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Stalking by condominium and the removal from home

condominio-300x225Litigations and disputes between neighbors are very frequent. TV volume too high, noise at all hours of the day and night, teasing, threats.

Like a script, the conflicts started in a building on the outskirts of Milan. Screaming at home and in the common staircase, noise, devices at high volume. The stars of the scenes are a 40-year old and her former partner. The neighbor across family has repeatedly called for a bit of peace and tranquility, but in reply received injuries and insults. But that’s not all. During a condominium meeting was exposed the affair and the neighbor was taken by the neck and stuck against the wall while she shouted in a loud voice, “You on the fifth floor are deads, if I meet you in the stairs I’ll kill you, I have a gun”. This episode that smacks of American film, was followed by screams loudly, notes hanging on the condominium board designed crosses next to the name of the neighbors, written threatening and even intimidation sms on the phone.

In short, the question was soon converted from a mere annoyance to a real fear for their safety and for their families, ending by the psychologist who has prescribed a medication for anxiety and panic attacks. At this point, the family lawyer has well determined to classify the story in the range of stalking and the judge ordered the subsequent removal order would from home for the quarrelsome nearby. This precautionary measure can be extended at many cases. Often the lack of evidence testifying to stalking and threats poses a barrier to this implementation. In many cases, the bugs have been used by law enforcement, but also by people who want to contribute to nail the culprits. With these small cameras, concealable almost anywhere, you can record video and audio, putting an end to your suffering.


Grows Nomophobia, the fear of being out of mobile phone contact

After becoming our best friend and helping us in various activities, the mobile phone has also become the protagonist of our nightmares. It’s called Nomophobia, an abbreviation for “no-mobile-phone phobia”, and indicates the fear of being without smartphones, disconnected from the world.
According to a research carried out by SecurEnvoy, the data are alarming: 70% of women and 61% of men are afraid to remain without the phone. Despite the lightness of the theme, you don’t underestimate the consequences of this phobia, they are emerging in fact specialized rehabilitation centers.

To this main form of fear connected to the cell are joined the worries of running out of credit, have a flat battery or lose it. Let’s face it, many of us have built their world on the smartphone. Contacts, photos, videos, music, diaries, social, there are even who use the phone to spy conversations and movements of the partner. And in addition to the fears we talk about real fixations as those who can’t stay more than a few minutes without checking the display and who has a continuing need to update the social networks.

Some of the sign of nomofobia can be: never rest the instrument, have anxiety when they don’t find it, use it in the bathroom and keep it in the bed while sleeping. The most part of employees are aged between 18 and 24 years, followed by the range up to 34.
For the moment, there have been numerous requests for implementation of spy software in mobile phones of teenagers, friends or partners, this show that without the cell phone we just don’t know how to stay and that the instrument goes far beyond simple call and hides in itself all our secrets.

When mobbing and stalking are dangerously intertwined, the story of “Anne”

mobbing3_grIt isn’t enough identify and punish crimes, it’s also important try to prevent them. Numerous crimes happen in the workplace and becoming, most of the times, mobbing. It isn’t often able to distinguish stalking from mobbing. When you fear for your safety you are in front of the stalking, that born from a serious psychopathological disorder, non-acceptance: a rejection of others’ success…In the case of mobbing, however, this practice can lead to persecutor behaviors to remove someone from the workplace, these actions are dictated by reasons of interpersonal and organizational character and in this case, the victim may suffer from post-traumatic disorders and depression, but not in fear of his life.

Surely fears for her life, Anne, fancy name for anonymity, forty year old, that in just a few months was forced to leave the job as a victim of persecution acts by her colleague, with whom she had made a sevices company. Divorced and mother of two teenage children, Anne talks about her bad story from when the work went well when she suffered a demotion and an abrupt reduction in salary, which has deeply influenced her life, bringing her to ask money borrow to the family and friends to support her children and pay the mortgage of 600 Euros per month.

She speaks about how she was forced to do things that were outside from her tasks, and how, after her refusal to undergo these abuses, she has found closed the office with the door lock changed. She was almost fired. Readmitted to the work by the judge, she was then sent to do manual labor, which are outside of her functions, until the day in which the police had to intervene to put down a dispute in which Anna is over to the hospital with a prognosis of 15 days, attacked by her colleagues. Then came the illness, depression, until to a total loss of work, and, although the court has imposed on the counterparty to pay her wages, she never received any money, starting a series of endless legal actions. “Justice – she says – doesn’t follow the timing of the payment of bills, although it gives me reason”.

This is just one of many cases that happen every day, and as you can see, not only about the relationship between men and women, but also among people of the same gender, which often run into this problem for jealousies and enviesIn many cases, employees have proved shrewdness filming with microcameras the episodes of mobbing.

These pictures are often the key to resolving their unfortunate situation. In fact, in other cases, in the absence of evidences, the court has not been able to give a favorable opinion to the complaints of the case.

Pens, watches, buttons, ties can hide small cameras in order to record harassment and threats and solve cases that may, in the long run, cause stress, insomnia and mental disorders that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Teenagers hidden from parents their activities on the Internet

Group of young students working on laptop computer in classroomA recent European research has revealed a deep discrepancy between what teenagers do with the computer and what their parents know in this regard. Many children and young people daily access to inappropriate content being conscious of having the trust of their parents. In this regard, 31.8% of parents in Europe is certain that his son says everything he does on the Internet.

The issue lies in the fact that over 40% of European teenagers know that their parents would disagree about the sites that they visit, of them, many speak of video with objectionable content, other of illegally downloaded music and 6% refers to the purchase of alcohol or drugs online.

As many as 26.5% of Italian teenagers admitted to having sent or posted on the Internet its own risqué photos (the European average is 11, 6%). Almost the same amount of young people in Europe research intentionally nudity or explicit pornographic and more than a third display these images a couple of times a month (54% in the UK). Usual is also search online solutions to homeworks or school tests. Alarming is the percentage of teens (15%) who said that they had met in person someone known online.

Obviously teenagers take a number of “cheats” to hide their online behavior to parents. Almost half of them, lowers the browser window when a parent enters the room. 38.8% delete the chronology from the PC. Several of them display what is “forbidden” away from home, others use an email address doesn’t known by their parents.

For their part for 22.6% of parents said that they had a conversation about online safety with their children, but, more worryingly, 17.6% didn’t make nothing to monitor the online behavior of them, convinced that there aren’t dangers online. Among parents who monitor their children in some way, about a quarter of them set parental control features on the mobile device of teenage children, only 18.4% knows the password of the mobile phone and still less knows the password for access to e-mail or social networks. Slightly more than 2% set the functionality of parental control on the home computer. The parental control often is useless because one parent in five admitted that their child is more tech-savvy than him and he will never be able to keep pace with his knowledge online. To confirm this, 8,7% of adolescents admitted to deactivate parental controls on their devices. Shrewdest parents have relied on simple and very safe tools as spy software on mobiles, or remote monitoring of PCs. These are well advanced devices, hard to detect by those who doesn’t know. These control activities are also recommended by experts in the field of psychology and education because they don’t represent a lack of confidence, but they increase the security of the virtual world which is often the cause of bad feelings and emotional upheaval in the daily lives of adolescents.

Divorce at the time of PC

tastiera_pcThe time of separation is for a couple often a traumatic event, certainly not very happy. Manage objects, relationships and children, if there are, becomes very difficult when you want to avoid as much as possible to meet the “guilty of our difficulties”. It seems that in this respect, a tool able to alleviate this kind of trouble is the technology. As is evident, talking to a person in front of the PC screen doesn’t offer the same warmth of a physical and verbal interaction.

Email, chat, electronic organizers shared (for the management of children, perhaps) may be expedients to “cool down” the relationship avoiding also to have a nasty experience with new partners. In this way they could lighted the tensions between them and in front of children.

The digital communication, also shortens the use of phrases that touch the emotional sphere, making minimum the structure of a sentence. Subject, verb and complement, that’s all.

What might undermine this kind of protection offered by technology is the psychological component. If from a part it’s still alive a strong feeling, reverse situations can be started. The use of spy phones is very widespread in these cases: to monitor every action taken by the former partner with the phone, to view his position and to listen everything happens around the device installing just the leading software on his phone…it’s child’s play!

And even when doubts arise about the use of chat, email and social networks there are tools that allow to easily monitor what is being viewed, downloaded or any character is typed on the keyboard. Keyrecord, keyloggers and keyhunters are tools on the agenda.

So the technology could be once again a double-bladed weapon. Are even available on smartphones apps that help to manage the separation putting together the communication flows and the economic ones of the two subjects, in some cases even sharing electronic organizers. But we are sure that they all agree?

When the student becomes stalker

stalking-webA teacher young, beautiful and lovely will surely fall in love many pupils. In addition to increasing the willingness to study and the attention to the lessons, it’s possible that some young falls seriously in love.

This is what happened to a fascinating teacher of Martano in Italy. A student has lost his heart for her and he has reserved attentions not just totally harmless. In fact, soon the 28-year old has turned into a real stalker to the detriment of the English teacher almost of the same age. By dint of attending private lessons has increased the admiration for the sweet teacher turning into an obsession.

To manifest interest, the young man has given to her different gifts for the holidays, gifts always accepted. From here it has gone to the invitation to go out, but the refusal of the prof because engaged, it wasn’t appreciated. The boy began actions of persuasion somewhat morbid: stalking, wherever she went, were the pupil, he attended even the riding where she used to go. To these episodes have been added threats against to her and her brother.

At this point the teacher filed a complaint and told the incident to the police. Stalking and insults are the charges made by the public prosecutor Stefania Mininni at the conclusion of the preliminary investigation.

Since the beginning of the history to time of the complaint are past 10 months. People tend to wait in the hope that the situation will improve, but often it doesn’t. To defend against these excessive attention that in many cases become really dangerous, many women have in the purse an irritant spray.

X sprays, for example, allows to block temporarily the visual of the aggression thanks to its foamy consistency of color blue. Obviously Endoacustica, the creator company of the spray, also thought to the possibility in which the attacker escape. z
In this case, once the foam is removed from the face, the blue color remains on the skin for approximately three days and this will facilitate the identification of the subject. X spray is an easy precaution that could prove important.