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“Sex with sleeping women is not rape”

After the last declaration of Todd Akin, Republican Congressman from Missouri, that supported the old theory in vogue among the conservative American right, that “women rarely get pregnant from rape”, from the U.K. another ridiculous consideration about sexual abuse: “Sex with sleeping women is not rape”. The statement comes this time from a member of the english group of left-wing, Respect Party, George Galloway.

The statement was published by the “Village Voice”. In his misogynistic and offensive speech, Galloway, continued sustaining “You don’t need to ask every time”. The words of the deputy arrived to comment on the Julian Assange events, accused of rape in Sweden for unprotected sex with a sleeping woman. According to Galloway, the Assange case “might be really sordid and bad sexual etiquette, but whatever else it is, it is not rape. As Akin, even in the case of Galloway, his party colleagues have condemned his claims. In these days, the conservative right, opposes to abortion in cases of rape, in the attempt to escape from the pressures of the leaders of the GOP, that want him out of the election race, asked “forgiveness” in a video for “used the wrong words in the wrong way”, saying that “rape is always an evil”.

Obviously there was no need of the words of an American brain to understand the injustice which is contained in the rape. According to ISTAT data of 2010 in Italy there are six million 743 thousand of women aged 16 to 70 years who are victims of physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. These are followed by 84767 American cases in the same year and about 16000 in U.K.

Alarming data which should lead women to take precautions. More and more popular are the antiaggression spray. An example is X-Spray by Endoacustica. It’s an advanced version of the classic pepper spray and it has greater effects. Infact it is a blue foam that sprayed on the aggressor face,  temporarily prevents the visual and, as if that was not enough, it leaves  there some spots for up to three days making identification very easy. A system that certainly will alert the bad guys.


The interceptions of Mr Grey

It’s the leterary case of the moment. Alls talk about it, someone loves it, other one critics it. The trilogy “Fifty shades” of E.L. James has sells in UK 100.000 copies in seven days and in the USA it is near to the 20milions, equally divided in e-book and print editions.

The writer, James, 49, a mother-of-two from west London, is a former writer for TV crime dramas. She rarely gives interviews and the raciest detail she has supplied about her own life is that she likes to eat Nutella straight from the jar.

The erotic novel may have been derided by critics for “appalling writing” and for its “boring” sex scenes, but that has not stopped women snapping up the tale of a virginal heroine who falls for a bondage-loving billionaire.  Infact, in the book, Anastasia Steele is required to sign a contract that allowes Mr Grey to have complete control of her life which included fulfilling any desires Grey had in the bedroom. Grey was in to BDSM, bondage and sadism and for Steele, whom was still a virgin all this seemed very overwhelming at first. Around that revolve the three books that are now more popular than “The Highway Code” and they sold more than “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, in the UK.

The story contains in itself a real manual of interception. Mr Grey controls the submissive Ana in different ways. He gives to her a Blackberry with a spy software in it that permits to him to control where she is and how she does with the phone. In many points of the story he arrived where she is with the GPS systems installed on the smartphone. A very control system that we can use also thanks to the new and easy technology. Look here!

Stalking: british women are afraid to report and not to be believed

A recent research, funded by the Northern Rock Foundation and conducted by Durham University on 577 british women, shows that the police and the security force haven’t the female full confidence in the event of complaints of violence, domestic or not, and stalking.

According to the women interviewed the crimes, very serious for 97% of cases, would not be taken seriously by the police. For that, their reluctance to report such events and also for other two main reasons: the fear to fight against someone you know, often a relative, and the fear of not being believed and that their  case is underestimated. Only the 49% of the sample said that would denounce domestic violence and slightly more than half (53%) would denounce in general persecution. “We know that the police added new resources and it is making great efforts to improve both the investigation parte and the victim assistance. Despite  this, the research shows that the women are still reluctant to do the first step and to denunce these crimes to the police” said one of the researchers, Dr. Nicole Westmarland.

Fear of not being protected enough or in the right way and fear of not being belived above all. That’s why more and more women, victims of constant abuse and stalking, trust in new technological tools that allow them to provide evidence of their status of persecuted, so finding the strength to denounce and get out.

It’s the Carol’s case, one of the women interviewed for the research that, from six years victim of stalking, decided that so his life couldn’t go ahead and, to collect evidence against her tormentor, decided to hold a mini video recorder; thanks to it, she could film the “unpleasant encounters” and and verbal threats from her ex husband, that were turning into real physical assault.

In the end, Carol was able to demonstrate and report. Many women hide themselves behind their own shadow, afraid to talk with someone, relative or friends. Very often the news show us that these stories become murders…