miranda of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”? Wicked, rich, unscrupulous. This seems to be the perfect picture of career women torn between career and family, and increasingly alone.

donnacapoHave a female responsible still carries disturbs. For men seems to be downright frustrating receive orders from a woman. The confirmation came from a recent Canadian study: the sex of the boss affects the lives of employees at work and beyond. According to the research of the Toronto University, the sex of the persons who manage the work has consequences for the physical and mental health of employees.

For each employee were examined psychological stress, physical symptoms, type of employment and a range of working conditions, such as the level of satisfaction behind the desk, the relationship with the authorities, pressures received and the quality of interpersonal relationships. The workers were subsequently divided into groups, managed by two different supervisor: one of the same sex and one of different sex. The result is that employees are worse with female boss. And not only in the office, they may sometimes suffer the consequences with regard to the mental and physical health.

Much better instead if to give orders was a man, or at most a pair of male and female managers. By examining the characteristics showed, the ideal leader would have a mix of feminine and masculine qualities. The fact is that in leading roles, political, corporate or public, women are still very few.

Beyond what may be the implications of the different cultures at working, we report the story of “Sabrina” (fancy name) who had to submit to her responsable for about nine months for lack of evidence. The unfortunate worked in a large U.S. telephony enterprise for about three years when the company was absorbed by foreign entrepreneurs. The first impact with the new business decisions was rather good: more rigorous, valid contractual frameworks, air of novelty. The problems began after a very short time: Sabrina, from 18 months in charge of marketing, was replaced by a newcomer without many explanations. She was moved into telemarketing area without special responsibilities. The demotion was followed by a long series of criticisms and pressure on her performance that resulted in loud discussions with the departement head. Everyday scenes but couldn’t find legal basis for lack of evidence. So the girl took courage and recorded with a powerful voice recorder the continuing harassment; after that she leds the recordings to her lawyer. Now Sabrina has a new job, but the company where she worked had to pay to her moral damages.

Killers hired to kill the avatar of his son

avatarvideogamesThe use of computers, cell phones and video games, you know, can be addictive. Many parents are worried. Someone has found the solution in the installation of spy software on the son’s mobile phone in order to constantly monitor his activities, other use control systems for PCsHad a bizarre idea the father of an obstinate gamer of 23 years, resident in the province of Shaanxi. He has hired an hitman in charge to eliminate the avatar in which the son identified himself in a role game.

Mr. Feng, the desperate parent name no longer knew how to induce his son to break away from the computer and go looking for a job. He played incessantly since high school, and the productivity of Xiao (the son’s name) had decreased. Before negative votes at school, then he wasn’t able to keep commitments of every kind.

The father, not confident in the work of specialized centers for the technology detoxification, decided to fight his own battle on the favorite ground by the son, a role-playing game, where millions of members come together to fight. The father has carefully observed and selected the most experienced players entrusting them with the task of killing the avatar of the son every time he was connected to play. The murderous tactic was to deter the son.

But this didn’t happen. The digital assassins have always completed their task, preventing to the character of Xiao to play for more than a few minutes, killing him every time. The boy, bewildered by such ferocity, at one point, asked to his murderess the reason for so much obstinacy, coming to discover the mandator. Xiao told to his father that he could do without his video game, but he wouldn’t accept any work that does not consider “worthy of being done”. Aren’t surprised the experts considered that addiction to computer and video games lies in deeper psychological issues and doesn’t go resolved in a “brusque way”. The use of remote PC monitoring tools can help to understand the reasons inherent in the choice of not taking his eyes from the PC.