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Betrayal: women forgive, men don’t

tradimentosilenzioThe women have greater intuition and perspicacity, and they are able to discover in a short time a betrayal by a partner; they seem to have something to do with real super powers. Or it’s simply the extra touch of cunning and suspicion that miss in the men, maybe a bit more naives or more full of themselves in their relationships. Maybe the insecurity typical of every woman is the real strong point, because it allows them to stay more alert in the relationship with their man.

According to a survey conducted by a site of Extramarital Dating, 18% of the women interviewed on the subject claims to be able to determine in which day thet were betrayed by analyzing the non-verbal language of the partner (67%), his excessive attentions (22%), as sudden and unexpected gifts (11%).

And when all this isn’t enough, it’s easy to find on the market economic bugs that allow you to spy on all activities and conversations of your partner.

Considering, that today most of the betrayals passes also through social networks, often causes of divorce, it’s also necessary to implement systems to record the characters typed on the keyboard of the PC of the partner in order to discover the different passwords.

A tool that helps the betrayed, whether they are men or women, to get the peace of mind and take a decision about their life together, though, always the portal for extramarital encounters, shows that 52% of interviewees would pass over in the case in which the escapade of his companion remained an internal affair of the couple. 78% of these women, in fact, say that would never forgive an affair that becomes of public domain.

For men, the situation is a bit different: they realize less often when the wife is having an affair. But women, tired of being neglected by their husbands, cheat. However, another important element that emerged from the survey is that if is the man to perceive of being betrayed in 92% of cases will not be disposed to get over it.


Employees and social networks

Once you have finished a job interview has become habit that the owner and the interviewee run on facebook or other social networks to investigate attitudes and preferences of the interlocutor. “Browse” would be the most appropriate term to define this established practice which aims to obtain as much informations as possible about the subject to assume or, on the other hand, the person to impress.

social_networking_sites (1)The law has reiterated in recent days, that the employer can’t obligate an employee, during the job interview, to access to his social profiles, perhaps under the guise of assessing attitudes and predispositions in the management of his profile. But nobody forbids to observe the public profile.

In California, entered into force the Social Media Privacy Act, the most important U.S. law regarding the new digital scenarios, to defend the rights of workers and students. Despite the surprise of many, the law states that the boss can have access to private accounts in the case of suspected misconduct of the employee.

The ACLU, historical American Association for Civil Rights, has pointed out that the law doesn’t protect the young, the students, who often receive numerous requests for access by staff of the attended school. Open the question about the possibility of the boss to “enter” in electronic devices in use of the employees.

In Italy there isn’t legislation that specifically regulates the control of social profiles, there is only a ban to investigate on political and religious opinion, trade union, or other areas not relevant for the work. But these don’t create great interest by administrators of the companies.

According to a report of the New York Times, U.S. employees can glimpse in the social network a safe place to express themselves freely and without fear, even if the criticism against the owner. In confirmation of this, the National Labor Relations Board, an agency of the U.S. government that monitors the correctness of industrial relations, has declared itself in favor of workers in the delicate matter of network behaviors by stating, among other things, illegal the restrictions imposed to the use of social media.

So, if on one hand they want restrict the use of social, on the other hand the employee control is often impossible. Many business leaders, given the persistent news of confidential data leakage and corporate espionage, have resorted to special tools for the remote PC control or have installed video surveillance systems able to stem the phenomenon of industrial infidelity and maintain their dignified image even on social networks.

Family and conjugal mobbing


The use of the term mobbing has been recently extended to the domestic field. This occurs in the moment in which aggressive attitudes and vexatious are implemented within the family unit. Classic example of conjugal mobbing can be represented by a spouse who uses threats, physical and psychological violence against the other one, in order to get something: force him to behavior that goes against his will, such as leaving the matrimonial home, agree to the separation, exclude him from important decisions, etc..

It’s a persecutory strategy made of small gestures, hostility, closure of communication, continuous criticisms, absolute indifference in order to belittle the other. Like the mobbing at work, these oppressive, systematic and repeated attitudes, threaten the dignity, the self-esteem, but also the physical and mental integrity of the victim.

Beyond the conjugal mobbing, always within of a family unit, we can distinguish the family mobbing, the set of mobbing actions against a family member, a parent, a son or other close relative. Denigrations, threats, de-legitimization of the family and social role, indifference…are some of the characteristics in these cases of mobbing.
The behaviors are realized in a series of real harassments (especially psychological) that lead the victim to belittle their own personality, to cancel the self-esteem occupying a position of total submission.

To define, for the legal point of view, the existence of a case of harassments, it’s necessary that these actions are repeated over time and they are verifiable. In fact, often involve the use of micro bugs or micro cameras that, hidden in the most attended places, help the victim to demonstrate the reality of the facts.
Rarely, these behaviors become physical abuse but in any case, the victim often falls into a state comparable to that of the victims of violence, reluctant to report to the police for fear or shame.

Volkswagen victim of industrial espionage by Chinese partners

volkswagen-175x175The news was spread by the German newspaper, Handelsblatt: the Chinese company FAW, related to Volkswagen through a joint venture, would steal some motor models for replication them on a car to sell not only in China, but also in Russia, going to compete with the same Germans partners.

“It’s really a catastrophe”, said a VW manager. Especially when you consider that China is the largest export market of the German company. Last year alone, Volkswagen has sold about 2.26 million cars there.
Always according to the spokesman of Volkswagen, the Asian country would not be new to this type of thefts of trade secrets: in fact, the China doesn’t allow to the foreigner car manufacturers to produce there, unless, collaboration in joint ventures with internal companies, which must still have the majority.
Who intend to go to sell their cars in China, thinking to find a huge market (as it is), he must also take into account that may be subject to patent theft and industrial espionage that border with business infidelity.

The Germans, for their part have stated that they are analyzing more closely the problem, considering the close relationship of trust between Volkswagen and Faw in the past, they are aware that the problem is widespread.
In any case, the revelation of trade secrets constitutes a huge economic loss for the victim companies; therefore, it requires countermeasures to spy potential unfaithful partners and prevent the disclosure of confidential informations.

A great Spanish food company was able to discover the “traitors”, thanks to bugs hidden in apparently normal packaging and have led to the sunlight a plot that was leading the company adrift, favoring competitors. What will do Volkswagen?

«Carolina has committed suicide because of who has mocked her»

carolinaAn act apparently unmotivated what led Carolina Picchio, a girl of only 14 years, to take her life by jumping from the balcony of her father’s home, in Novara, Italy.
The Public Prosecution has opened an investigation, but the heaviest accusation comes from the users of social networking, the first of all is Twitter. Classmates and friends of Carolina launched the hashtag #RIPcarolina and many of them speak of bullying: Carolina would end her life because continually insulted at school by their peers.

A young and very beautiful girl, sunny with a passion for athletics, that suddenly has lost her vivacity and turns off slowly. The torture began on Facebook: insults, risqué photos stolen. Her sadness has distanced many “friends” that don’t found more fun to stay with her, and so “Caro” was increasingly isolated.

Since last summer, the girl lived with her father in Novara, the brazilian mother didn’t live with them. She had already changed schools during these four months and she spent a lot of time to train in the gym. “None of us ever thought she could be a victim of bullying“, said the principal of her present school.

It’s investigating on the messages and osé photos of which the teenagers speak, there are fears that the social effect has amplified the affair. There is also talk of an alleged letter that the fourteen year old would have left before the tragic gesture.

Meanwhile on Twitter the charges go on: “Carolina has committed suicide because of who has mocked her”. Once again it’s the world of social networks that makes the rules. “They insult me too”, “Tomorrow I have to go back to school … and see those idiots … I can’t do it”, can be read among the many tweets.
Strong message that shouldn’t be underestimated. Many parents can’t have access to the contents of all the online activities of teenagers, so they has resort to remote control tools for PCs that let they know what happens even within the social.
Other parents use spy software which, when installed on the phone, allow them to monitor calls and messages, but also to know the GPS position of the phone and so of the boy. Tools that were unthinkable a short time ago, but by now of great importance for the protection of adolescents.

Time of sale: men in the shop window


Not long ago we talked about men maltreated by women. A phenomenon opposite to that commonly known and upon which are based many awareness campaigns and the work of more and more associations with social purpose.
To underline the equality of the phenomenon that occurs in the same way against women and men, arrived the advertising campaign of “Adopte a mec”, one of the most popular dating sites in France.

The target women, youth and emancipated, are invited to choose from a catalog, similar to that of a supermarket, the man to “adopt”. This term, objectively unkind, emphasizes the submissive role of the man relative to the woman that put him in the shopping cart.

And that’s not all. Knowing that shopping is one of the favorite activities of the fairer sex, the site thought to concretize the virtual shop in a local shopping in Paris putting in the window males in flesh and blood. The products displayed were the site users considered the most fascinating and beside them was placed a cartel which indicated the type: romantic, strong, shy, intellectual… The customers, once chosen “the goods”, obtained the number of telephone or email address in order to deepen the knowledge. The tone of the site is always ironic “International mustache week”, “Total Sale on curly”, “Special Series carrots”, “Special Offer on furry”.

Women have appreciated the initiative calling it ingenious and fun and have increased the visits of dating site which are around 2.5 million. And the men, at the time, are agree. The fact of being treated as a commodity doesn’t disturb them.

Perhaps one day someone will find her husband or partner in the shop window. On the other hand, if the men are pleased, let alone to the observer. But women more clever don’t lose sight of their partner and most has installed software that enable to know the GPS localization of his phone. In this way, if he was in the window…could be the first to admire him!